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  1. This is what the images look like on my system: Captured using RetroScaler 2x > HDMI capture device > OBS. Ignore the horizontal lines in the purple and blue, they are caused by RetroScaler.
  2. If I could suggest something, I'd make the brightest yellow one step darker to differentiate it more from the white.
  3. Also, I am still here, waiting patiently for you to buy an adaptive sync-enabled monitor so you can implement it. 🙂
  4. My latest cover. I actually finished this one at the end of the last year but somehow ended up recording it only now. Covers the song 'Dreamer' from Streets of Rage 2 for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis by Yuzo Koshiro. Stereo POKEY, 4x player speed, PAL timings. Recorded from Atari 800XE. Streets of Rage 2 - Dreamer.xex
  5. You have to hit the grey ones with all the component colors, ie. red, green and blue (in any order).
  6. I already pointed out that the game adjusts to the video standard.
  7. Here it is. I better also included zipped file as I am unsure how does the forum handle transparent background. Alda-poster.zip
  8. I had too much spare time tonight so here is the poster (I can also provide version with transparent background if needed.)
  9. I know it's not much but I tried to extract that image out of that photo, with some perspective correction and smart resizing. It would probably need a bit more of color correction.
  10. It's XEGS's composite output, as you can see in some parts of the stream. And the bus noise is there, e.g. if you use HDMI upscaler + HDMI capture device.
  11. The colors in RGB seem to be completely off, perhaps your video capture device has some issue? Either that or the pot in the machine itself has been rotated. The game adjusts for PAL/NTSC automatically so that is not the issue.
  12. It's missing the pseudo graphics characters though 🙂 Perhaps you could add them the way they are on the C64C keyboard.
  13. Enforcer Katakis (or Denaris) Bubble Bobble Mechanicus Mayhem in Monsterland
  14. It would not be too hard to turn the 4-color version from the GB into this. Anyway, this only has half the vertical resolution of what Atari can do so it leaves a bit of potential unused.
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