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  1. All the games on the screens in the Switch OLED advertising video looked like they have been added in post production and do not show the real thing.
  2. Offer it as a kit for enthusiasts (like in the 80s the Sinclair ZX81 home computer was available pre-build or as a kit). I will assemble my Amico myself from the components.
  3. Hi, Tommy! Was the painting for the great Biplanes Box-Art you showed recently done by one of your Intellivision employees or from an externally commissioned graphic artist? As a big fan of the illustrations of the old Mattel Intellivision Boxes I did an internet research some time ago and found out that Jerrol "Jerr" Richardson was the artist that made them. But I have never seen one of the original paintings the old boxes where made from. Are they all lost? Since Jerr was a Mattel employee I assume they all are owned by Mattel. You Tommy, the great collector of all that things, have for sure tried to get hold of the originals?
  4. Couldn't it be that some of the physical games also contain special controller overlays?
  5. I hope this is no bad sign for the intended Amico release! www.macrumors.com writes: iPad and MacBook Production Reportedly Delayed Due to Global Chip Shortage Thursday April 8, 2021 2:31 am PDT by Sami Fathi Apple is facing a global shortage of certain components for some of its MacBook Pro and iPadmodels, causing the Cupertino tech giant and its suppliers to postpone production of the products, according to a new report from Nikkei Asia.
  6. Too bad, the woodgrain is not available from Europe. With Covid shipping from the States could last forever.
  7. Great Examples! • Extra Bonus points for the player that first reacts to the light color of the console on his controller. This could be given asynchronous to the normal gameplay. • Instead of extra bonus points also invulnerability could be the gift.
  8. I have a question regarding VIP preorders from Europe (Austria). I am from Austria and preordered my VIP woodgrain edition on April 2. This was before preordering was available in Europe by MediaMarkt. (Also I see that the woodgrain is not offered on the European preorder site on www.intellivisionamico.com.) Does this mean that my VIP woodgrain edition, once available, will be sent from the USA to Austria and that I have to pay all the customs charges and so on? Or will the VIP editions outside the USA be delivered by the nearest Intellivision sales subsidiary?
  9. A quick list of lies and continued misinformation... 1. Todd & Slade don't work for Intellivision. 2. It's a Banana Pi architecture with a Qualcomm chip. 3. We're direct porting mobile & flash games. 4. Nitro Derby was already released. And the final ignorant comment... 5. No one likes Amico. What I notice more and more is that the two guys are extremely conservative and simple-minded. For example, they didn't understand the potential of the LEDs in the console. What I find especially interesting in the concept of the Amico is, that with the LEDs on the console and the LEDs and displays on the controllers the console and the controllers themselves can become part of the game.
  10. I really enjoyed both videos of the 10.10. event. Especially "Biplanes" is very promising. I like the original versions of "Shark! Shark!" and "Night Stalker" a lot so I'm really looking forward to the new Amico versions. I know the shown footage is WORK IN PROGRESS EARLY GAMEPLAY DEMOS but both "Shark! Shark!" and "Night Stalker" are in development for some time now, as they where shown in early demos already. I noticed two things in particular that I don't like, and where I did not see a progress in the new demos. - The movement of the Shark! is not elegant. - The spider in "Night Stalker" looks like a quick draft drawing, that has not a proper line joint at its legs. Is there any improvement planned or am I simply too picky?
  11. We currently don't have anything like that, but could easily be done down the road for sure. Ok, I think it is a good decision to add extensions and new possibilities for the Amico once it is on the market for some time. What is also very important to me, is the fact, that all the games that are released for the Amico have to go through the hands of Intellivision Entertainment so that quality and content can be kept to their standard. And also to keep the store clean: I don't like having to choose between 30 different solitaire games in the store.
  12. Does the Amico support external Keyboard/Mouse connected via Bluetooth or USB so that some edutainment titles like learning to type with 10 fingers or learning programming could be made in the future? Also for some kind of games this could be handy additional to the genuine controllers. Also support for a music keyboard would be fine with Melody Blaster 2.0.
  13. https://play.hotwheels.com/en-us/collection/detail/the-embosser?carId=GHC00
  14. Or if FCC, CE and other tests can not be finised in time and so the devices can not be sold to the public, then maybe some early machines will be given to selected press people for a preview on 10-10-20.
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