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  1. Pirate cart? I'm interested if you are looking into selling.
  2. Lol yes, you don't see vintage like that in the work world anymore! My desk consists of high definition slim line monitors, a computer, no calculator (I use Windows for that) and an IP phone. I feel like nowadays there are more ways to wander off and get sucked into Google searching or playing a game on your smartphone. Back then you had binders of paper, simple analog phones and stuff that could only entertain you to an extent. We definitely live in a much busier world now!
  3. very cool! Thanks for sharing! I love how vintage everything used to be, radios, telephones, desk lamps, calculators took up 1/3 of your desk. Good ol' 80s!
  4. I was hoping if I reach out here I can figure out who manages the AtariCompendium.com website? The contact email provided on the website does not work. Thanks.
  5. I remember bidding on a Death Cart on ebay not too long ago. I want to say within the last 2 years. I almost won it!
  6. Does anyone own a Stardos Canister for the Commodore 64 they want to part with?
  7. I've heard rumors about Grid Bug, a 16K expansion module made for the Odyssey (I believe for the 200, 300, 400, etc series Odysseys) by Aquarius. Can anyone verify if that is true? I also notice that a listing for it does come up in Pricecharting too. But other than that the rumors are few and far between. Just curious if anyone has any information on how to validate if this actually exists? Or how it was marketed and sold?
  8. Looks legit to me. I own two authentic copies and it looks identical to mine.
  9. Are you interested in selling it?
  10. Speaking of Wii Fit a friend of mine mentioned she was surprised at how expensive the bundle had become. I remember grabbing one at St. Vincent's for $40 bucks just back in January. They have definitely increased in price. As for games in general, especially Nintendo Switch stuff the shortage is making it nearly impossible to go to the store and pick up good games or systems. The Animal Crossing Amiibo cards and merchandise is definitely being scalped because of the quarantine. I can't think of really anything else I've seen that has increased in price. I keep a watchful eye on Pricecharting and if the value of my collection has increased or decreased, it has increased in value in the last month, which indicates to me that more people are naturally buying online because stores are closed.
  11. Here is my copy. I have seen Pleasant Valley Video's catalog. It's pretty cool seeing all the different games they sold. I had my copy authenticated earlier this year.
  12. Very cool! I just downloaded the first volume for free. Thanks for all your hard work and research!
  13. Wow, Ebay is just rife with fake Air Raid carts lately! Has anyone seen this video yet?
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