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  1. I think I will go with the disk server then. Too much hassle to install ADTpro or C2T. Damn Java...
  2. A bookworm just wiggled out of my CoCo Technical Reference manual... Should I throw it away? It was in bad shape to begin with... I'm scared now:(
  3. Nice! I always wanted to learn how to make portable consoles but never got the chance. But to be honest, we sure to have different tastes for console designs:)
  4. Both ADTpro and C2T aren't working... Any other .dsk to .wav/.tap converters? Aren't Apple Disk Server games in .wav form? Will it work if I try to boot Lemmings via the cassette input with the Disk Server?
  5. Now that I'm getting my Apple //e with 5.25" disk drives, I began to wonder how to copy games downloaded online to real floppies. Is there an app like WAVPRG that converts .dsk to .tap or .wav so I can use the cassette interface to load it and then save it to floppy via BASIC like I would on my VIC-20? I'm really not that familiar with Apple stuff(both old and new), so any help is appreciated. And I guess I can just use WAVPRG to convert .prgs into .taps and .wavs using WAVPRG on Commodore computers. And how about Atari computers? I own no Atari computers, but I'd still like to know. Do I have to use a real MS-DOS pc to access the internet and then copy it on the real computer when it comes to MS-DOS games? Side question: can I use blank DSHD disks on DSDD drives?
  6. I've been playing Dragster on my Atari (technically, a CV EM1, but still.), and that got me wondering what you guys' best times are. I recently got a 6.24 on a Genesis controller(d-pad speeds shifting up a bit).
  7. Well, it does matter for me because I planned on learning 6502 assembly on the thing, and apparently the non enhanced doesn't have the assembler built in.
  8. Sad thing I don't have extra IBM sticks laying around somewhere. Only analog ones I have are Tandy CoCo ones. Hey, I prefer RPG/Adventure over arcade too! I need that story in a game that you build along as you go, unlike the "protect cities from being blown up" of Missile Command. P.S. Well, it doesn't say "enhanced" above the power light. The guy never sent me a pic of the boot screen itself, but pics of it running other software. I guess we'll have to see.
  9. My joysticks and keyboard works fine, and the "tick" sound must be the relay. So it must be the cable's fault?
  10. So... Atari joysticks and paddles work on //es? Yeah. I've already experienced that on an emulator:)
  11. I purchased my VIC-20 a few months ago, and I became attached to my first retro computer. But almost as soon as I started to play around with it, the fuse blew. I could replaced it quickly because I had a couple of random spares that, luckily, worked. A few minutes ago, the fuse blew again, and now, I'm out of spares. Is this my outlet's or the VIC's fault? Also, more than half the time, when I try to load from cassette, the program loads fine, but during the process, the screen starts to show crazy, and rolling horizontal rainbows move across the screen. It's somewhat entertaining to watch as the loading process is slow and boring, but it's still something out of ordinary that needs to be fixed. A couple months ago, I played with the pot inside the rf shield and it fixed the problem. Do I have to do this every time the rainbow appears again? Thanks.
  12. #text Indy 500s are rare? I didn't know that. I got mine in an $8 bundle including Pole Position and Sears Text Missile Command, with the Indy 500. Edit: Just checked, and it's rarity 3.
  13. Unfortunately, no. This was my first CoCo, and all the stuff came with it, and when you thjnk about it, there isn't a reason to keep an extra cassette cable.
  14. My cassette is the Tandy CCR-81, sold by Radio Shack from back in the early 80s for TRS-80 computers. .wavs didn't work well either. I got an IO error or a jumbled screen, or the system would just crash. The heads spin fine, and music plays/records fine too.
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