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  1. I meant it as a compliment!! I am always searching for a tube tv like that with dial knobs and circular screen. A perfect piece of technology😀😀😀. Two things that have been replaced with inferior things....chalkboards and tube TVs. White boards and white board markers are a scam, don’t work as well, and don’t last as long as chalkboards. Tube TVs have no input lag and play arcade and console games perfectly. (BTW... I know I am crazy... as a math teacher and Atari fan you know where I stand hahah).
  2. That TV looks ancient!!! How old and what model??
  3. 645,000...really like this game...can’t put it down
  4. 426,500 for gbag...finally some improvement
  5. 240,000 for gbag...I like this game a lot...stack game is the essence of fun too!!!
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