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  1. I asked in another thread but I wanted to list then out here. For me, my 'classic' Atari games were: Pac-Man Donkey Kong Pole Position Asteroids Galaga Galaxian Frogger Dig dug Centipede Millipede Defender Mario Bros Ms. Pacman I know we have a redo for Pacman, Asteroids, and DK, but what about the rest? How good could they get on the 2600? And what do you consider your 'classic' 2600 games?
  2. I'm going to try this out soon. Does the level bug still exist? Can I reach level 256?
  3. JJohnson

    More RAM?

    I heard about the tape accessory adding 6k RAM to the Atari's tiny 128 B of RAM. Let's say someone added a passthrough device with that RAM for the 2600 usable with every cartridge. Would that help anything, or would games need to be specifically coded to take advantage of it? If a game were coded for that extra 6K, what could it accomplish?
  4. And maybe 16k Ms. Pac-Man could get some improvements. Even if it's not perfect, maybe 16k Pac-Man could fix the level counter bug at least, and possibly add some new mazes.
  5. Ms Pac-Man, Pac Jr would be great to see redone! I'd love to see the 8k version on a cart.
  6. My next questions would be: Is there an 8k on cartridge coming? And what would a 16k Pac-Man be able to improve on the 8k?
  7. I saw a 4k pacman, an 8k Pacman, and apparently two newer versions, and was wondering what the differences between them all were.
  8. JJohnson


    I have a quick question. I see quite a few homebrew games. Which of these are "better" versions of existing games? I saw Pacman 4k and Space Instigators, I was just hoping to see which others I could try and compare to my originals. Thanks!
  9. This is amazing! Great job! Do you think any other 2600 game has some potential to be 'fixed' like you did Pac-Man?
  10. Thanks for the replies, I appreciate it. I know that the 7800 didn't really get good development, so I guess my question should be: is there anyone working on a homebrew 7800 port of any of those NES games maxing out the system?
  11. I'm very new here, so I thought I would ask here. What would a given NES classic game look like on Atari 7800? Let's say: Mega Man 1-6, Castlevania, Contra, Double Dragon, Batman, TMNT 1-3, Battletoads, Bucky O'Hare, Final Fantasy 1-3, StarTropics, Disney games (Rescue Rangers, DuckTales, etc), Tecmo Bowl, Adventure Island, Bubble Bobble, Blaster Master, Dragon Warrior, Ninja Gaiden, River City Ransom, Ghosts N Goblins, Bionic Commando, and even Metroid, Super Mario 1-3, Donkey Kong 1/3 et al? From what I read of the tech specs, the 7800 could display more colors at once, so theoretically the games should look as good or better than the NES, like the Master System. And has anyone thought to port any of those games over to the 7800, and if as a ROM, including the upgraded audio chip? Thanks, JJ
  12. My fascination with the 2600 is the nostalgia of my first video game system. The graphics were incredibly primitive...just look at Donkey Kong or Pac-Man, even in comparison to the other systems at the time...but they were still fun games.
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