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  1. Somehow Keilbaca got a score of 200,00+....unbelievable!!!! Wish I could see a video of that score...he definitely had the force with him!!!
  2. 90,300...I got 1 more attempt in before bed...keep em coming Nads. What do you think of this game by the way? It’s like Kaboom but no paddles and some strategy. I like it.
  3. 87,060...I had some time to play and saw some improvement...seems like it’s gonna be close...nothing like some good competition.
  4. The games chosen this season were really fun...last year I played commando in the tourney and I think I was playing vs Rogerpoco and we both hated the game. We were begging each other to not beat the score so we don’t have to play it anymore. Crackpots is light years better gameplay...looking forward to some good back and forth Nads.
  5. I’m jealous...kinda wish I was playing the river raid 1 life challenge!!!
  6. 52,960 for gbag....Nads...for some reason I had the feeling we were going to face each other in the tournament...good luck buddy...my first attempt after a long week of school
  7. 28,060 for gbag...fun game...I find it hard to improve
  8. Street racer. 73 the Blast. 43,290
  9. Ordered the sockets and chips on Monday...will take pics and let you guys know how it goes.
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