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  1. Does anyone know if their is a Rom version of the Cosmic Invaders that was an extra cartridge included with the Premium Editions of Alien Greed II. I saw a video game play of Cosmic Invaders on youtube and would love to play it but cant find any copies available for sale.
  2. Yes. and it still wil not function. According to the AtariAge store it says to contact Batari for any exchanges or returns. How can I reach him via e-mail to contact and send my cart for repair or replacement. Thanks for your assistance
  3. Batari. I have both the original Harmony and the Harmony Encore Carts. I love them both. But last night my Harmony Encore cart stopped working. I tried it with and without several SD cards and it is not working, while my Original Harmony works great with the same SD Cards. I purchased the Harmony Encore cart roughly 6 months ago from the AtariAge store. Is there a way to return it for repair or have it replaced with a new one. Look forward to your assistance.
  4. Batari. I have a Harmony encore cart that is no longer working. I purchased this roughly 6 months ago. How can I exchange it or get it fixed.
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