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  1. Hi Guys, First post so sorry if its been covered a million times before but couldn't find a result when I searched. 1:Can the screen on a Lynx 2 be replaced with a new/aftermarket one ? 2:Can you somehow , de scratch the screen with some sort of paste ? 3:Any thoughts welcome.. Thanks Mike FRK
  2. Received mine today.. Lesson 1: RTFM Works like a charm... shame my recently received Ver.2 Lynx has no sound... bit of a pisser.. Thanks
  3. Hi I hope this is the correct place to order a multi cart for the Lynx. Just pop me on the lst and I can pay via Paypal/bank transfer/CC instantly UK based. Please keep me updated on progress Thanks Mike
  4. Hi, I am very much hoping this product is still in production , if not it should be with the amount of interest !! I would love one, please contact me so I can pay... [email protected] Thanks Mike FRK
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