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  1. I have the picture of the black amigo on my Desktop at work. My boss came to see me, ans saw this picture. He ask me what's this console ? I explain and knew that he would love to have it. He have 4 childs ! He is in line for buying it. Near 200$ (Canadian Price) he says it's a bargain ! I am sure that most of my friends will do the same. We will surprise the world !! P.S. My boss tell me that he was a big player of Pitfall and River Raid. I don't remember if we have the rights for this two games ?? From Activision. Thank you.
  2. For me the logo is cool ! What I care most is games and Gameplay ! I have a challenge for those who don't really like the logo ... Make one and show it to us ! Tommy... can you disclose what was the 22 games at E3 ?
  3. For me : 1)Black 2) White 3) Purple 4)Red 5)Wood But pictures are not like the real thing, so I can change my mind when I will have them in front of me ! Tommy, let us know what's the top 5 colors at E3 !?
  4. Sure I am. But we should only see the new controller. Footage will be released in a video in July. Let's hope we will know more.
  5. Amico Tommy ... What can you tell me about Horse Racing ! I have just played it again last week, not sure if I will enjoy it like when I was a kid, and oh dear I dig in it again ! When I was a kid, I did not realize it was betting on horses. It was just something like trying to guess the winner ! Will it be a problem with rating for today standard ? E10+ maybe ? No betting at all ? I can't wait to see true color horses instead of purple and Pink ! Or not ? lol E3 is near, like the last yards on a horse race ! I wish you all success at E3.
  6. I have already said that I am very confident in you and your team. But I have one more thing to add ... You are a damn good seller ! lol What can we do while waiting for another 17 months ! It's endless !!!
  7. Starting at 9:35. They probably have made some changes when the live was finished. Sorry about that.
  8. Interview with our Tommy ! Starting at 32:30 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cj9Xyq21WA8 Can't wait !!! Thank you Tommy.
  9. I think it's Snafu, but with a new twist ! The winner will be the one crossing the other players the most ! lol And now, we can go in all directions instead of only 4 !!! lol
  10. Hi Tommy ! When your mission with the Amico Intellivision will be done and succesful, can you go at Ferrari and make them win ! lol I don't know what's happening, but I thought this year was THE YEAR ! :/ So, here are my last questions before E3, in less than 3 weeks from now !! I know you will not play all your cards, and you are very structured and well prepared, and it's perfect that way. But what can we expect from E3 (or a near future) about news for us fans ? a) Screen shot from games ? b) Some video gameplay ? c) Will we see the modified controllers ( Bigger buttons on the sides ) d) Will we know some of the developpers working for the Amico ? e) Will we know officialy some of the games lauching with the system ? f) others Thank you very much Tommy (and your team) for the beginning of this great adventure and for your hard work.
  11. Hi everyone who enjoy video games. Just to let you know that Sony and Microsoft just announced partnership for cloud based gaming ... WoW. So Sony made their move ! I tought they could be with Amazon, but they chose Microsoft. We are living right now the beginning of a revolution in video gaming with all these Giants coming in ! (Apple,Google, etc) Good decision Tommy to not competed against them on their playground ! lol And good choice to concentrate for now on multiplayer at home ! These are astronomical costs for online games. Maybe someday we will find our partner too !
  12. You are absolutely right ! One step at a time. It's really cool to see how you are keeping focus, with your objectives right in front. Let's make Intellivision Amico a reality ! E3 floor plan for Intellivision Entertainement OFMR 8700 (Concourse Hall) Is it only on appointment ? I know I said earlier "one step at a time" (lol), but next year at E3 do you plan to have a bigger stand in the West hall maybe ? I am asking because I want to have everyone hearing that Amico will be great with a lot of fun games ! You can be sure that if it look as fun as I imagine, beginning October 10th in 2020, I will do party with neighbors and my family, and let them try the Amico. I want to spread the news ! I want to let everyone try it, and then they can buy it if they like the fun it creates ! Thank you Intellivision Entertainement !
  13. For the third time I was listening "Intellivision Live Stream - Earthworm Jim" ! lol A "couch multiplayer" game, and most of the games will be made with this in mind. And I agree. Then I was thinking at one of my favorite times in the 90, playing Super Smash TV with a friend. Do you have this game or a game like this that will come to Intellivision Amico ? Controlling with the touch screen and aiming with the disc ! That will be great ! And is there a way to know after we subscribe to intellivisionentertainement that we can have the special console ?
  14. I am relieved ! By the way, did David Warhol and/or John Sohl are on your great team ? Have a nice day.
  15. Hi Mr_me and Swami. Yeah, can be confusing I agree. I am not aware how it works and who has rights for games ! Publisher, Developers, etc. I remembered playing games like Tutankham, Ladybug, mousetrap and Rocky at my friend house with his Colecovision. But some of them were also on Intellivision and/or Atari but didn't know that. So I was talking mostly for games. If it was on Intellivision, probably they can let us play the original game, but I don't know if they need rights to remade them !? Same thing with Pitfall. That was an Activision game, so probably they have to agree something with them !? Thank you.
  16. Thank you Amico Tommy to reply to each one of us. For us fans,It's like if E3 would be in 6 months ! We are hyped ! But for you and your team, it's probably like it will be tomorrow and you are hard at work and don't want to forget anything and want to be prepared well ! Like I said in an earlier post, I can not wait ! So I am digging and digging to find any new information possible ! lol But instead what I am founding is old ! 1- I have found footage from 2013 and 2015 for a new astrosmash and a new Shark Shark ( Gen2 ) create by David Warhol if I remember well. Are these the same 2 games that will be on the Amico console? 2- Can you tell us some more games that will be available at launch ? Your Moon Patrol maybe ? I am looking forward to play it ! 3- Are you working to have Colecovision rights to produce game ? (If you can tell us) 4- Will one or more of these game can be made on the Amico ? Tutankham, Pitfall, Ladybug, mousetrap ? Thanks.
  17. Hi again Tommy ! Now I think I saw everything there was to know about your new project. (What's public). And I saw other things too that help me understand why some people are sceptical. ( Ouya, Coleco Chameleon, Atari VCS ). It made me nervous only about 5 minutes, but I am extremely confident and positive about your company and the Amico. And you are the guy that can bring it to reality with your team. Questions 1) You said 6 months ago that developers kits will be shipped next summer ( so probably this summer in 2019 ). If a game can take beetween 6 and 12 months ( With exception like Earthworm Jim and triple A games ) so we should have no problems to have some games at launch. So here's the question : Did your team have begin to work on some new games, not just writing, concept or idea ? 2) You said that a new console need to have THE GAME that will help sell the system. Earthworm Jim will not be ready for launch. Do you have THE GAME that will help attract people at launch ? 3) One problem in the 80's (for me) was that sports game could be only played with another human. I know we want to found the same satisfaction as before, playind with real people in the same room, but will it be possible to play against AI if someday I am alone and that I want to play Baseball ? 4) I have never played Shark Shark, but I looked at some video, and that was a game with a good idea. I know that it will be one of the game "reimagined", so with this exemple, what can you tell us ? Will it only be new graphics and sound, with the fish only able to move within the limits of the screen, or will it be bigger ? Screen scrolling up and down, right and left, etc. ? 5) Will you translate games in french. Don't be shy if it's not, I just want to know. I will buy your console anyway. (I have said to my 7 year old boy that he absolutely need to learn english if he wants to enjoy even more things in life ! lol ) 6) Will it be possible to see your conference on youtube this June ? Long live to Intellivision Entertainement, old and new fans, and Blue Sky Rangers ... Thank you Tommy Tallarico.
  18. Hi Tommy ! I am really happy, like a dream becoming true. Or like if I had a chance to visit the past, and play again games of my childhood. No, it's like if all of you took a time jump in the future, and saying, wow, we had those great idea, and now we can do it in 2020 ! I am a french Canadien (So that can explain my so so english ! ), living near Montreal, 47 years old. Back in the days, my friends had Atari 2600. I was often at their home, playing Moon Patrol, Robot Tank, Lost of the last ark, and trying to figure out what to do with E.T. lol My favorite game on this system was pitfall. I was writing a map on paper, that was cool. And one day, I had an Intellivision II. The look of it was great (another friend had the first one, he was a great fan of football, and we we're playing only this great NFL Football game ! Our quarter back throwing the ball directly on the line so the other player could not see where the ball were ! lol) But at home, I played Horse Racing, Lock`n Chase, Astrosmash, Microsurgeon, Sea Battle, sub hunt, Utopia, Sword and serpents ( I was blocked somewhere for eternity and never find out what to do ! lol ), Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Tennis, Snafu ... Memories ... A week ago I found on the net that Intellivision was alive more than ever ! I Could not believe it. Everything for now is looking perfect. ( Looking forward at E3 for pictures and Video ) Having some of those games with a new look. Playing some of them with my 7 year old child. Share with him the excitement ! And if all what you are saying become true, fun, playability, etc, I will show it to friends and familly. So if they like it, they could buy it. Please, let this dream becoming true. I am a buyer, and each day I am looking to see if you have more info. (Great for Earthworm Jim). Really cool your Idea to let the floor for everyone, 7-10 days when a new game is released. So Everybody can talk about it. And at 10$, It will be possible for me to buy all your new (or remade) games. And thank you Tommy for this Forum. Working 18 hours a day, and spending some time with us is really appreciate. Some questions now : 1- Games that will be remade, will they have some cinematics ? For exmaple, in Lock n chase, I think we are a sort of thief. So can we have some scene at the beginning, between some stage, etc, or is it only better graphics and sound ? Same thing for Microsurgeon, we see a patient at hospital, in Astrosmash a vessel when completing a stage going on another planet, or things like that !? 2- I know that at that time there was not much text or voice, but I am hoping you will now add that to remade games ? And if yes, it will probably not be a lot, so do you think at having games in french ? Can you tell us what your team means by remade ? Maybe an exemple ? 3- Did all the old intellivision game (not remade) will be available at launch ? At what price ? That's all the questions for now. I know some other questions can probably be answered only at E3, because there's a lot of secret right now ! Looking forward for how all these games will be played with this controller. Same thing for physical release and what will be so special about it ! THANKS !! And please, take cake and take some time to sleep ! lol
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