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  1. Hi Tommy ! Did you received my private message on Atari Age ? (last week I think) If not, maybe I was blocked by you by mistake !? 🤔 Have a nice day !
  2. I am not an Xbox fan ! But the same question for Sony, Digital or Physical, I am going all the way Physical. This way, it will also be my 4K blu-ray player. If all the digital games could be half the price, I would think about it. But no one will make this move before Intellivision Entertainment ! 😊 I also like to collect games and my favorite movies. The only way I will buy Digital Editions will be when Physical Editions will be dead ! ☠️🥺
  3. I'm back from vacation. So it's a bit late to talk about my impressions, so I understand if no one is reading the following ! Lol It was a good decision to talk very early about the postponement of the launch date so that we could then focus on the presentation. I was slightly disappointed that I didn't see any ski cross gameplay. Regarding all the other titles that we can not wait to see, it is normal that the majority has not finally been revealed (Burger time, Horse Racing, etc.) since there are still 8 months of waiting and that Intelivision Entertainment must maintain interest during this period. Here is what I really liked about the presentation : The sound from Astrosmash (I was listening through headphones) was really great, and the music was epic. Tommy, can you confirm that there will be music while we play or it will just be sound? Hope the music used during the video will be part of the game ! CornHole: The physics of the bags looks really amazing. It seems that Amico takes into account several elements inside the bag. Also very interesting the many boards and different location choices. Very happy with the confirmation from Mattel and Sesame Streets. Now that it's official, we can try to guess other associations ! lol I loved the energy of the guy from Choice Provisions! I understand why I loved the majority of their games, and very happy that they are the ones who designed Break Out ! Hope they manage to make a game as good as their Runner series with the Intellivision Running Man !? I am happy with the evolution of Missile Command. Among other things to better see our guns. The presentation for Bomb Squad was truly amazing. I really enjoyed the humor and the concept. Then finally, I love EarthWorm Jim's graphics. I believe the majority of people who worried about it were reassured! So it was my favorite, but I liked a lot of other things about this beautiful presentation. Thank you to the entire Intellivision Entertainment team and everyone working with them. By the way Tommy, did you get the Excel file I sent you about 2 or 3 weeks ago ? (The timing was obviously wrong with all the preparations you had to plan ! Lol) Keep it up, and Tommy, while we're all a little disappointed with the postponement of the launch, we all understand that it's the right thing to do, and that you've even almost managed to keep that important date ! We all forgive you, and I'm sure the first to approve this new date is your sister ... Rest in peace. Martin Le Pionnier (and those who think like me).
  4. If it's April then we have no choice ! 😔 I would prefer february 2nd when it's Winter. April we are beginning to play outside. It would have been so cool to have Amico during Winter when it's cold outside. (Particulary in Canada).😄
  5. I understand your point. Probably the video about this news was already done. We will probably know more tomorrow.
  6. Can I have a bingo !? We will know soon enough ! Thank you GrudgeQ for your 16 images !
  7. Sorry to break the fun ... But Tommy also already said no bingo ! 😪 BUT ... cut out the 16 affirmations, and create your own bingo card and try to make it happen! 😊 We probably have 7 affirmations that are right ! ( Almost half of 16 ... )
  8. Does someone have an explanation about announcement # 1 having 13k views, but announcement # 2 having 32k views !! More spectacular ?
  9. Little guessing game. What will the new launch date be ? The logic would be that it will be probably in March, but I hope to have it a little earlier ! So I guess it will be 02-02-21. (Tuesday February 2nd, 2021)
  10. Today we should have announcement # 2. So we can speculate a little. Could we see some tests not done yet ? Train Tracks ! Microwave !! But what about the question mark for the toilet ! Could we see what happened when they tried ... 🤔 And what could be the little twist ! Will R&D decide that Amico is not ready yet because of some failed test !? Maybe the last test in the video that will decide if Amico is ready for 2020/10/10 is Covid-19 and it will fail ...
  11. Thanks for your kind words. Yes, I am grateful. It was my girlfriend who suggested this to me when I told her that the announcement would be the same day we go on vacation! 😃
  12. I prefer 30 minutes of real Amico gameplay to 1 hour of Xbox movies ... Nothing was impressive. Everyone's just talking about power, graphics, guessing what the game would be. (Because we've seen a lot of games that only partially explain the story!) With Intellivision Entertainment, we will have gameplay, gameplay and gameplay. (With a few surprises!) 30 minutes will be enough, and if it's more, it will be a bonus for our eyes and ears! 🙂 I will be on vacation on August 4th. I have already spoken to the family and we will stop our road trip at 1PM Eastern Time, and everyone will be watching the special event. Our vacation this year will be forever associated with the Intellivision Entertainment's special event! 😃
  13. It's sad, we miss him. Hopefully he stops by the Q&A today. Where are you Tommy? Must say his name 3 times. Tommy, Tommy, Tommy. Probably a lot of work to do before August 4th... And Announcement # 2 should arrive early next week ! 😃
  14. Thank you Intellivision Master. Sorry, I wanted to say GrudeQ ! 😆 lol
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