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  1. Day 1 of living without wifi.

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    2. jd_1138


      I feel for u......................

    3. ls650


      The other day I went to visit a friend for the afternoon and I forgot my phone at home.  

      It felt weird to go all afternoon with no internet...  🙃

    4. bluejay


      No, no, don't worry, I've done lots worse before, in terms of living without internet. I went to this summer camp when I was in 5th grade, and while there was no wilderness, there was some serious, hard core studying. No form of electronic devices were allowed except for calculators and electric dictionaries. We had to stay there for 3 weeks, and all in all, I liked it. It was a really nice and actually quite famous (within Korea) international middle school. They had great food and clean dorm rooms and everything.

      I didn't even have a smarphone until... yesterday. Believe it or not, not every teenager spends all his/her time stuck to their phones.


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