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  1. Actually, I think if a register doesn't change, LZSS only stores the initial value... (it would require a tiny bit of hacking for an extra register though) As for pavros' $Cx dist, I briefly looked at the paper not understanding most of it but the unstable methods required multiple writes with short delays... perhaps multiple writes could be stored as extra "virtual" registers too inside LZSS ? I'm guessing that would require a new tracker (or openmpt with a new pokey.dll) which would export LZSS...
  2. Does it make sense for SKCTL to be recorded every frame ? edit: I just dug up @Synthpopalooza's answer: Are there any existing tunes that actually do that ?
  3. Would it be possible to use opentmpt + a sample pack and simply export the raw pokey data ( possibly LZSed ) ? That way it would be possible to export fancy stuff like stereo @ 400hz and it would be playable on a real machine.
  4. I think he means using openmpt with a standard Pokey sample pack which mimics your note tables to avoid having to write a new tracker and instead 'simply' write an openmpt player on the A8 (since you were planning to write a player anyway)?
  5. from another thread: quoting xxl: you can save a precious file entry and some space on disk with this (something that should be done after everything is working of course) In that thread I also made a simple change by including the API header file in the cfg (as well as your project), so the XBios RAM address only needs to be modified in one place, which clears up some confusion. In your Wiki, you seem to have 2 options but in reality there's only 1 ? That's only valid if you don't have a cfg file (see xxl quote) ? Basically your xbios variable should always match the cfg on disk or the default cfg included in xbios.com What's really missing is an example that shows how to create a disk with a batch file
  6. perhaps you disabled the OS in the xbios config file (PORTB value) ? .byte $43 ; config for v4.3 version .byte c'LAUNCHEROBX' ; autorun file fname .byte >xBIOS_BASE ; xB adress for relocator .byte >(xBIOS_BASE-$100) ; xB buffer adress for relocator .word $02e2 ; INITAD .word $02e0 ; RUNAD .word $0000 ; custom I/O module - $0000 means use internal xB SIO .word $0000 ; relocator for custom I/O module .byte $ff ; PORTB - you can't swith off BASIC this way .byte $40 ; NMIEN - config at start .byte $80 ; IRQEN - config at start
  7. You could download Win10, install it in virtualbox, download VS and rebuild altirra yourself. Win10 is free, you just need to jump through a few hoops to register it (no need for any kind of hack though)... VS community is free too. Worked for me.
  8. V1.1 is available ( See First post! ) 2 new pictures and 1 removed so the total is now 20 and the cart is almost fully used! 2nd tune: "Pro BMX sim" by Matt Gray, turned into a pretty cool Pokey-Sid version by Emkay. This tune can take up to 40 scanlines when replayed with RMT but takes only about 10 with LZS
  9. stereo at the CPU cost of mono 🙂 (at twice the memory cost though)
  10. First let's remember that it's not a RMT player, it can play any tune from the usual trackers because it's just a compressed recording of the pokey streams. Dmsc only wrote the implementation for 1 Pokey but it's piss easy to do both. it would require twice as many buffers though (2KB x number of Pokeys) Small problem: Altirra doesn't record multiple Pokey, it seems easy to add from checking the Altirra source but in the meantime you can just record Pokey0, then hack RMT to send Pokey1 data to Pokey0 and record that and now you have 2 Pokey streams which you can decode on their own. Altirra only records Pokey data once per frame so if you wanted to play a 100-200hz tune you'd just call the RMT/CMC/... player once per frame instead of 2 or 4 times. (Although I find the quality that 100+Hz brings not good enough to justify the cost) The problem that LZS has: It can only loop to the beginning of a song, so if you play an intro, it will play it again when looping (hack is to have 2 tunes, 1 for the intro and 1 main) Another potential problem: Playing fx by overriding one of the channels, should be ok ? I have mentioned the player many times because I can't stress enough what an improvement it is over standard players: everybody should use it🙂
  11. ok, no more! (I have no idea what you're talking about but that's fine 🙂) It could be something as simple as loading a binary (built on the fly) from the debugger, setting the PC then go. It wouldn't tie up the computer for very long... but ok we'll be holding our breath for your Pokey implementation 😀
  12. Ah, just a matter of adding a register to the dump then...not really a flaw in LZS, I seem to vaguely remember this topic being discussed already 🤔 memory totally failing... Oh yeah it looks like I went into infinite loop: Sorry Matosimi!
  13. So I have a dumb question... what can you do once you have those tables ? Perhaps it could be possible to simply drive Altirra ? Matosimi just posted a request for something like that in the Altirra thread (and so did I a while back, Irgendwer suggested AutoIt which seemed like an interesting solution)
  14. I'm not sure what 2 tone mode is, care to give some details why it doesn't work in the original thread (we've totally hijacked this thread)? Does any of the regular players support timed writes ? I'm guessing not, RMT at least just updates Pokey at the end of its replay routine I think
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