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  1. Some kid who goes to the same hagwon that I go to was tested positive for COVID. School immediately made me go home and I’m required to have a swab stabbed up my nostril again. Good thing I’m vaccinated I guess, although I probably won’t be allowed to go to school until I’m confirmed negative. 

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    2. GoldLeader


      I've been sick lately and I got a COVID test today too.  I guess I'll have  a few days off while I wait for results.

    3. bluejay


      They send a text to everyone who got the test on the following morning at 8AM showing the results. If I’m lucky I might make it to school tomorrow. 

    4. bluejay


      Tested negative, went to school. 

  2. No more CAPTCHA, yay. 

    1. The Usotsuki

      The Usotsuki

      I get the feeling that before long CAPTCHAs will have become countereffective.

    2. bluejay


      Yeah, there’s even a video on YouTube of a robot completing a CAPTCHA (which I assume is totally a setup anyways). 

      I was getting a CAPTCHA whenever accessing Atariage, but it appears that it’s gone now. 

    3. GoldLeader


      Hmmm.   Never got one here.



      (They know I'm a robot.)

  3. Yeah, I acquired my C128 around a year and a half ago for $400 shipped, a not so CIB (boxed with manual and psu but nothing else) unit in great condition with an equally not so CIB 1571 drive along with a few knick knacks for $400 shipped. And it looks like prices have gone up since then too. The C128 is an awesome unit and I do hope you acquire one, but chances of getting a pristine CIB one with a 1571 drive for $250 are less than slim. Good luck.
  4. For $200-250 you’re looking at just the bare system, maybe with power supply. If you want something complete in box, be prepared to pay upwards of $400, depending on condition. If you really want something completely complete and in excellent condition with a 1571 drive, you’re looking at a good 6-700 dollars. Crazy how expensive C128s have gotten.
  5. Having played countless games, I think we’ve seen our fair share of good (and bad) game titles. Remember the STD, the company that made the Gameboy accessories? Anyways, what’s the coolest game or game company title you’ve seen? My vote goes to Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance and Spectrum Holobyte.
  6. You know there’s BASIC for DOS right?
  7. …that isn’t how it works. Old threads are revived all the time. We don’t like necrobumped for sale threads because, well, they’re time sensitive. Discussion threads are not. As long as it’s on topic (which it is) there’s no problem with bumping an old discussion. Like OSRG said, if you don’t like it, feel free to ignore this thread and move along.
  8. This has existed for many years. Ever heard of updates? Patches? DLC? Downloaded offline? Is there some magical way to download files without being connected to the internet? Also: this statement directly contradicts your previous one. Do you want updates or not? Fun fact: Companies don’t like giving away stuff that they spent many many dollars and years developing, or other companies stealing their technology. Who is this “us” that they are giving away devkits to anyways?
  9. 0000000000000000.2? You can, you know, write it as 0.2. Much easier.
  10. I would imagine it being less of a pain in the ass than the Apple II. It actually has a “graphics” systems that makes sense to the average individual, and it being made up of text characters makes everything all the more simple.
  11. Korean Air used to have a bunch of games in the entertainment screen and they have since disappeared. These weren’t just chess  and soccer either, there was a rally game (which oddly had a terrible handling WRX and an excellent handling F150), a first person shooter, and some really fun strategy games. I wonder if any of these were preserved or if they’re lost forever. 

    1. x=usr(1536)


      There was some talk a few years ago about adding them as consoles in MAME, but I don't believe that it ever really went anywhere.  From what I remember of the (relatively brief) discussion, obstacles included:


      • Obtaining the units, which were mostly on lease to the airlines and maintained under contract by the manufacturer
      • Some may have worked on a VDI / thin client model, so could be relatively hardware-intensive to emulate
      • Software would have to be extracted from units that weren't taken back by the manufacturer, which would make it as difficult to find in the wild as the hardware
      • Potential for whole-disk encryption, security keys / dongles, etc.


      It wasn't so much that there was any opposition to the idea or that they were considered unreasonable to emulate, but that the practicalities of obtaining a working setup to reverse-engineer and emulate were very significant.

    2. IntelliMission


      Semi-related: What I would really love is some emulator of those 3D non-textured driving simulators that driving schools have been using for decades. I googled like crazy, but I had no luck. I remember being hypnotized by those machines as a kid. Computerized visual tests are interesting too.


      It's sad that some programs/games/books are lost forever. And let's not talk about songs created thousands of years ago, as we only have the instruments for those.

  12. Got my second dose of Pfizer this morning. It’s 10pm now and I’m still totally fine. Hope I don’t feel like a wet rag tomorrow. 

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    2. john_q_atari


      Most symptoms with the initial 2 shots of Pfizer are mild. No one I know had much of any symptoms on the 1st shot, and if they had symptoms on the 2nd shot it was only mild achy, headache, fatigue symptoms. Nothing lasted more than 12 to 24 hours.

    3. Albert


      I've had three shots of Moderna now, relatively mild symptoms for all three.  The second one was probably the worst on this front, but even then it wasn't terrible.

    4. Giles N

      Giles N

      Here in Norway I got my (my age-groups) second vaccine 17th Sept. (older and more sickly got it earlier).


      I didn’t really bother about concerns as to vaccine side-effects… but, you know… got this phobia to blood… blood-talk… and some associated parapharnelia…


      And she asked… ‘Do you use blood-thinning midications…’


      And … on and on…


      Then the shot… with all the blood n’ needle phobia in my mind…


      I almost blacked out + puked.


      But got through it.


      As for worries concerning the vaccine-content and possible side-effects …  just wasn’t there at all.


      Hope we can get at those offshot-Covid-variants spreading.


      Anyway… we - Humanity - should take some lesson as to what we directly or indirectly ‘import’ into our societies, into our crowds. It’s hardly a secret it came from one certain province on the face of the planet. Why not be a little more careful about what agents of nature we interact or meddle with…?   And why shouldn’t anyone concerned with such issues be alert to the dangers of such things?  In any run-of-the-mill YouTube video about bats, or about virus-research, its inherent in the content that such things pose an actual danger…


  13. I found an abandoned Mitsubishi FTO on my way to my grandma’s. Wonder how long it’s been there. 


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    2. GoldLeader


      Those were a neat looking car,...Wish they were RWD.

    3. GoldLeader


      Quick question which side of the road do they drive on in Korea?

    4. bluejay


      I think these were perfectly fine as nimble, lightweight, front wheel drive sports cars. If you wanted something with more oomph and more whee you got the GTO.


      We drive on the same side as the US here, that is, opposite from UK and Japan. 

  14. If you don’t have a problem with piracy you can download VC (or really, any game) on the internet and run it off USBLoaderGX on a modded Wii. I don’t really advocate piracy but it seems like the only option to you.
    1. bluejay


      Embed is still not working right but at least the video should work. 

  15. IMG_1729.mov

    1. bluejay


      It appears that embedded videos require you to press it, press the right arrow button next to it, the click “view”, at least on iPhone. Dunno about other devices. 

    2. GoldLeader


      IMG_1729.mov ?

    3. bluejay


      Thanks for letting me know. I tried on a bunch of devices and it only seems to work on my iPhone. I’ll upload that video to YouTube and post another status update later. 

  16. Anyone like to take a guess as to what they were trying to say here?


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    2. bluejay


      Premium Crabs (name of the seafood restaurant) is selling king crabs and lobsters at wholesale prices. Salad bar is not included. (Suggests that they are having to charge extra for the salad bar because they’re selling the seafood for less.)

    3. carlsson


      That was a somewhat crabby... I mean crappy translation from their side.

    4. Max_Chatsworth
  17. It’s an outdated console. But like anything, the user base is still active. The Wii is hacked wide open, so homebrew and piracy is trivial. However, if you can afford it, you should just get a Wii U instead.
  18. 89A8EA47-9178-444C-8225-202A5A8198B1.jpeg

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    2. GoldLeader


      Here's a story;  Once I thought I saw a face in the urinal...I didn't want to be pissed off,  so I made sure it was (ahem) pissed on 

    3. bluejay


      My grandfather still had his encyclopedia set on his top shelf of his (admittedly small) bookshelf. I should take a peek sometime :) 

    4. GoldLeader


      They're kinda like the internet, but with no porn...Careful now, ya might learn something. ;)

  19. You can use an HxC, as far as I know.
  20. Sat on my right ball while riding my bike to school this morning. It’s 7:46PM and the pain in my lower abdomen is still there. 

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    2. Albert


      I suggest not doing that.

    3. XLurker


      Sat on your right ball? You're lucky to have a right ball. I lost mine in an unfortunate smelting accident....

    4. Kiwi


      At least you didn't sit on your wrong ball. Oy.

  21. bluejay

    Amiga 500 or 1200

    Finally got an opportunity to acquire an Amiga. I can’t afford to pay a king’s ransom, but I don’t care deeply about what cosmetic condition it’s in. I’d prefer a British 1200, but I know those are sought after and expensive. I’d probably be interested in any PAL (or modded) 1200 or 500, especially if it has a gotek. If you have the power supply and mouse too, that’d be great. If you’re located outside of the Continental US, I’ll have to see if there are any affordable redirection services that ships from wherever you live to Korea. So… anyone fancy giving their Amiga a new home?
  22. Not sure if it’s been mentioned before but Dungeons of Daggorath was pretty damn impressive for 1982. I wasn’t alive back then to experience it when it was new, but it sure impressed 12 year old me when I played it for the first time. Not many other games in history have reached its level of balance between fun and terrifying.
  23. You did put the Nomad on the list. And uhh, yeah, you definitely don’t have every major console from VCS to Xbox.
  24. unknown.png


    Meanwhile, I got vaccinated; first dose of Pfizer. 

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    2. joeatari1


      Having the two Pfizer shots previously, my immune response was backwards compared to others.  After the first shot I felt very lethargic for a day.  Then I was fine.  The second shot had no side effects except for a sore arm.  

    3. GoldLeader


      For me it was like Joe.  1st dose (Pfizer) left me tired, sore arm,  second dose was no big deal.  I think it was because I knew what to expect.   Just give yourself extra time to sleep;  Nothing to it ;)

    4. bluejay


      Sit rep: I’m completely fine except for a kinda sore arm. I guess we’ll see about what will happen after the second dose. 

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