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  1. I've found that WAVPRG doesn't work and I don't recall it supporting PET tapes, but I suppose it's worth a try. You could also just put the tape in a regular tape recorder and record a simple WAV of the entire tape and upload it here. One of us could record that WAV file back onto a tape and load it into a PET, then use an SD card device to save the program. Or if you have a PET, you could do that yourself. Bitfixer's PETdisk MAX is a cheaper alternative to the SD2PET, coming in at $45, and although I don't have an SD2PET, my PETdisk MAX has been excellent so far.
  2. No, IIGS has the mini DIN-8 plugs like Macs. That's why the OP was asking about a cable to connect it to a computer with DB9 serial ports. I think there are cables out there that has DB9 on one side and mini DIN-8 on the other, but I'd just wire my own to be safe.
  3. Wasn’t trying to be hostile, just statin’ the facts, or at least, my understanding of it.
  4. Tomb Raider on PlayStation and on Gameboy Color. At least Lara still has her boobs.
  5. Or you could be the minority, as I see a lot of activity in the feedback forum. But really, nobody is obliged to give you feedback, and it isn't considered rude not to do so. I've dealt with people on Atariage a fair amount of times and I have no feedback thread. Granted, I'm neither someone you'd want to give good feedback nor naughty enough to receive negative feedback, but either way, I have no problem with people not caring to give me feedback. If you do, then, well, I dunno what to tell ya. The best you can do is give the other guy positive feedback and hope he does the same.
  6. Plenty of people use the feedback forum. Most of the time it seems to be buyers giving feedback to sellers though?
  7. Yep, mine are flat headed screws too. 5 of them. I believe they started to use those weird star shaped security screws on the three screw cartridges. It’s really funny how all sorts of games are suffering from dead save batteries these days and some of the oldest batteries are somehow still alive.
  8. I opened up my Zelda 1 cart to confirm that it was the original battery that was still working inside the cartridge after all these years after a short discussion about save batteries. I noticed that the dates on the chips were pretty early. The latest one of those that I could identify was 8731, the 31st week of 1987. Neat. After some googling, I found that the 31st week of 1987 was between July 27th and August 2nd. Zelda was released in North America in August 22nd, 1987, a whole 20 days after the newest chip on this cartridge left the factory. So… this is a very early cartridge, isn’t it? The battery says 87-07, so that probably means it was made in July 1987. Must be one of the oldest batteries ever used in a video game cartridge. And it’s still working! I just find that really cool.
  9. An old intercom system at my grandma’s. It can be used to call to and from units in the apartment complex and displays live footage from the camera mounted outside the front door when the doorbell is rung so you can see who it is. Peak late 80s Korean technology. 


  10. This post has to be the most necrobumped post on AA
  11. If knockoffs are just as good as legit ones, I have no problem saying that they are. Besides, he was looking to buy a used one regardless. Krikzz isn’t making any money either way. I’ve had mine for what, three months? Had no problem so far with anything. I suppose we’ll have to see what happens in the future. If a voltage regulator does go wrong, it’ll be trivial to find a replacement and fix.
  12. If you’re worried about Chinese knockoffs not working right, worry not. Perhaps this won’t really convince you, but I’ve bought a few Chinese knockoff everdrives and they work flawlessly. If you’re looking to save money clones are the way to go.
  13. @wierd_w I found those sites and schematics while researching on my own, but thought they wouldn’t be much use because they said 8296 on them. They’re completely different from 40xx PETs, aren’t they? I was thinking of building something a lot cooler than just a RAM expansion; a 65816 accelerator card or a Z80 card. I know the former has been done before using the CPU socket, but I wanted to know if the pin headers could be of much use.
  14. Yeah, the program doesn’t want to run on Apple’s 68k emulator for PPC. It didn’t work correctly on my Powermac G4 as I mentioned, and someone else confirmed that it didn’t work on his beige G3. Would be really cool to see it on a LC475. It’s got something like a 40MHz 040 right? Would probably perform as well as a real Apple II.
  15. Successfully softmodded my Switch. It was a much more difficult and frustrating process than modding my Wii U, but I eventually got it done. My large supply of jumper wires certainly helped. 

    1. DragonGrafx-16


      Nintendo gon ban you

    2. bluejay


      Not if I take precautions, no. I don’t play anything online (mainly because I don’t have NSO but also because I’m pretty much only into single player stuff) and I’m not installing any further system updates (this one not because I’m worried about a ban but because newer OSes aren’t supported by CFWs yet). I have updated games (both legitimate and pirated ones) and saw no issues. 

    3. bluejay


      Welp, I’ve accidentally hit the update button (it’s not a difficult thing to do; the update screen pops up every time you open anything) and it’s updated to 13.0.0. Atmosphere doesn’t support 13.0.0, and nothing works now. I guess I’ll wait until the next version of Atmosphete is out. 

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