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  1. I got a famicom with authentic ac adapter, authentic switchbox, and a mahjong(why did that guy only have mahjong? why not zelda or super mario?) at a korean flea market for 18,000 KWW, which is about $15. Can't check whether it works at this moment though(that part is driving me crazy)... It's pretty filthy, but I managed to clean it up a bit with ethanol and cotton swabs(hurray for the guy who invented cotton swabs!!!) The controllers are in pretty bad shape, but hey, $15.
  2. Nup. No ET... most of the carts are upside down. But I can see laser blast, 2x joust, mario bros, 2x defender, and that's it.
  3. I realized that the 5th time I watched the movie(DVD)... Why does he have stacks of 2600 games when he has a colecovision w/o an expansion module? Speaking of atari carts, in the scene where the sixers dump a bunch of atari cartridges onto a table, discussing what game they should try next in the third challenge, I saw two same Joust carts in the pile. P.S.Hey, that's not the boot screen of the colecovision! P.P.S.Why does that pic have intellivision carts on the table?
  4. Mine says 273S7726 and my serial# is 16397H. Does anyone know if the little sheet of paper taped onto the metal board mean?
  5. I found a non-working TRS-80 Model 100 bundle(Laptop, leather case, Fabric carrying case, Tandy Portable Disk Drive(no cable), printer cable(no printer), model 100 manual, Portable Computing with the Model 100 book, adapter, some cables, and a receipt) for $50 at a flea market. I always wanted a TRS-80 and the guy said it worked, so I went ahead and bought it. But when I plugged it in, the screen won't turn on!(The low battery led works, I can hear beeps when I type on the keyboard, but nothing is on the screen) I took it to a repair shop but they couldn't fix it... P.S. I also found a GIANT NES bundle with about 30+ games with sleeves and the box thing you put the nes in(got no idea what it's called) but the guy that was selling it noticed I was super excited to see it, and told me it was $200! I walked away without saying a thing.
  6. lmao I should really try that; $190 profit every time...!
  7. bluejay


    I have a woodgrain crt from the late 80s as my gaming tv. maybe it would be cool to make a switchbox between my atari and my cv!
  8. bluejay


    *clears throat* maybe...
  9. I own a colecovision controller with the circle sticker missing. It's totally ruining my cib colecovision's looks in front of a woodgrain tv!!! Do somebody sell one of those stickers? Help pls....
  10. bluejay


    I don't understand why atari, nintendo, and many other companies made gamers require switchboxes or some type of adapter for the console to connect to the tv. Why not just equip it in the console itself? Why not make the cable a standard tv rf cable(Whatever that's called; the screw-on thing)?
  11. I didn't know I had to press fire to start... waited for 10 minutes pressing reset!
  12. I found out what the problem was; it's too thick! I tried inserting it kinda lopsided, and the cart didn't fit at all. I don't think I can really "grind" the cart in the back so it would fit; I don't think it's really worth it when I can just shove it in my colecovision em1. *I also found out my coleco donkey kong cart is kinda stiff, although not as much as the solaris cart.
  13. I'm just too lazy to take my expansion module out and plug it in... Why not just flip a switch on the atari instead of all the "hard" labor? But if the EM1 was somehow better, I might have considered using it...!
  14. I have both the 2600(heavy sixer)and the CV expansion module. Which one is "better"? I guess the CV lacks the "authenticity" and the and the feeling of playing on a genuine atari, but does it have any positive sides? Or should I just leave it alone to collect dust and play on my atari? What would you prefer?
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