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  1. 24,800 for gbag...can’t seem to figure out section 5 of the first round
  2. 11,330 for Gbag on dragon fire... simple but fun game
  3. Fireball. 16,158 solar storm. 1,755 fireball is good fun...solar storm is a bit funky.
  4. 51,070...Ironically I went to the dentist today...no cavities...but got a guilt trip for not flossing enough...then I told the hygienist she would have nothing to clean if I kept up with my flossing... she didn’t think it was funny. I was playing plaque attack on my flashback portable in the waiting room...haha
  5. 35,800 for gbag....another patch bites the dust!!!
  6. 12,060 participation score for THE END...good game...its like space invaders but the invaders are all moving in different directions....very impressive programming.
  7. Tower Score ...360...this game works great on my flashback portable. Kept replaying the game and finally got out of the trap in the middle around 288...had to escape to the left and do an island jump...very fun game...looking forward to trying the other games....if they are as addicting and challenging as this one I am in trouble.
  8. Hahaha Mr Molasses....that made me laugh out loud...thank you for that!!!
  9. Zilch....I understand your point of view...its bad programming to have a game make this kind of point grinding possible. I have no problem with the score counting as is....but this seems very obviously a loophole to being considered leeching...but still should be considered leeching. Again I really dont have an issue with this at all....just wanted to share my two cents. Thanks guys & gals.
  10. California games doesn’t work on my heavy sixes either.
  11. 35,530 for gbag...still not good enough for the booty!!!
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