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  1. My Mac 512k turned out to be a 512k upgraded to be a 512ke, and I ended up paying $45 instead of $125 because the bezel was cracked during shipping.

  2. I ordered a USB to Serial converter to use to transfer files between my modern laptop and my Tandy 200 a week ago on eBay, and the seller hasn't shipped it yet. It was supposed to be delivered by April 4th, but it hasn't left the seller's warehouse yet. I can't cancel my order as the seller already printed the shipping label, and I don't want to return it because I'll have to pay a $3 return fee on a $5 item. I tried to contact the seller multiple times and got no replies. Just gave him some negative feedback.

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    2. bluejay


      The thing is, I don't have any way to cancel the order.

      Also, I do have a null modem cable. I'm using(or at least planning to use) a db25 to db9 null modem cable, then would use a db9 to usb converter since my laptop doesn't have a serial port.

    3. Turbo-Torch


      That should work perfect.  Many don't realize they need a null cable or adapter.  As I'm typing this, my Model III is hooked to my desktop using the 25 pin ribbon cable, 25 to 9 adapter, null modem adapter and then the USB to serial.  It works flawless.  It also works perfect with my Atari 130XE SIO2PC adapter and APE software. No longer need to drag out the old PC with real RS232 ports.

    4. bluejay


      I try to do my research before doing stuff. Mostly back in the day when I wanted the Apple II Super Serial Card to use ADTpro(which I will be using the cables for in the future if I ever get a SSC) but anyways, that's only if the seller ever decides to ship the serial to usb adapter:)

  3. I dunno why, I just want a 1200 baud modem for my Tandy 200. Being a millennial, I have no clue on modem compatibility between computers, and what modems are good and what aren't. Can I use any 1200 baud modem with a db25 cable to connect to my 200? What are good(preferably an auto-answering one) 1200 baud modems that aren't expensive for my 200? Hayes is pretty much the only 3rd party modem company that seems legit that I know of, so I thought I'd buy a cheap Hayes Personal Modem 1200. Has anyone used this particular modem bitd? Thanks in advance:)
  4. I'd rather use a chiclet keyboard than an overly clunky keyboard.(PCjr over Macintosh)

  5. Bratwurst sent me a few 5200 controller port cables for free, and I can finally finish building my 5200 controller thanks to him. Real awesome guy!
  6. Not exactly thrift finds, but I do have some stuff that I got/planning on getting when I visit again from relatives' and friends' attics and garages. There's the Playstation(With 1 blue controller) and N64(Watermelon, with 3 controllers and a few games). Another is an Amiga 3000 I found at my dad's friend's garage, sitting there yellowed and collecting dust. Back when I first saw it, I wasn't familiar with Amigas, so I thought it was some random 90s computer. Apparently, the guy worked for Amiga back in the day, so he probably has more stuff. Next time I visit him, I'm definately offering $50 for all the Amiga/Commodore stuff he has:)
  7. Thanks for your opinions. Maybe I'll do some more if this turns out popular!
  8. Yeah, the late 20th century is when technology started jumping a lot. In 1992, the Commodore PET was an outdated heap of junk that was completely useless. The Atari 2600 was also way to old but somehow still being produced. Now, a mid 2000s IBM Thinkpad can pretty much run Windows 10 and do stuff(albeit it would be pretty slow, but it's a very subtle difference compared to the Commodore PET and the Amiga 4000), and Gran Turismo 5 doesn't look much different from Gran Turismo 6. I think computer evolution is getting slower and slower as it becomes closer and closer to reality. It's like a parabola. The delta gets more and more subtle as the graph goes on, until it gets to the point where it's so close to reality but not quite there yet.
  9. I'd take your Vectrex for $50 if you aren't using it! I'm probably selling my Super Famicom and Sears 2600 since I have a Super Nintendo and the SFC is a lot cheaper in Japan and Korea, and I also have a heavy sixer and a CV EM1, so I have no use for my Sears 2600. I *might* also sell my broken TRS-80 Model 100 if I keep failing on fixing it, and buy a 102 or 100 for cheap.
  10. I have every single one of my video game controllers and cartridges laid on my room floor, and I can barely walk now without stepping on something.

  11. I can't believe someone chucked a Virtual Boy at Goodwill! Anyways here's the link if you're interested.
  12. Mavica also claimed, in case anyone was wondering:)
  13. There have been much of this absurdity on eBay recently. https://www.ebay.com/itm/RETRO-SONY-PLAYSTATION-2-SCPH-30001-CONSOLE-/192632483857?_trksid=p2385738.m4383.l4275.c10
  14. How come Model 100 LCDs are so expensive?

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    2. bluejay


      Do try it! You will absolutely fall in love it with it all over again:)

      But if you want to do more stuff on a T series laptop, I suggest you get a 102 or 200, since they have a better keyboard, unlike the clunky 100 one. I personally love my Tandy 200 because of its keyboard and massive LCD, but I'm not a fan of it's memory banking and some incompatible software with the 100/102.

    3. doctorclu


      So what was the advantage of the 200 aside from bigger screen?

    4. bluejay


      102s and 200s have a better keyboard than the model 100, and the 200 has a DTMF modem compared to the pulse dialing modem of the 100 and the 102. Also, the stock 200 has 3 times the RAM of the model 100. The function key layout of the 102 and 200 is different than the 100. Some people think it's better but personally, I don't think it makes much of a difference. However, the 100 and 102's cursor keys are like the Apple //e's, which means they are laid out right in a straight line, not a reverse T, and they're also clicky buttons opposed to the 200's t shaped, real keyboard key cursor keys. The 200 also has MS Multiplan in ROM, while the other two doesn't. And the 200 is just way more good looking than the 100:)

      But keep in mind that there's also a list of disadvantages as well.

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