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  1. I have been busy lately, sadly no time for Atari.... this might not change in the next weeks unfortunately... (rescuebrigade 'eats' my time at the moment.)
  2. SUCCESS!! I reseated the largest chips, and now my A800XL boots from the 1050 drive... Now up to test the XF551.. A happy camper here!
  3. Dip switches are in order... Think I need to reseat the chips in their socket. Some dirt might have collected in the sockets over the 20+ years of (questionable) storage
  4. Received the 2 primary parts of an SDrive-MAX, put them together and flashed the HEX files. (v1.1) Seems to work nicely. Now get my hands on a spare SIO-cable and a 5V PSU. (Also read somewhere a pin of the Atmel needs to be pulled loose?? Why anyone?)
  5. I agree with you... with (old!) chips, you can never be to carefull lifting them out of any socket. Better safe than sorry is my motto. Also using small screwdrivers can damage the socket and/or ant traces underneath if you're not careful enough.
  6. Haha.. if you have the right tools, use it wisely... (I know a small screwdriver works also, but it also can ruin a chip at its legs)
  7. Okay... I got my hands on an Atari 1050 drive from Germany, but is shows the same issue as the XF551. have to look into the 800XL instead I guess... Already saw that all the chips are socketed. Might pull them out one-by-one and reseat them. (have to find my IC-pulling tools somewhere in the moving-boxes...)
  8. Keep away from LED!!! It can (and most likely) interfere with RF signals such as WiFi, Cell-phone etc. even merchant shipping is moving away from LED-lighting.
  9. @Philsan I am a returning user (wrote a drawing program once in TurboBasic) and knew a lot about the 800XL, some of that knowledge is still there, the rest is vanishes to be sought back.. Idea for name-change: 'Topic for newbies and returnees'.
  10. I have ordered parts for the SDrive-MAX, will see how it turns out. Will try to clean the head in the future, of if required resolder the joints on the PCB. But firstly re-install my hobby-room and find my solder-iron. My A800XL has been stored for over 25 years in boxes, so also some corrosion ('rust') might have developed on the heads also, if possible...
  11. @Mathy I am not into meetings (yet), also I do not own a car to drive to one. For now I also to busy with other way more important things. @Sugarland: thanks, found that also. But hat is for future 'to do', might clean the heads first today to see if the disks reads now.
  12. Hi Mathy, I am from the opposite part of the Netherlands, from Emmen (Drenthe)
  13. TNX skr, I found that list this week, looks good and not to expensive.
  14. Looks very interesting... Any chance the SDrive-MAX is somewhere available as a kit?? (No experience with Arduino here)
  15. Thanks TGB1718, Thinking of getting an 130xe also, but first try to get my XF551 working again. The SDrive-MAX looks interesting, so does de SIO2SD, however the guy in Poland asks pretty high postage price keeping me from buying (for now)
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