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  1. About Intellivision at E3. I have one bigger question than the others ! Will a launch date will be mentioned !!?? Or will they say something like, "Available later this year", "Coming soon", or "Available in a few months" etc. What do you think ?
  2. This explains why OEB Pete didn't seem to want to continue the live any longer despite Tommy being present ... lol 😉 I found it was a little too short ! 😁
  3. Now that we know the 8 physical games for launch, it's a good time to bring back this question ! 😁 ( We have some pre-orders to do ! 😉 ) A question for my logistics team that I don't know the answer to. I'll ask and get back to you.
  4. Tommy, can you keep one of your old White Amico for me. 😅 Maybe I am the only one, but I really like how it was before with two different tones ! But I understand that mothers will probably wanted the one who is only white !!! 😁
  5. Maybe it's the Big News Tommy said we would have this week ! Now we know all the physical games that will be available ! Edit : Yes, probably there will be one or two more physical games available, but probably not at launch. For example, I think Night Stalker should be a physical game, and Tommy already mentioned that this game could be released a few weeks later to create enthusiasm for the arrival of a new game after the release of the Amico! And I agree with that ! When we've played all of the games available at launch, we will want to have at least one title that we're excited to look forward to! Cloudy Mountain could be another game like this, or maybe it will be available at launch without a physical release !?
  6. Sadly, let's be realistic ! The 4 missing parts for Amico will not be available by July and the prices will not go down for at least another 6 months, not to mention the compliance tests to pass! You have 4 people trying everything they can to secure and/or find another way to produce them. They have been doing this for several weeks already! So knowing this in all honesty, that parts will be missing, what's next ? Will still a certain quantity go on sale for October? But how will Intellivision manage to produce them, even if there would only be 3000 to produce? 😪
  7. Tommy, we learned this week that the physical games will have a "First and limited Edition" !!! Will the box will be numbered, like let say "255/5200" ? I was also wondering if other languages other than English have already started to be implemented in most games and for the user interface? Thank you.
  8. WoW! With this console I will never want to reload the controllers on the top, risking to hide this beautiful image! 😀
  9. Tommy, talking about Finnigan Fox, will we be able to pre-order the physical version before October. We don't know how many will be available, and a lot of the first Amico users will want the game in physical form. So we don't want to miss it, knowing that you will probably have a small quantity in physical format. Other questions : Will all physical games will be sold at Intellivision.com ? Could we have them be shipped at the same time of our Founders Edition ? ( Or/And VIP ? ) Thank you.
  10. #2, #3 AND # 5. Different levels and feelings (#2 , #5), and a Boss battle ! (# 3)
  11. It will be interesting (and stressful) to know who will be prioritized (GameStop, Walmart, North America, Europe, etc) because we will not have 100,000 units available at launch. 😔 And if only one components is not available (actually 4 are missing), we could be at zero units ! I have hope in plan F or G from Intellivision, but I don't know how they will be able to produce many units !! Sony already claimed they will have to change some parts in 2022 in producing the PS5 ! Part are too expensive or / and impossible to find! I have faith, but the clock is thicking and we have only two months before going into production. 😪 Happy Mother's Day to all mothers on the planet ... and beyond! (lol) 😀
  12. I agree ! I would rather say that we need electronic parts ! Sales will never go up if we only have 20 000 units at launch ! Which brings me to a question for Tommy : If we don't have enough units available in October, will you probably put off all the marketing surrounding the launch of the console until later ? Especially if the cost to manufacture is much higher, you could be able to compensate a little with that saved money, and word of mouth will be able to do some of the work !? P.S. By the way, you have a private message from me ... 😉
  13. In Astrosmash, is there a way to know when your shield will end ? Thanks.
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