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  1. Because I already know enough about many games from this list, here is my top 2 I would like to know and see more. 😀 1- Pool 2- Dynablaster. Have a nice weekend !
  2. Hi Tommy. You produced 50 000 physical games. I am curious to know if it's the same amount for every game, or, as an example, you made 12 000 Evil Knievel games, and 5 000 for Brain Duel. Thank you.
  3. That could be a cool gift for those who pre-ordered Amico !? (Initially it was supposed to be included with each Amico !) 😀
  4. DJC, you and PandaSub2000 could collaborate for his next video, like letting him use the song !? He said one of his video will be in the world of night stalker ! 😀
  5. If like me you really liked the new Amico Show from this guy, take a little look behind the scene, and see how he is doing his incredible visuals ! This guy need to work for I.E. ( When they will have more money ! lol 😅 ) Congrats to him, and I hope his channel will become huge. He is passionate, and as Tommy always says, that's the most important thing when you do and like something and also have dreams !
  6. My girlfriend just showed me this photo she took on October 10, 2020, the initial date planned for Amico! My son and I had celebrated this by proudly wearing the t-shirt!
  7. Hi Tommy. Sorry to hear about the delay ! (For you, for me, and for everyone waiting for a positive update, including every members of my family and all my friends whos ask me once a month if I have news about the launch date ! lol) Will you soon be able to give us more details on the decision you made ? You had several possible plans, you seem to have chosen one (unless you simply postponed the deadline to make a decision ?). What makes you believe that it will be possible to provide pre-orders barely 2 months later than expected, when the date of October 10 was still a very important date for you ? Maybe the plan you chose did not allow I.E. to have enough units available for October, and it was illogical to have to choose who would get consoles or not among the people having already pre-ordered ? Thank you for your frankness and transparency, as always. I can't wait to get my hands on this console and I will try to stop thinking about it every hour of the day ! lol 😅 Thank you !
  8. What if... The item we need to tap on the console would be an Intellivision cartridge... 🙄
  9. So packaging for physical products is done ! That's great news ! So I know what I will say here will change nothing ! lol I hope in each package, we will have at least Topps cards and overlays to put on the controller for the physical game bought ! 😃
  10. Hi Tommy ! Questions : 1- Finally, which screenshots were chosen on the back of the box for Finnigan Fox ? 2- Have you decide where you will sign on the Founder Editions console ? ( Front, Back, etc ) 3- If Physical products are a huge success, do you think it will be possible to have more games % in this form, like every game at 9.99$ + ? Thank you !
  11. I understand ! That was also my first reaction. Maybe it was too hard for some people to get the bag near the hole !? I will keep my final judgment when I will know more !
  12. I think it will only be to determine the strength of the throw!
  13. For me, it'a little bit too long, and was already disapointed the first time I saw it last year ! Tommy said it's not cool when the dice are coming too fast, but I hope we can have a compromised between the two ! ☺️
  14. Hi Tommy. I hope you had great vacation ! 😀 I have a big question. I preordered one Amico for my sister. I was at her home Saturday, and realize that she don't have Wifi, but she have a cell phone. Is there a way for her to buy digital games (maybe with her phone) and put it on Amico ?
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