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  1. It appears that the $2 AliExpress carbon contact paste worked beautifully. PET’s keyboard is completely operational now. 

    1. x=usr(1536)


      That is some useful info right there.  Which one did you use?

    2. bluejay


      Used this stuff, although I remember it being cheaper when I bought it. AliExpress prices seem to fluctuate randomly. A downside to these is that the stuff dries too quickly, making it difficult to tell if a coat has been applied to the contact or not. I recommend you use a soft brush. 


      Also: Shit, just noticed the V key isn’t quite working yet. Now I gotta unscrew 12 philips head screws and 3 billion tiny flathead screws and desolder the shift lock switch and repaint the key and repeat that in reverse order. Sounds like fun. 

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