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  1. Gonna add my list as well, why not. 1. I don't really care for Pokémon either, although I'm not old (however, how old is too old for Pokémon? I'm 21). The universe just does nothing for me, it doesn't appeal me at all; 2. Luigi's Mansion 3 - for me one of the highlights of the Direct. Absolutely loved everything about this game, the spooky hotel, the exploration, combat with ghosts, different "weapons" to tackle different kinds of ghost. Awesome stuff; 3. Never played Link's Awakening. I'm really liking the art style in this reboot, so cute!! Combat and exploration look fun. Creating dungeons sounds really cool, hope we could share designs with friends; 4. Marvel Ultimate Alliance: The Black Order. I've been warming up to this title. With every new video I watch of this, the more I actually think I'll have plenty of fun with this game, and want to try it with friends who are into Marvel super heroes. 5. Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Not gonna buy it. The in-game graphics looked absolutely horrendous the first time we saw it, ever since I don't think we've seen anything that has really excited me, even though I too enjoy tactical RPGs. Even now, the game coming out in 2 months, in the Direct they only showed anime cutscenes, no gameplay. Don't really know if they are showing gameplay at Treehouse? 6. Really enjoyed what I saw. I like the setting and the crafting/survival elements. The graphics are way better now, and hopefully even better next year! 7. Astral Chain. Saw raw gameplay in the Treehouse and actually thought it looked boring. Need to see more about that. 8. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Bought the game at launch, played it a bunch. Banjo was a fucking awesome surprise, but I don't think I'm purchasing the DLC. Banjo in Smash is awesome because of what it represents. 9. BotW sequel completely hit me by surprise. Was not expecting that at all. Looks interesting, wonder if the story is gonna be too similar as the last one. My personal highlight of the Direct: Luigi's Mansion 3, baby. Enviado do meu SM-N960F através do Tapatalk
  2. Watching some co-op gameplay and it looks so fun! So many characters too! Enviado do meu SM-N960F através do Tapatalk
  3. Tons of stuff I'm excited for! Luigi's Mansion 3, Link's Awakening and Animal Crossing were the ones I was most expecting to see more of, and I got exactly that! Banjo in Smash was such a surprise, and then BAM, sequel to BotW!! Enviado do meu SM-N960F através do Tapatalk
  4. Woah, the first truly next-gen console Enviado do meu SM-N960F através do Tapatalk
  5. I think the feature is already there, they just lock it behind a YouTube Red subscription. I use Netflix and HBO to download shows, LINE Webtoon to download cartoons, and I read offline a newspaper from my country with their app, called Jornal Expresso. Enviado do meu SM-N960F através do Tapatalk
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