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  1. I got mine with personal delivery by the ABBUC Chairman himself
  2. Great, it seems that the triangle waveform now works properly. In the recording from last year, it did not sound right.
  3. I did triangle wave simulation in RMT a while ago, attaching the XEX and RMT file. triangle-experiment2.rmt triangle-experiment2.xex
  4. Have there been any improvements in POKEY emulation over the last couple of months? AFAIK, Instrumentarium did not sound quite right in the recordings from last year, especially the triangle waveform.
  5. How about going for the same chroma in the whole screen and only use different luma? That way you'd only need 1 player (or all missiles) for the colouring.
  6. My attempt at a movie poster. Been running for about 4 days and still is far from perfect (and I was too lazy to do retouching). Moreover, there is a bug above his right eyebrow in the xex output. PG-TotalRecall.xex
  7. I am not fan of this black-white interlace. It just flickers too much. It would be kind of acceptable if the shades were closer together, but that cannot be the case for white letters on black background. Perhaps in NTSC the flicker is less prominent.
  8. Any chance of finishing this before this year's Lost Party, and you being there, ready to sell a few?
  9. I ended up with a Falcon in my closet about 4 years ago. Always wanted it ...and now I have no use for it. At least it's a good investment 🙂
  10. Yes, because it is just one tile out of many replaced.
  11. That is a really nice wall texture. I vote for this
  12. Nice one, but why not use 3rd colour? I assume the sprite is made up of two players.
  13. Just a quick rework of the basic wall tile. It is a little bit too uniform. For more variety there would have to be several alternative wall tiles and I am not sure there is enough memory left for that. Moreover, I am currently quite busy with another project so I am not sure I could redraw all the graphics for PoP.
  14. No, they are not. Microsoft's .PAL format contains a header and stores 4 bytes for each colour. .act is just raw data with 3 bytes per colour.
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