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    100 0790

    An 800xl hooked up to a 1702??? Such heresy!
  2. I mean, I think the last Z I really liked was the Z32 with the VG30DE(TT), that was my favorite. Every generation after it was just ehhhh to me. Not bad, mind you, but not as impressive or beautiful as it was before.
  3. StarTropics was one of my first NES games along with Top Gun and the SMB/DH/WCTM combo cart. I didn't like it very much and never got past the first dungeon.
  4. idea: change driver club banner to alfa 155 function: change driver club banner to alfa 155 benefits: we get to look at something tastier than whatever ancient alfa the current banner is downfalls: classic alfa fans (which don't exist anyways) get angry are others interested: people who want something sexier to their eyes. p.s. not the base model that looks normal something like the quadrifoglio or the gta stradale that actually looks hot
  5. https://coffeeordie.com/vulcan-on-a-prius/

    Edit: seriously people, you'll actually regret it if you don't visit this site no matter who or what you are.

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    2. bluejay
    3. CPUWIZ


      At that cost, why not mount it on a Ferrari or something?  A bloody Prius?  Really?  Would look cool on a Tesla Cybertruck.

    4. bluejay


      No, ferraris are lame. Prius is the most perfectest car in the history of cars.

  6. happy 3.7L V6 noises But seriously, how come you didn't wait for the 400z?
  7. That's a different matter. It's not like you're gonna gift that Atari box to someone you love.
  8. For display purposes not really. I'd rather have a perfect reproduction sitting in a glass case than a falling apart original box. But it's nice to have the original box though.
  9. I'd download a PDF of the original C64 manual and read through it thoroughly. It teaches you everything about the computer and how to program in BASIC. It's the best place to start. You could also snag a Fastload cartridge to make using your 1541 less painful. It speeds up loading times and adds commands and functions to make your life easier. And do snag a SD2IEC, or use 64HDD if you have a computer with a parallel port. 64HDD is a utility that allows you to connect your PC to your Commodore with a special cable and will allow you to load files into your Commodore from the PC's hard drive. But this is a clunky solution. You could also buy a pi1541 if you own a RPi. It's supposed to be more compatible with software but I don't think it's significantly better than an SD2IEC. P.S. I just realized this is my 1571th post!
  10. Shit, this sucks, a lot. The VIC-20 35k/SD2IEC boards have arrived, and I decided to test fit one of the PCBs. It's stuck in there, won't come out no matter what I do.

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    2. Keatah


      WD40 attacks plastics. Best is to use a contact cleaner degreaser. It'll have the same lubricating properties without degrading plastics. And on vintage stuff you don't want to do even the slightest harm.


      DeOxit is in every professional's toolkit.


    3. Keatah


      Why not post a pic. Maybe it will inspire a new solution.

    4. bluejay


      I did WD40 and it made no difference to anything. The thing's still stuck in there. I'll post a pic tomorrow.

  11. @glazball Seriously, by 1998 the internet was pretty big. Nowhere near what it is now but still it was pretty damned popular. Internet guides existed in 1998, and so did Atariage although under a different name. As I've already mentioned, no doubt it was an amazing back in the day. The explore everywhere type gameplay is outdated and sometimes frustrating. Hence it's no longer used. Ocarina of Time is no longer the amazing game it was back in 1998. It's just a "good" and flawed game. What I'm saying is it doesn't deserve to be in 2nd place in 2020. I've seen to many people simply ignoring the flaws and praising it to be the most perfect game.
  12. I finally discovered why I was having trouble soldering. The tip I have is wayyyyyy to broad.

  13. But try to tape it from the inside so the tape isn't as visible.
  14. No, the fabrication was done by JLCPCB. arcadeshopper.com simply ordered a few of my stuff so I slapped the arcadeshopper.com logo on the PCB for him.
  15. My Wii finally arrived! It's the Gamecube compatible RVL-001 model which came with a rather nifty 3rd party stand that doubles as a Wiimote charger. Yeah, they came with rechargeable batteries too. They don't last an eternity anymore but still, a neat little thing. The Wii came with a copy of Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga. I'm not into lego games nor star wars, but I can't just reject a free game The Skyward Sword I bought because I wanted to play and because it comes with a soundtrack CD. I like Zelda music and I'm a musician so I needed one. I also bought a Motion Plus attachment and a nunchuck to play Skyward Sword along with the countless other games that support one or the other or both. I don't have the "jacket" but who needs them anyways. I finally bought a copy of OoT for N64. Not entirely sure if I like it or not... yet. My Epyx Fastload clone PCB and parts arrived today so I assembled one, and I'm super duper happy to say that it works perfectly! Didn't expect my design to work on the first try! That's it for now, at least I think. Stick around for the next update that will most likely feature a GC controller and memory card along with the VIC-20 35k/SD2IEC.
  16. WHEEEEE!!!!!! The Fastload cartridge I made works!!!



    1. Shawn


      Good job Kid. 

    2. bluejay


      Is that my nickname now? "Kid"?

  17. Yeah, that looks like a lot of fun! Maybe I'll buy it if I get $500
  18. Hey, guess what? I'm starting to enjoy OoT. As I mentioned before I took the "search every square inch" approach and now I can actually start figuring stuff out and having fun. I figured my way through Dodongo's Cavern and the King Dodongo battle was easy once I figured how to not get burnt or squished. I ran out of bombs and deku seeds halfway up Death Mountain though. I had to backtrack all the way down and back to Hyrule Market to restock my supplies and stopped to trade in some masks. OoT is definitely better than LttP.
  19. Speaking of which I don't like Ultima either. I'd rather play Zelda than Ultima.
  20. I don't hate 2D Zeldas. I sort of like Zelda II and I definitely like ALBW. What I don't like is the original Zelda.
  21. This is interesting. Then is literally every single Zelda game over-hyped by Zelda fans? Because I've seen wayyyyy to many people praise literally every single Zelda game and now I'm seeing for myself what some of these games are like as well as people who aren't very fond of them.
  22. I have no intention of giving up trying to beat OoT. In fact, I really do want to beat it. But the thing is, so much of the game is more of a chore than an actual enjoyable game, and I have more fun thinking about playing it than actually playing it. I wonder if Majora's Mask will be any better.
  23. It's a 13b powered, RE Amemiya modified Mazda Chantez. How awesome is that!


    1. x=usr(1536)


      Make mine a REPU, please :D

    2. bluejay


      aerodynamics go brrrr

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