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  1. This one is still available for several more days, as the final TI system I put up for auction
  2. I don't require your validation or a lesson on etiquette. I'm comfortable with my choice to make one post in the TI-99/4a specific thread, even if you say you're not. The other posts you're referring to were in the Atari for-sale forum where it's bound to get lost in the noise. The solution is to make a TI for sale, not to have one mega forum for everything TI related and say what not to talk about. Having used the 99/4a systems for 35 years I posted the types of items I know would be of usefulness to the types of people that are really into it, but don't necessarily check ebay all the time. This isn't someone making a dozen posts for "munchman" cartridges. Frankly if I cannot post what I want when I want, within reason, and not determined by you, why would I want to be a part of the forum? I'm getting rid of some great gear as I don't have time for retro computing anymore. If you see it as more of an annoyance than a help that someone offers this to people without jacking the price up on something like a PCode card, then that is your problem, not mine.
  3. I agree, a creatively painted PEB with a Wumpus image would have been much better! Sadly, my budget doesn't allow me to hire an art director and creative staff to sell one machine. And believe me, no one wants to pay for anything I drew. The owner that sold the system to me ten years ago had the disk drives creatively mounted, with a thick piece of cardboard crammed in the middle to keep them from moving! Perhaps I should have left it in there but it looked so hideous. I think someone could fab something with a CNC or 3D printer. Yes, it has Hunt the Wumpus and Tunnels of Doom, that certainly does make it my custom "World of Wumpus Edition." Imagine a world in which TI produced custom consoles like Playstation and Microsoft do, this is what they would have marketed I bet! As for the bold claim of "One of a kind", you really are not going to find a complete package very often or ever anymore that includes all of the necessary hardware and utility cartridges, as well as PEB expansion box and most importantly the PEB cards all in one auction. PEB with 32k, flex interface card and controller, and disk controller, and disk drive are a bare minimum. Even TI Extended Basic is required to run 99% of the reasonably good disk software out there. So all of it's here in this system, just add the software you want. You'll spend a lot of time and LOT more money than what this auction is currently at to get all of that. Plus I threw in joystick and navarone cartridge expander which could easily fetch $50 or more each. Similarly for the individual cards. I could have split all of this out into separate components and gotten more money for it but I kind of hope someone ends up with it that wants a full system and appreciates what they're getting.
  4. If you're in the market for a complete TI System (computer, PEB, RAM expansion, disk, TI Extended BASIC, etc) you'll definitely want to consider this auction featuring a TI-99/4a powered by a 16-bit Wumpus Core Processing Engine (aka TMS9900), developed in Texas, USA. This machine has been carefully curated to exacting standards and is the only one I've ever seen like it, or at least that's the bold claim I'm making in this age of hyperbole: https://www.ebay.com/itm/TI-99-4a-Complete-System-World-Of-Wumpus-Edition-Peripheral-Expansion-Box-Incl/283492623076 Programmers out there will drool over this auction of not only Editor/Assembler but a PCode System with PASCAL. https://www.ebay.com/itm/TI-99-4a-Editor-Assembler-PCode-Card-Bundle/283488949280 I have posted this in the for-sale area, where TI enthusiasts haven't thought to visit for the better part of a decade. Cheers, appreciate the consideration, and good luck bidding!
  5. Please consider placing a bid for a TI-99/4a computer system including everything you need to get started in the world of vintage TI gaming, programming and general use. It includes Peripheral Expansion Box, memory expansion, and disk. Plus TI Extended BASIC, Disk Controller 2 cartridges, joysticks, and games including everyone's favorite title: Hunt The Wumpus. It's a one of a kind custom package. https://www.ebay.com/itm/TI-99-4a-Complete-System-World-Of-Wumpus-Edition-Peripheral-Expansion-Box-Incl/283492623076?hash=item42017a22e4:g:fb8AAOSwu1pc5L64
  6. Less than 24 hours left on this very complete TI-99/4a system which includes the PEB, disk drive, and 32K memory expansion card, and RS232: https://www.ebay.com/itm/TI-99-4A-Computer-Peripheral-Expansion-Box-Cards-Utility-Cartridges-Disk-Speech/283482581241?hash=item4200e0e8f9:g:poYAAOSwMHxc2FiE Editor Assembler and PCode (Pascal) Hardware and Software Bundle. You'll probably never see these two items ever listed together again, for a low starting bid of $59 with no reserve. https://www.ebay.com/itm/TI-99-4a-Editor-Assembler-PCode-Card-Bundle/283488949280?hash=item4201421420:g:0qEAAOSw29Rc4AYe
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