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  1. Amico will be a dream coming true for me. Can a second dream can happen ? Quantic Dream is one of my favorite creator team ! They like to do innovative things. You have to add them and making a game for Amico !
  2. Yes of course. I just mentioned the first two dates. But if you insist ... Here it is : July 13th Intymike July 22nd Alpha 82 July 25th Le Pionnier ( I hope somebody else win, because I don't want to be friend of myself ! lol ) July 27th M-crew July 30th Atarifan88 July 31st Amico Tommy ( I must confess that I was fearful with this date that it may mean that it may be in August ... But it is also possible that he put the farthest date in July to give us a chance! ) lol So, 6 sources. Do we have a chance to see a winner ?
  3. According to one of the sources of this forum (Intymike), we could have access very soon to the new video of Intellivision Entertainment. He did not seem very certain, but he thinks the date will be July 13th. Only a few more days to see if he was right! Another source (Alpha 82) believes that it will be the 22nd. We'll see. But most of our sources think it will be at the end of July. We'll see if any of these sources will be added to my Amico friend list ! lol Tommy, are you nervous ( a little ! )to see our reaction after we will see this trailer. ( I know you're confident, but it's probably still stressful !? )
  4. From someone at E3 on the Amico. https://www.dualshockers.com/the-intellivision-amico-preview-e3-2019/
  5. What can I say ... ( I am trying to think twice before writing ... ) 😑 I don't like that kind of ironic comments ! What's your point ? We all know it will be more advanced than the original Intellivision ! We all know that Amico will have original games. They will be announced strategically and timely ! (marketing) And on our side, for the little guessing game, it's almost impossible to guess an orignal game if it's original ... you know what I mean ! ? lol So we are trying with what we are thinking we know ! Original games will probably not be on the next trailer, but we will have a lot on the Amico ! So ... are you playing with us, or are you here just challenging Tommy !? 🤔
  6. So you will have 10 easy points ! Put it at spot # 1 ! lol But now more people will do the same ! lol 🤣
  7. Yes it will be cool. I remember the first time I was playing modern sports, with real name players, I was really disliking that. I thought it was unfair ! lol We are all now accustomed to have better teams than others, better players than others. It's now common, and we have to play that way. Could be very cool to only have the essence of the game. Hit the ball, run, pass. Career mode is fun, but just for one player. Also it's taking a lot of time that we don't necessary have. I prefer a long game like FF7 remake or a zelda game. Sports games should be short, fun and addictive. I am really looking forward for this trailer. We will probably see happy people playing those games ! ? Another guess game people : Choose 10 games you think we will see in this trailer. Let's see who will have the most correct answers and points ! First selection 10 points, second selection 9 points ... 10th selection 1 point. So order's important ! 1- Astrosmash 2- Baseball 3- Burgertime 4- Football 5- Snafu 6- Horse racing 7- Black jack (card game) 8- Moon Patrol 9- Night Stalker 10- Tennis Thank you. Maybe it will help us while we wait for more news from Intellivision Entertainement.
  8. So let's try to guess when the trailer will be available this July. Sorry Tommy, you can't participate ! lol😉 I am trying with July 25th... Winners will be on my friends list ! 😆
  9. A little scoop for us ? How many games (gameplay) will be reprensented in the next trailer ? (I know you are working on it, but just to have an idea. Is it 5, 10, 20 !? )
  10. Okay, that was I thought. Not sure if it will be 5 original games, re-imagined... I wonder if like I saw somewhere it could be different pack, like to choose 5 games from 15, or choosing 1 pack of 5 from 3 packs.
  11. Thank you. So that idea will never can de use again !?? Or is it just like a license !? That's what I am not sure to understand.
  12. Hi Tommy. I really hope leaving this thread is the last option you have ! 😮 I find it really amazing to have the chance to "talk" personally to a president for something I really looking forward to. 😀 Can you explain a little what "patent" means ? No one after you will be able to use it ? Or they could you use it if they are paying something for the rights to you ? Are you going to make some adjustments after some constructive comments during your presentation at E3 ? (If there were !) Will the 22 games in demonstration be at lauch for the amico ? How many games will come packed with the system ? Thank you.
  13. Hi Tommy. Congrats for offices in Germany and Dubai. Do you plan for another one ? Montreal is it on the list ? 😊 Do you sell Amico Shirts ? I saw a picture on the web. I know you are talking about something special for physical games. Let me guess, can it be something like an amiibo that will start the game ? 🤔 Can you tell us a date we can wait in july for the next "teaser/trailer" ? Thank you Tommy.
  14. I have the picture of the black amigo on my Desktop at work. My boss came to see me, ans saw this picture. He ask me what's this console ? I explain and knew that he would love to have it. He have 4 childs ! He is in line for buying it. Near 200$ (Canadian Price) he says it's a bargain ! I am sure that most of my friends will do the same. We will surprise the world !! P.S. My boss tell me that he was a big player of Pitfall and River Raid. I don't remember if we have the rights for this two games ?? From Activision. Thank you.
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