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  1. http://users.digitalindigo.net/techno/coco2.html Here's a good resource on CoCo RAM upgrades.
  2. I'm not finding Quake quite as fun as I found Doom to be when I first played it. Maybe I'm getting tired of first person shooters for the moment.


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. bluejay


      You can play Quake with a keyboard. That's what I'm playing with.

    3. GoldLeader


      I think OUTLAW was the first Person Shooter!

    4. IntelliMission


      I played with a keyboard too more than 20 years ago, but I believe it was supposed to be played with a mouse. Which would explain my struggling with the PgUp and PgDn keys to look up and down. Only saving every 30 seconds allowed me to finish the game.

  3. Depends. If a data pin on the bad ram chip is for some reason conflicting with the same pin on the good ram chip, who knows what shenanigans it might cause.
  4. Depends. If a program occupies the bad part of the RAM it won't work; doesn't matter how big a program is. You could try writing your own simple BASIC program, saving, and loading, I suppose. But you're best off testing the RAM.
  5. I don't know the C64 that well, but the PLA does the bank switching. Perhaps a bad PLA might cause a certain bank of RAM to stay deactivated? Unsure how a fastload cart might fix the issue though.
  6. Color computer archive is a good resource to find coco software. CoCoSDC is an SD cart for the coco, from what I know it emulates both cartridge and floppy disk. You’re best off getting an original Deluxe joystick from Tandy. The cheap standard sticks are one of the worst in history. How much RAM does it have? If it’s any less than 64k, look into upgrading it. There are resources online that will guide you in detail. Congrats on getting the coco! It’s a very fun computer to play with
  7. I probably have a 1A power supply I can use somewhere. I don’t have a VGA monitor to use at this very moment so it’ll have to wait a couple weeks. I’ll take a look at that data sheet though, thanks!
  8. https://www.ebay.com/itm/203264065490 “one of a kind”. Do I see two of them in that photo or am I going crazy? Also: I wonder what kind of person would buy a 35 year old printer for what it retailed for when it was brand new.
  9. Oh, it isn’t necessary, but I wanted to have its data sheet so I can figure out what all the jumpers do and why it isn’t making the computer function when it’s plugged in. Although from the symptoms and the given information, I’m about 95% sure the power supply can’t handle the load, as the computer itself needs 720mA, and the power supply is 700mA.
  10. So, I fucked up. Accidentally snapped the tip of the little glass thing on the back of the CRT in my Mac SE. I assume it's irreparable. I can swap it out for the one in my Mac 512Ke for the time being, but I guess it's time to look for a replacement CRT.

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    2. bluejay


      I’ve found stuff online about some older technicians here in Korea who have shops in the older parts of town that still are capable of repairing black and white TVs. Perhaps they will know what to do. 

    3. x=usr(1536)


      Welcome to necking your first CRT.  Been there, done that, felt really dumb afterwards.  You've got my sympathies.

    4. Keatah


      They might. I would do it with haste because you probably don't want the phosphor exposed to the air for too long.

  11. Taking the train going the opposite direction is a fast and efficient way to waste an hour of your life. 

    1. thanatos


      Guess it depends how far you went the wrong way!

    2. bluejay


      Thankfully I realized right away and got off at the next station.

  12. Need some help identifying the PC/104 VGA card on the left. I’ve googled for PC/104 VGA cards, and although I found a few that used the same controller chip, I couldn’t find the exact one. Any ideas on what it is?
  13. Like what alex and bass said, both pinout and gender is incorrect, so it won't work. I've checked schematics, and Apple II paddles use 150k ohm pots while Atari paddles use 1 megaohm pots. So yeah, even if you built a simple adapter, it wouldn't work correctly.
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