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  1. Whelp, I beat Simon's Quest. I needed a walkthrough(I'd like to see someone beat it without one) but all in all, I have to say it's not a bad game. I enjoyed playing it.

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    2. Razzie.P


      I know I'm in the minority, but Simon's Quest has always been my favorite of the 3 NES Castlevania games.   Lots of people seem pretty down on it, saying it could never be beaten without internet, walkthroughs, etc, but I've never really understood that.  I first beat it when I was 11 or 12 back in the day (no help at all) and all of the puzzles had clues at some point that told you what to do.   The only point I remember getting stuck when renting the game was kneeling by the lake.  Right before I was supposed to take it back, I figured it out and didn't want to return it.  The rest of the evening was smooth sailing after I got over that rough patch.

    3. bluejay


      @Razzie.P Wow, I'm really impressed. I believe a clue tells you at some point that the blue crystal reveals a path under the lake or something. But I never thought someone would be able to beat it with no help at all. You're definitely in the minority:)

    4. schuwalker


      I purchased this a week or two before Xmas in '88. My friends and I finally beat the game over Xmas school break soon after. The only spot we had trouble with was the red crystal (?) and resulting tornado. We actually called a Nintendo tip line for that one. Apparently that certain clue was somehow lost in translation over here. My biggest complaint is the boss guardians or lack thereof - wish there was one for each Dracula bodypart. Probably also throw in the final encounter with Dracula was way too easy.

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