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  1. One, everybody gets old eventually. Two, I really need to pick up a pair of the improved CX40 boards. On my to do list for over a decade.
  2. Too bad we don't have a WOW emojii, good on ya! These personal bests feel great when they fall. Congrats!
  3. I'm for physical, but for sheer ease, digital is the way to go. The thing is this: give me an assurance that no matter what, if I erase my games, that the publisher provide me with my games again. Database, receipts on either end, soooo many ways to do it yet so far who does? And as always, they can manufacture some physical copied for those who want them...collectors, essentially. And streaming can be for the people who could not care less about the debate entirely. The only people who truly lose out are retro games resellers. And that's shitty, but oh well. Everything eventually moves on.
  4. As cool as this is I have the patience for the eventual 32X all in one solution...even though it wasn't a ton of games, there's still some fun to he had.
  5. If you listen closely, you can hear it explode. Given the limitations of the time, I guess that's better than nothing, but why not just flash the screen red and say 'game over', who knows. Those wacky guys at Epyx!
  6. I tried to open up a DS2 for my PS2, to jo avail. I was afraid I'd break something and just closed her back up. My problem is the left analog stick is off center, trying to replace the guts.
  7. Ever since some guys here helped me get whatever version if MAME i'm using, I've been happy. X arcade and MAME, works well for me. I'm always thinking how to make it better but then I play a lot more than I tinker...and that's probably a good thing. Whoops...just read the title of thread. Anyways...good luck!
  8. RobotbTank is awesome, one of my faves. Great to hear how younger folks get into the classic systems. Funny you mentioned the PS Activision classics collection, it was a big part of me getting back into retro gaming after some years out if the game.
  9. Quick question: do our old 'friends' lists still exist?
  10. I really like the fact I can access threads at any page on my phone now. The only thing is that I mainly would just hit 'latest posts' for the newest threads and I don't see anything that does that yet...other than the 'all activity' option but it doesn't seem to be the same...it shows individual replies rather than threads, so you get a bunch of the same posts rather the thread itself. I also can't seem to easily add pics. Lots of forums are like that, sadly. If it were only as easy to add pics to posts like using FB, that would be amazing. That said, the funcionality of everythong is awesome, especially know that I mainly use my phone to access AA. Thanks Albert and to all involved, I can't imagine it's easy!
  11. I'm considering getting the rom...it's only ten bucks, what have I got to lose?
  12. I think a collection becomes such when somebody comes to a point where they intentionally desire to expand what they have, whatever that 'what' is, into a larger 'what'. To me that's the difference between having ten NES paks as a teen and it not being a 'collection' compared to having ten choice titles that mean something to somebody, with the intent to get more. I know it doesn't hold up to scrutiny, I'm shooting mental bullets through it already but intent has something big to do with it. I always had a few games, toys, instruments...and even if the numbers are larger than some others, it's always started with a clear intention of what I envisioned the collection to be. Yet my collections that have ended, that is, the ones I have completed my goals with said collection, they kinda just sit there basking in the only thing that makes it a collection worth having: my adulation of said stuff and the people, times and things it represents. I think I might need to talk to somebody about this stuff, lol.
  13. So many awesome pics here, thanks guys.
  14. Absolutely it was a bust. And while I usually don't pay too much mind, there is one thing that I am fairly certain of: we the GAMERS were the ones that tanked it. And that's something to be oroud of, I think. Let me explain. Most hobbies, guys like us are in the minority of market share. We come to forums, we're passionate about this stuff. So many people would have you believe our voices don't matter...that's clearly NOT the case. If this thing was actually decent, it would have flown off the shelves. It should have been. It was not. And Sony tried to price it at a ridiculous point, only to blow them out at rock bottom prices. Meanwhile Nintendo and Sega released (Sega is about to release) quality stuff with decent game selection and are reaping rewards. And it's because the community of game reviewers at large all voiced out a collective NO to this POS that Sony just mailed in. And people listened. Which is a win for us. Quality matters. Look at what Sega is doing by getting away from ATGames...the biggest hype for a mini so far, with a game selection that can only be described as incredible. At a reasonable price. I hope Sony learned a lesson on this one. Although I doubt they'll do a PS2 mini, maybe they will learn like Sega did. You never know. But the days of putting out half-assed crap and expecting people to shut up and buy it are over. Thankfully. Either they learn or I can get another one of these things.for next to nothing. Either way is a win for me, but I'd rather hand over my money for a quality product in the first place. The PS1 mini deserved better than what Sony did with it.
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