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  1. Decided to arrange some video game music again. Here's Green Hill Zone for Sonic the Hedgehog. Next up is the overworld theme of Spirit Tracks!


    Edit: scratch that. Spirit Tracks is turning out to be trickier than I though. Postponed until further notice.

    1. Rogerpoco


      I've got a buddy who's an amazing drummer, I've played keyboards and guitar for about 30 years(ain't "amazing", but 30 years is...30 years, haha, I DO know what I am doing...).

      We swear one day we are gonna do a hard rock jam band, and play like, the F-Zero SNES tunes and stuff!!!

      He's way more into game music than I am, all his ringtones and stuff, he's like "you know what that is, right?", I'm like "Uhhh. No.". And it's from a game I played for days and days, at some time in my past. I almost usually don't even notice music.

      Ha-my first foray into competitive gaming was the Burgertime, MAME-haha, if you know that one, you know you HAVE to "block it out", or it'll drive you friggin crazy, haha, so I guess I just got used to that.


      Pretty neat stuff, Man-I have the musical understanding to do that, but definitely not the patience, very cool side hobby!

    2. bluejay




      I generally don’t forget what I hear in terms of music. I recognize a lot of references and reused bits and pieces when I listen to something. 

      That being said, I know next to no musical theory. I simply write what I hear into sheet music. That’s why there may be errors that may be obvious to a professional ear but not to me.


       Regardless, it’s still a fun hobby and a great time killer. 

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