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  1. After months of wanting one, I finally got my Harmony Cartridge the other day. I spent hours renaming ROMs and sorting them into folders, got my SD Card ready, and put it all together. I was psyched! I had a non-working copy of Defender to use as a doner cart for the cartridge casing. So, I ordered the bare bones circuit board option. I was pleasantly surprised to find it came with a sticker! I took Defender apart, and promptly misplaced the screw. Then, I set to work cutting a space for the USB port and Card slot to stick through. However, due to not being able to find assembly instructions anywhere, my idiot self assembled it backwards! I plugged it into my Vader, and OhNo, nothing but Garbage Graphics! I knew something was wrong, and started looking for what I might have done wrong. After comparing my work to several photographs, it became apparent to me that I had my holebon the opposite side as everyone else. I disassembled the cartridge once again. Being lazy, and anxious to play some games, I used the Dust Guard to hold open the cartridge slotnon the Atari, and put the board directly into the connector. Started up, and worked like a charm! Been enjoying games ever since. Wonderful product! I'm very pleased with my ability to play all my old favorites, try out some new games I never had a chance to play, and give the newerly released homebrew I've been hearing about so long a try. Princess Rescue is a trip! I've had a few issues though. Maybe you guys could help me. I can't get this thing to work with my paddle controllers. I have a hunch the may be broken. Before, I didn't have any paddle games to test them with. Is there something special you need to do to make it work with paddles? I also tried a 6-button Sega Genesis controller with no lick. The manual says to hold B, but that doesn't seem to work for me. Without holding be, it continuously scrolls through the directory. After hitting B, it freezes, and I'm unable to navigate the menus at all. Can anyone help me with this issue? I usually play with an Atari 7800 Pro Controller Joystick. It works superbly, if a little jittery on the menu. Alas, my grown-up hands are too big for the standard Atari Joysticks I loved as a kid. I haven't tried my keypad controllers yet. Any known issues? What recommendations do you guys have for sorting ROMs? I was at it for hours, and ended up with a poorly organized mess. I ended up putting most of the ROMs I'm lettered folders, alphabetically. There are so many! And most of them, I'm unfamiliar with and don't know how to catagorise them. My system needs a complete overhaul! Finally, what homebrew recommendations do you guys have? O the same subject, where can I find things like NTSC conversions, tape games converted to cart format, and such like that? Thank you all for running such an awesome site! This is my first ever post, but I've been lurking for years. I love old school gaming, and this is a prime example of a website on that topic. I hope to meet some freinds with common interests! See ya!
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