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  1. Yeah, for the first time ever, yesterday I put someone on my ignore list. Guess who 🙂
  2. Yay, Junost 402B, if I am not mistaken I used to have that crappy TV with my Atari too. Incompatible with PAL so no sound with picture, and the screen did not have black. Just light gray and lighter gray.
  3. Just a little correction: the player is called 3 times per frame (as is stated in the song description at soundcloud), not 4 times.
  4. Two of the three entries were stereo. Rules did not forbid to use stereo.
  5. A real Atari is built to be easily expanded. Stereo is one of the most common upgrades. Anyway, this thread is not a discussion about what is a "real" Atari and what is not. Open your own if you want to discuss that.
  6. So tell me, my dear emkay, what kind of magical trickery did I use in my tune?
  7. What? It definitely does run on a real Atari. It was run from a real Atari in the compo.
  8. My winning tune from the Lost Party 2019 Atari Music Compo. Hope you like it Skyride.xex
  9. pseudografx


  10. The links should be fixed now.
  11. It seems that my updated icon still hasn't found its way into the binary. 😭
  12. Just a little correction - Mashed Turtles were made by Fandal and me. But Raster did numerous other multijoy (and non-multijoy) games.
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