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  1. With the latest interview from Tommy, could be later than that ! 😪 I think he said "Summer, Late Summer". September could be a possibility ! Damn Covid !
  2. That's 9 years old ... There's probably something better and user friendly now ? 🤔
  3. Hi Tommy. I was listening an interview that you did almost 3 years ago. If possible, I would like to have an update about two things you talked about, just so I can know if they are still planned or if it was rejected. 1) An "Organic Hardware", named this way by David Perry and you. Is it still the way you created it ? 2) You hope that someday, everyone could make a game on Amico, even a 10 year old child. Is it still a goal ? Thank you Tommy.
  4. But if I remember well, you can bring your controller and play at a friend's house !? If the answer is yes, then you can play on another console ! ?? 🤔
  5. Oooh, giving an extra level to physical owners might upset players who miss out on the physical run. I am thinking like Battlefish. Also I remember when Tommy said ( a long time ago it's true ... ) that Amico will not have DLC, Special Edition, Gold Edition, Extra Deluxe Extreme Edition, etc. So I think it will be a bad idea. Those wanting a physical Astrosmash can buy one, but nothing including new feature on the game should be add ! You can give cd soundtrack, artistic drawing, a cookie in the shape of a space vessel, asteroid-shaped gums, but not more gameplay value. I already imagine some critics saying : "There's a cool new level for Astrosmash, but it's not included with the game included with the system !!! 😮 You have to pay extra bucks for a physical thing that the target audience for Amico don't care ! Intellivision Entertainment said they don't do things like Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, but they are now doing the same thing !" So please, no. Thank you. 😊
  6. Tommy, about Astrosmash gameplay : Is the speed at which the spaceship moves from left to right final? My first impression is that I would make it move just a little faster. It covers less ground than I expected. I was also wondering if the difference between the different vessels is only aesthetic? (Or they have different speed, weapons, etc ?) The game looks amazing. Visuals, Sounds, Musics, Bosses, coop mode, everything look smooth ! It's one of the game I am looking forward with Night Stalker and Moon Patrol at launch ! Thank you.
  7. Great video for Astrosmash. But I was really curious to freeze the screen when they were choosing the game ... Colossal Crash seems to be the new name for the game Side Swippers. We have Dolphin Quest, Flying Circus, Back Tack Party, Snafoo and Safe Cracker ( I am happy to see it's still there. ) On the second screen, from the ACTION menu : First we saw at the top of the screen, from the previous Menu (Sports) : Darts ! That's cool ! We also have soccer ! And lower on the screen we have Auto Racing, Cats with Swords, Centipede, Fox & Forest and Earthworm Jim ! So that are some titles that I was really happy to see ! Thank you Tommy and John and Happy New Year !
  8. Happy New Year to everyone, and a special one for Tommy Tallarico that started this thread ! Thank you for everything. I also have a question. Covid is desastrous for hardware advancement. But what about software ? Do you think EWJ 4 can still be launch for december 2021 ?
  9. Probably the last request of the year from Intellivision Master ! But we never know for sure ! lol Happy New Year Intellivision Master !
  10. Yes I know, you are too fast ! lol Exactly 30 seconds after my message I edit it, and it was still too late ! lol 😄
  11. And have we had an respond from Tommy about a possibility for Amico ? Or maybe we can't talk about it because someone already have ? 🤔 Or lastly, maybe you were happy that someone else thought of a game someone talked about earlier this year ? Maybe it's my poor understanding of English, I am not sure what your message means ? 🤪 It's hard for us to talk about a game that you or someone else haven't mentioned this year! lol 😄
  12. Thank you ! This Christmas, instead of having Amico under the tree, because of covid we received a PS5 from Santa Claus ! If we are lucky, we will have Amico in April just in time for my son's birthday ! 😀
  13. It's in one of these catalogs that someday, I read something like this :"Embark on a big adventure to save the world ... " etc. It was calling me, and I go at the store, and bought my first RPG game ! 😀 At that time, graphics and sound was really bad (retro ! lol ) almost everything was imagined in my head for more fun ! It was a cool time ! 😊 The game was ...
  14. Tommy, I was wondering if you can give us some update about Asteroids. Did you ask the developer to priorize another game ? Did Atari is not letting you have the game after all ? Etc. Thank you.
  15. I don't think it's possible for this particular game. Each player needs to have is own perspective, so it's better for online play. We would need to see all the course in one screen on Amico !? Same thing for those asking for "AMONG US". I was curious about this game yesterday, and I looked someone played. It's not possible to have a game like this in couch multiplayer, because when one members is killed, the MIC is turned off, he can't be part of the discussion when people are trying to guess who killed the player. From what I have seen, when the youtuber playing the game was killed, he was listening, he was so tempted to tell that they were wrong and would have easily said who killed him if he was in the same room. The idea is excellent, but the game would need to be different when playing with people in the same room. But maybe I am wrong. I must have more faith in Humatiny ! lol
  16. Great ! And when us simple mortals, can we expect to see this ? lol
  17. Ok ! Also (from the first review of VCS) they are not looking at the same demographic ! Just the PDF email all backers received is really complicated ! lol
  18. Yeah I saw that. A little disappointing for now. Maybe he received it too early and the store is not ready yet ! lol I was surprised to see some led lights on the controller when moving the joystick. Does anyone knows if it was planned from the beginning, or if they took an Intellivision's Idea !? lol
  19. Tommy, I know most of Amico games will be easy to learn, but will we have booklets with physical games ? That's something that I am missing these days with video gaming ! Some screen shot, characters illustrations, drawings, etc. That would be so cool. A game like Cloudy Mountain should have one for sure. 😀
  20. Thanks for sharing. I watch some of the video. From what I saw, it looks great. I like the sound effects, they're are really neat. I never heard of this game before. This one definitely needs to be on Amico. Make it happen Tommy. Intellivision Master ... Sorry to interrupt... 🤔 Don't forget, Tommy allowed you one proposition per day ! 😁 If not, I fear I will become crazy before having a chance playing Amico ! 🤪 lol
  21. This is one of the games I played the most at my friend's house with Pitfall and Raiders of the Lost Ark on the Atari 2600 ! 😃
  22. I am also preparing for this eventuality. 😪 Great, thank you Tommy. Here in Quebec, we can't go see anyone for Christmas. It's hard for everyone on this planet, and I understand that it's something not in your control. But I am really really happy and excited to see that you will try to ship the founders edition even if the launch date could potentially be postponed a few weeks or months later ! (if I understand well !) That's awesome value for those who believe in you right from the start, and I think it will also be great for Intellivision because word of mouth will spread quickly and create anticipation before the product is released. In my opinion, the worst of the pandemic will be behind us, and it will already be possible to give Amico a try to our friends and family. Additionally, many YouTubers will post videos online, and talk about their experience. A huge thank you for thinking of us ! P.S. A question that maybe some people could also ask. Let say the new launch date could be June 1st, would you also try to send the VIP Editions before the official released date ?
  23. Great ! Next time I will spell the game EWJ ! This way I will not forget to put an H ! (Earthworm Jim !) Sorry about that ! 😅
  24. I was looking "The Game Awards" tonight ! Then, I visualize myself next year, in december 2021. There is one game from Amico that could steal the show ! World Premiere : Eartworm Jim ! Only for Amico ! After the footage, Tommy with a two minutes explaining what's Amico. Then, the next day, a lots of hardcore gamers buying an Amico, because Eartworm Jim is coming the following week ! Wouldn't that be something ? 😃
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