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  1. It's been quite a while since we last heard about the Excel magazine. Is the project dead or can we hope for another issue?
  2. The official ASMA site is still at asma.atari.org, but the most up-to-date archive is now at the address you mentioned. And since Elektra Glide song is in the archive since long time ago, you can still use the original site's ASMAdb feature, where you can easily find it: http://asma.atari.org/asmadb/search.php?play=26
  3. The Vernier caliper MaPa refers to shows 68.4 mm.
  4. This is what my PAL Atari 800XE looks like on my monitor via HDMI (with upscaler).
  5. With deep sorrow, I have to inform you that this was HardCore's last post and update of his music archive. He had died on the day that post was made. Petr, you will be missed.
  6. I just ordered Retroscaler 2x, which should be a Retrotink 2x clone. Should arrive next week so I will report. It can be bought for almost half the price of Retrotink from Aliexpress. http://www.bitfunx.com/product/retroscaler2x-a-v-to-hdmi-converter-and-line-doubler-for-retro-game-consoles/
  7. Hi, would it be possible to have the ROMs available in .mgw format? I got an emulator for my RG350 clone that supports this format.
  8. I got mine with personal delivery by the ABBUC Chairman himself
  9. Great, it seems that the triangle waveform now works properly. In the recording from last year, it did not sound right.
  10. I did triangle wave simulation in RMT a while ago, attaching the XEX and RMT file. triangle-experiment2.rmt triangle-experiment2.xex
  11. Have there been any improvements in POKEY emulation over the last couple of months? AFAIK, Instrumentarium did not sound quite right in the recordings from last year, especially the triangle waveform.
  12. How about going for the same chroma in the whole screen and only use different luma? That way you'd only need 1 player (or all missiles) for the colouring.
  13. My attempt at a movie poster. Been running for about 4 days and still is far from perfect (and I was too lazy to do retouching). Moreover, there is a bug above his right eyebrow in the xex output. PG-TotalRecall.xex
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