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  1. Rarely Played or other Games: Chuck Norris Superkicks(please please!!!) Raft Rider Star Wars Arcade Entombed Room of Doom Fantastic Voyage!! thanks for doing such a great job making this fun!!!
  2. 404(game 5 score)+567(game 7 score) =971 Total for gbag
  3. Hi guys....I was innocently playing some golden tee on mame and one of my bearings on my Atarifightstick shit the bed....does anyone know where to order replacement bearings....I opened up the trackball and oiled it with some three in one oil...so it works now...but noisey and does not roll that well and is really noisey...thanks for your help guys. -gbag
  4. Ok…thanks for letting me know Vocelli…Cheers…thanks you again for running this despite how busy you are…much appreciated !!!
  5. 907 for gbag…another participation week for me.
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