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  1. To make things clear, my post was obviously a joke. I am perfectly fine with the sprite as TIX has drawn it, including the turban.
  2. I think that while hanging his armpit hair should be visible, and he should have a beard gradually growing throughout the game since he definitely has no razor with him
  3. I got my issue few weeks ago and it is very nice as usual. Keep up the good work!
  4. Oh, ok, thanks, I somehow forgot about the 1MB limit. Would it be possible to upload the .pdm then, so I can play it using my SIDE2?
  5. I revamped my older attempt at PoP graphics, reducing the number of colours to 4 and polishing some parts a bit. It is also adjusted a bit better to character boundaries so 5-colour mode could be possibly used. I added TIX's awesome sprite in to check the proportions.
  6. Any chance of making this running on the Ultimate Cart?
  7. Fandal has already ported quite a few BBC Micro titles over to the Atari. Plus, of course, the great port of Stunt Car Racer from the C64. http://a8.fandal.cz/search.php?search=bbc&butt_details_x=x (One of the ports listed was done by xxl. Also, the most recent port, Imogen, is not listed yet.)
  8. Unfortunately, I had no luck displaying my PAL Atari 800XE picture on the 2007FP, neither over Composite nor S-Video.
  9. The port is very well done. I prefer the Atari 800 music but that's just the nostalgia. What actually grinds my gears is the pixel that is sometimes missing at the edges of the stairs in the escalator animation
  10. The wireframe game could also be Alienbusters, but it is 1st person, not 3rd person view.
  11. I found it! In the picture, you can see my 800XE (which I still have) and an XC12 on top of a stereo casette player, which provided sound output for my Atari since my B&W TV used SECAM video system (which did not deliver sound on the same frequency as image). I am not sure about exact dating, but it could have been some time around 1992-3.
  12. Yeah, for the first time ever, yesterday I put someone on my ignore list. Guess who 🙂
  13. Yay, Junost 402B, if I am not mistaken I used to have that crappy TV with my Atari too. Incompatible with PAL so no sound with picture, and the screen did not have black. Just light gray and lighter gray.
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