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  1. Hi @Wally1; Thanks for your tip. I took a look into that book and it's very cool and it has great stuff I have made a little and simple shoot'm'up for Amiga, PC Windows and ZX Spectrum (http://sardonic.planetaclix.pt) and now I'm trying to convert it to Atari using Pure PC and GODLib library. GODLib is very good but it's very vast and sometimes can be very dificult to understand. By the way, the formula is correct but the width of the sprites must be always a multiple of 16. The height can be what we want. Cheers, José Mário Machado a.k.a MadAxe
  2. Hi guys, greetings to everyone; I am doing some tests in Pure C and GODLib and I need some help in sprite creation: lpSprite = Sprite_Create(&gpPicture->Pixels[ 0 ], &gpPicture->Pixels[ 0 ], 16, 16, 4, 0 ); What is the exact formula to use Pixels[0]? I have tried (x+y*320)/4 but sometimes it doesn't work. Maybe x must to be a multiple of 16? The size of the sprites must be always 16x16 (or multiple of 16) or is it possible to have other sizes like 1x8 or 24x16? Thanks in advance, José Mário Machado a.k.a. MadAxe.
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