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  1. Fun fact: the ancient kingdom of Shilla (신라) that was once located on the southeast of the Korean Peninsula constructed 황룡사, which literally translates to Emperor’s Dragon Temple, in AD 569. Here’s the interesting bit: the temple had a 9 story tower, and its height is estimated to be somewhere around 65-85 meters (1.5-2 times taller than the Home Insurance Building which is considered to be the first skyscraper), based on records from way back when. Sadly we’ll never find out how truly massive the ancient tower was, as it was burned down by Mongolians in AD 1238. 

    Attempts are being made to recreate the tower, and it’s already been done in computer simulations. Whether it should be physically rebuilt in real life is under debate. 

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    2. Draxxon


      What was the temple used for?

    3. bluejay


      @Draxxon Buddhist things, I assume, as it was a temple. I do know that the king of the time ordered for the construction of the temple to more or less brag about how awesome they were. 

    4. Draxxon


      For cocky Buddhists to do awesome Buddhist stuff, I can dig it!

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