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  1. Sure did. Cut off the original connector from the power supply and soldered it to an old raspberry pi power supply I had. 5 volts and 3 amps. Worked great, and I’ve enjoyed using the 800XL.
  2. Good to know. I've looked around a bit and haven't been able to find more information about that. Is there a specific location it should be soldered to?
  3. Last night I finally had time to sort out the new power supply, and low and behold it booted up! This was huge for me since I had never soldered anything before last night. Up next is to reassemble and make sure everything else is working correctly. I had one more question about the keyboard. I noticed the wire from the cartridge lid to the keyboard is cut, is that some sort of grounding that’s necessary?
  4. Thanks. Is there anything wrong with my plan to solder the cables together in lieu of soldering the new cable directly to the DIN? Im hoping to maintain the length of the power as much as possible.
  5. Purchased my first Atari 800XL. The machine seems to be in decent condition. I havent tested it with power because it came with an Ingot. Im planning to salvage the cable end and mate it to an extra Raspberry Pi power cable I had. I was just going to solder the wires from the Atari cable to appropriate wires from the usb. Does this seem like a decent plan? Also are there any gotchas I should look out for?
  6. Dang. My computer has an Ingot so I’ll need to put together a new one. Going to look around my old gear and see if I can find another 5v supply.
  7. I found this page earlier. When I get home from work tonight I'll take a look at my power supply. It was certainly beefy.
  8. Thanks for the quick reply. Sounds like I'll wait.
  9. I just purchased my first ever Atari 800XL. At first glance it appears to be in farily good condition. It comes with an original power supply. I know some other 8-bit computers (C64) have reputations for system killing power supplies. Do Atari supplies have any similiar issues? If so, do you know of any resources for testing the power supply? I've search online, but there seem to be fewer resources for the Atari XL systems compared to the Commodore. I'm waiting on a video cable since my system didn't come with one, but would like to validate the system as much as possible ahead of time.
  10. Just received my first Atari 800Xl. I'd definitely be interested in this.
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