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  1. While it's nice, it doesn't have the magic that early 400/800 software had: They had that 70s sci-fi vibe which I found fascinating... the marketing really worked because I wanted to own them all even though I had no idea what they were about most of the time. XL software boxes were nice too... And here's a cart label: Just curious, does anybody know if there a site which has them compiled in a nice browsable way ? Atarimania has a lot but even browsing with google image doesn't show them all...
  2. Hmm.. I forgot a 'p' when I registered here 😶
  3. If you want to unlock your TV's full potential you need to switch hobbies and get yourself a DVD player. You've been spamming the thread for the past year with the same rambling and the same pictures and you're calling others stubborn ? 🙄
  4. Thanks! What's your problem ? Ooops sorry... not used to such demonstration of kindness in this thread 😏 If you could bring sense to the senseless, that'd be great!
  5. Now we just need JP's rambling and the cycle will be complete 😒
  6. Unfortunately that's the case. While I quite like the interlace "higher" resolution look of story book and the gold 1st letters, quite recently connected more modern (10 y/o or so ) LCD-TV 19", and it reduced flickering to zero, gave stable picture, which didn't look good. That said, there's no setting to change it, it just always does it. And as the time passes, with more and more displays we will face it, that the effect will be lost, while non-flickering version of storybook looks just bad. And watching the original/planned outlook only on emulator just doesn't cut it, so maybe reworking it to something else, without flickering, would be a sensible choice. You bought a crap monitor so I should change the flicker effect ? If it looks like the picture above on your monitor, it means it can only output at 30hz, that's not exactly a smart move if you want to use it with an Atari...
  7. I mentioned it in the "moving beyond RMT" thread but to sumarize... The concept of having an ASM 6502 player is outdated but that's IMO of course. Unless it can do things that LZSS can't do (like updating registers at specific cycles), it's redundant. To edit a tune, the editor has to have that xex in memory and do that messy emulation thing like RMT -or- it has to have a high level version of the player (in C or whatever) and modifying one means updating the other which is a longer and error prone process. The better solution is to only have the high level version of the player and send the data to Pokey directly... that solution doesn't exist of course 😏 So even though it's not right to write an ASM player, it is addictive... to a point 🙂. Hell that's why I started PoP! But after spending so much time doing the "implement feature, run out of memory, optimize for memory" loop and making the code more fragile with each optimization, I finding myself cursing at the MOS engineers a little too often 🤪 Ouch! That feature list is scary! But you're learning ASM which is great, so even though it may not end with an ideal solution, I totally understand how exciting this is. A lot of the great musicians were also coders so you're following their tracks 🙂
  8. Another 6502 asm player ? it's headed in the wrong direction for sure 😃 but I get that the learning process is enjoyable! So it's a player that plays RMT? tell us more 🙂
  9. Thanks to everyone who run that test, The consensus seems to be that reaching copyright takes usually about 1min and sometimes 1m30 depending on the hardware (some of which I've never heard of!) I still don't understand the technical details behind burst mode (I guess it's not in the drives' firmware since it was introduced by Dos2, so it's purely software?) but if 1KB/s is the expected speed then it looks like it's all good for PoP. I may remove some seeks by reordering files (so files to be read consecutively should be placed back to back on the disk ?). Not a big gain but I need to update the SD version to use nodir as well and that pretty much requires the same work.
  10. Ouch... that's a lot worse than Altirra: previous version: 1min 16s vs new version: 1min 01s and also @DjayBee 's unhappy 1050: 0:57 min Is the Indus supposed to be much slower than the 1050 ? Not sure what No Disk-Spin means but track buffering would work really well with directory caching so that would explain it.
  11. ? (I edited my post... ) How do you convert a 1 pixel horizontal movement at a resolution of 256 pixels down to a resolution of 128 pixels ?
  12. I wouldn't say it's that challenging (compared to something like Bubble Bobble!) Maybe TIX would be interested on the art side but I'll let you handle the code side 😀
  13. Optimum 1X SIO loading speed obviously... we're getting pretty close though 😏 That and attract sequence polishing... Hoping to have 2-3 more colors in the palace room (which could be quite complex).
  14. Thanks for that extensive test! So it looks like the nodir change works pretty nicely. I see your test for minimizing seeks helped as well. I guess I could do that too(although I only have half the seeks since there's no directory, so in theory I would get half the benefit, so probably about 3s ) The happy's track buffering made no difference... I guess it's not smart enough to cache the directory sectors. Interesting! I checked the file (sc.xex) and it's 22000 byte long, so even in burst mode it's still about 1KB/s, same as XBIOS. The only thing that bugs me is how Copymate reaches 1.3KB/s
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