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  1. Tommy what can you tell us about toyfair ? Did you buy some baby yoda toys ? Do you prepare a big surprise and an Amico game with baby yoda ? Maybe an edutainment game ? 😗
  2. Tommy said he was in negociation. Probably cost versus space on floor. ( Yes depending on how many consoles ). Probably also negociating because IE can be a big thing for E3 as well. So they are looking for the best deal for ESA and IE. So nothing is officially signed. EDIT : Quote from Tommy
  3. I did a first part of 3, page 283. Now in vacation. Should be able to do it in March !
  4. 1. I'm hoping so. Not confirmed yet. Please do everything you can so that we can watch it live. It will be our greatest moment (not counting the launch of the console). If it is not live, I hope it will still be filmed so that we can watch it a few hours later ? Maybe Victor and Electric Playground could take care of the broadcast !? 😃
  5. Happy Birthday to you Tommy ! 2 questions about E3. 1) Will your conference be live on the Internet ? 2) How many consoles will there be to try Amico games ? Thank you.
  6. Yes, he is great. Here is a bit the equivalent in France. He is always optimistic. He hasn't talked about Amico yet. (After E3 he will have no choice ! 😉 )
  7. Can I test something for you ? I will be glad to give my insight !
  8. Like this ? Did you copy all the link ? I was on your page (from your link), and copy the complete link from the page !! Edit : that was the end of the link : youtube.com/watch?v=OSuUwdpTIAo&feature=youtu.be Not the same as you.
  9. Tommy, are you disappointed that Geoff Keighley will not be attending E3 (for the first time in 25 years) and that there will be no Coliseum Show !? Personally, I am disappointed. I imagined you very well promoting Amico on its show! 😯😥
  10. So tomorrow we will see the first official list of companies that will be present at E3 2020. (June 9, 10 and 11) https://www.e3expo.com/ Tommy, has Intellivision Entertainment already signed up ? Do you know what day your conference will be? Probably the 9th, so you will have 3 full days so that people can try out the wonderful games and also the controller! 😃 118 days to go ... ⏳
  11. It's the same thing for me. But there will be an exception this year, Final Fantasy VII Remake! 😃
  12. Tommy, you know better than I do, but can it be a little risky to wait for prices to drop for machine parts ? Because of the virus, could it be possible for prices to rise rather than fall ? Thank you.
  13. New Interview. Did not have time to look at it, but later tonight ! EDIT : Looks good so far after 8 minutes. It's only 1 hour, but seems very interesting. Please, can someone help me ? Skiing, is it retro re-imagined or sports/recreational ! ? ? 🤔 lol If a game can be in two categories, so maybe we can have 5 categories of game at 25% instead of 20% each ?! lol 😂🤣
  14. I was playing Shark ! Shark ! this weekend. And I was thinking about the reimagined one. We already know that it will be possible to play 4 players. But I was wandering if we could also be the shark !? 🙂 Even the shark player could score points, but with different gameplay. When you are the Shark, you are choosing on your screen's controller where on the big screen you will appear, (offcourse with the stressful music appearing 1 second before ! ) You have something like 10 seconds to reach the fish ( player or non-player ) before disapearing. Then you are choosing on your controller's screen where your shark is going to disapear, and staying 5 seconds offscreen while you are choosing again where you will appear, etc. Could be very cool to be the Shark !? 😃
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