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  1. Some bug reports here: There's an issue with the console keys on the starting screen - when you press one, you have to wait about a second before pressing it again, otherwise it won't be registered. Same applies to the J/C/D keys, only the delay is a bit shorter. Also, attract mode suddently starts even when you were pressing the keys. I think correct behaviour would be to reset the attract mode timer whenever a console key (or J) is pressed.
  2. Oh, what a necro bump Anyway, I'd love to see this project revived.
  3. The XE version can only be used with XE machines - 130XE's, 800XE's and some 65XE's (those with the full ECI connector at the rear side). The XL uses a different connector but there was a version of this expansion suitable for XL machines. And yes, these expansions can be used to expand your memory without any soldering.
  4. Slightly off-topic: I remember seeing a demonstration of a side-by-side scrolling where half of the screen was scrolling (horizontally) in the opposite direction than the other. Can anyone remember that, too, and possibly know what the source thread was?
  5. Hi everyone! I hope you are all having a nice holiday. Fandal has released a binary of a game we'd been working on a few years ago. Unfortunately, since Fandal got fed up with my unreliability in delivering the graphics assets on time, it was never finished. There is more talk about the game on Fandal's Blog at his site (in Czech): http://a8.fandal.cz/blog.php. Anyway, enjoy. abyssus.zip
  6. If you want the video to keep its 50/60fps framerate, resize to 300%, which, coincidentally, is just 720p.
  7. As far as I know, there are SID mods for the +4. Incorporating VIC-II, though, would be not be a trivial task.
  8. If any audio recordings from an Atari would come in handy, I can provide them, from my dual-POKEY 800XE with Ultimate and SIDE2 cartridges, connected to my PC's sound card.
  9. To make things clear, my post was obviously a joke. I am perfectly fine with the sprite as TIX has drawn it, including the turban.
  10. I think that while hanging his armpit hair should be visible, and he should have a beard gradually growing throughout the game since he definitely has no razor with him
  11. I got my issue few weeks ago and it is very nice as usual. Keep up the good work!
  12. Oh, ok, thanks, I somehow forgot about the 1MB limit. Would it be possible to upload the .pdm then, so I can play it using my SIDE2?
  13. I revamped my older attempt at PoP graphics, reducing the number of colours to 4 and polishing some parts a bit. It is also adjusted a bit better to character boundaries so 5-colour mode could be possibly used. I added TIX's awesome sprite in to check the proportions.
  14. Any chance of making this running on the Ultimate Cart?
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