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  1. Tommy, I don't have much hope, but I still ask the question ! Would it be possible to have a lunch box with "Intellivision Amico" written on it ? I would be a buyer, and that would be great publicity while my 900 co-workers look for a place in the fridge to put their own lunch box ! lol 😀 Thank you !
  2. Space Strikers, How to play ! Objective of the game : Take control of the space ball, and throw it towards the opponent's goal. Point Counting : The opponent's area as well as yours are protected by 5 shields. When the ball reaches the center of this area, you will get points according to the number of shields destroyed by your teams in this round. When a goal (1 to 5 pts) is scored, the shields of the two areas are rebuilt, meaning that it is possible that in a previous round you destroyed up to 5 shields without obtaining any points because you did not touch the goal in the center ! How to control the ball : There are two ways to control the ball ! 1) By creating a shield around your spaceship, you are causing a push on anything near you. The ball, as well as any other nearby players will be thrown outside your shield. 2)Use your grapple on the ball which will gravitate around you. It will turn in the direction of the last force that was thrown on it. Release the grip of the ball when you feel it will go in the desired direction! Your Spaceship : Like in Asteroids, it is possible to use a small boost to inscrease your speed, or quickly go in an opposite direction (like when you are thrown by an opponent's shield !).
  3. I love it ! Presentation, sound, etc. The only thing I am not sure about (1st impression), it's when we are two players, when one player is near the other one, one paddle is one inch in front of the other ! I don't know if sometimes we can miss a hit because of that (or the ball not going in the desired direction when hitting it !?) Should one player be always behind the other one instead of this sudden change when near the other player ? Like I said, it's only a first impression, and I never tried it ! lol 😅
  4. On April first, that could be hilarious ! Tommy : "So welcome everyone for another demonstration, an almost finished version for this game." Tommy trying to begin playing, but a lots of problem occurs ... "Sh.. What's happening with this f ... game ! It's not just lagging, it's unplayable" etc, etc. A lot of cool ideas could then happens ! You know, april 1st for April fool's day ... ! Amico on fire, John Alvaro coming with an extinguisher ! lol John saying "I told you not to use a Banana Pi ...! " 😂🤪 That could be so cool. lol Tommy could make it on his own channel.🤣
  5. Thank you for this precision. That was one of the question on my mind ! Beauty and the Beast, Demon Attack, Atlantis and Swords and Serpents would be on the top of my list (Imagic). Talking about Swords and Serpents, could it be possible to have a true ending !? Lol (Because there is no fight with the dragon on the 4th floor if I remember well !! lol ). Now about Intellivision games : My first game would be Lock 'N' Chase ! ( You know how I like the game and the reimagined one ... 😉) Data East did not produce a game on collection 1 ! So could it be on collection 2 from Data East, or it can be from Intellivision now that you have the rights for Amico ? Skiing Shark Shark Horse Racing Thin Ice Thunder Castle For other games, I am not sure enough if you have the rights or not ! Thank you ! 😀
  6. It's related to Intellivision and Tommy, and that could help Amico in some way. Exposure, maybe some money ( I don't know the deal they have ). I think that's okay once, without exaggeration for future threads ! 👍 Edit : Okay, maybe I did not understand on my first reading ! You are saying it could also be in a separate thread ! Sorry. I thought you were saying it was not welcome in this thread ! 😅
  7. WoW ! That's great news ! I am listening right now. And I think I have finally found a job (waiting for an answer today), so I will have money to buy this console and play Intellivision games ! (I will also not need to cancel all my Founders Edition and VIP orders !! 😅) Thank you Tommy, and OEB Pete ( I think he is the one who thought of this idea ! ). GREAT ! Intellivision is alive !
  8. On my part, I like 2D platformers, but without pixels ! I know it's art, and nostalgia. There is a lot of really good metroidmania games that I didn't play because of that ! 😪 30 minutes ago, I ask my son which video he likes better between Fox n forest and Finnigan Fox. He is almost 9 years old, and without hesitation he said Finigan Fox. Retro gamers are the majority liking amico right now, but it will not be the case forever. We will be minority. So I understand and agree with the new look for the game. 👍 Now about multiplayer, that's a bigger point I think. But we don't know a lot of things about it. So I will give the benefit of the doupt to them. For now, just let say (brainstorming idea) that it could have been so cool to have something like a bird on your shoulder, and when crystals(magic) are fullfill, the second player can fly and help the fox. The second player should also control seasons, but not when he is flying. So then player one would have to ask player 2 "Come back on my shoulder and change the season, I have to cross this river !!!" With two players, you can also have more ennemies ! That's the kind of thing that could be a game changer and be very cool ! Two player it's multiplayer ! 😁 Absolutely !
  9. I think Tommy will appreciate your point of view. You have good points. Tommy isn't perfect (Who is ...?), but I don't think that's a reason to go out. I really understand your point. Take a few weeks off, and come back later. Don't let this "war" deprive yourself of playing with a very interesting console and having fun with your friends and families ! 👍
  10. Why not !? It's not an open world, so I think a game like this could be on Amico someday ! I don't remember if the player in Monkey Ball had to control the camera at the same time as controlling the character ? If the answer is yes, then probably you are right, but with the Amico Controller, you would not need a second discpad or joystick ! With Motion control, that could be a great game with this feature.
  11. A week earlier than I thought, that's even better ! In the video, he says that next week we will have another video, this time talking about the new launch date. So February 18 could be a real possibility ! 😃
  12. If I had to take a guess... On February 18, we will have our next big video from Intellivision Entertainment. It will be Tommy's birthday ! I see 2 possibilities. 1) A video named "Moving into our new office". 2) An announcement regarding the new launch date ! What's your guess ?
  13. There is absolutely no confusion ! I just meant that We don't need something like Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo that could take several minutes ! So I am saying the same thing as you, and I hope Intellivision Entertainment will have some story even if they want their games to be just "play and have fun" ! 😃
  14. An explanation of what is happening in the game, what our character trying to fullfill is always something I like to have in a game. We don't need a 15 minutes movie sessions ! It could be only a little 10-20 seconds. Maybe it's not possible for all games but I Hope it is for most of them ! We can have coop mode, versus mode, team mode, and story mode ( not solo mode ! 😁) And some story mode will have more than one player (Cloudy Mountain). By the way, I hope Dynablaster (Bomberman) will also have a story mode so I could play when I am alone !
  15. It's quiet here ... So I have to show you this ! I laughed a lot ! This is one of the most anticipated games for me on Amico ! 😀👍
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