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  1. So, there was this idiot I was arguing with, and he claimed nitrous was better than forced induction because nitrous lasts forever and forced induction is temporary. So I taught him what forced induction was and what nitrous was. So he finally said, fine, NOS is better than nitrous. I laughed so hard, then I said, "yeah, because cars are better than automobiles". And he said, "Bruh, cars and automobiles are the same thing, you idiot. So get your facts right before you say anything." I literally laughed my ass off, and I did end up teaching him what nitrous and forced induction was properly.

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    2. bluejay


      Unless he/she is very stubborn, like the one who kept arguing that Toyota AE85s had fixed headlamps and AE86s had popups.

    3. adam242


      I had a roommate once that argued the Cadillac Catera had to be FWD because it was built on an Opel platform and Opel had no RWD chassis. There was one literally sitting outside the bar we were in (yes, I know) but he refused to walk outside and look under the rear bumper to see the rear axle. We nicknamed him 'the Oracle'.

    4. joeatari1


      Did he also think Earth was flat?

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