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  1. Great news that a fix is in the works. Can somebody please state the exact problem, for new guys and me who isn't sure about the issue? Do the graphics get out of whack for all games, or only on certain ones? I don't think mine has a problem but I would like to troublesshoot it. From what I gather, only certain consoles are affected. Thanks in advance!
  2. Yes, it was absolutely available in Canada. Future Shop used to sell them. But I only saw it once, in one location. I've seen NTSC ones on ebay from time to time as well.
  3. I can see this spell the end for inclusion of Ms Pacman in future classics compilations, if Namco wins and decides to not play ball with AtGames. Which would be a shame, buts it's not like we don't have a bazillion other ways to play it anyway.
  4. I'm still super wary about the qualiy of the keyboard this thing is going to have. Will it feel like a more modern keyboard? Who knows.
  5. You said you are getting back into collecting, what kind of collection did you have before? What were the reasons you stopped? Those kinds of things can provide you some focus, and focus is important to guiding your collection forward. Was there something specific your old collection was or wasn't doing for you? Are playing games as important to you as collecting them? I went the original console for me and bought an Everdrive so I can play just about everything. I have a few games for my Genesis but nothing much as the prices started getting goofy years ago. A working CD unit is great to expand the library, and you have a 32X which I think is great...although opinions differ greatly. That CIB Model 2 sounds like a plan. Maybe a few six button controllers, or the arcade sticks. A four player multitap if you're into sports games. Retrobit has amazingly reproduced the original six button controllers and not only are they reasonably priced but the quality and feel are really awesome. They've replaced my originals. My personal tip is keep your collection focused so you don't start hoarding things you don't really want and take a loss down the road. Aim to have more fun with it this time around and you should be set.
  6. Here's my advice: Price things to sell. Not ebay prices. Things were a lot more fun that way. If you end up with really high prices stuff, then sure go ahead and list it on ebay. But keep the majority if the items in your store priced to sell. I realize what I'm suggesting is not a smart business move, but you asked. Unless you're interested in have shelfwarming stuff and regular folks not being able to afford your wares, it's the best way to get more traffic and keep people enjoying themselves....which is what will keep the scene thriving. Good luck to you!
  7. I've got nothing really rare...some cool stuff, but rare? Nope. I did have some rare-ish VCS games back in the 90s but they disapeared. And they weren't considered rare at the time, lol, just bad! The Zellers titles....a few other collectible stinkers.
  8. Well I finally got to fire up this long awaited baby, and....eh, it's all right, I suppose. The video from Neg1 above says it all, really. The volume lags a bit in spots, but I was prepared for that with the NES Mini, not really a deal breaker. The double button inputs on the menu screen were apparent, although I haven't played enough games to see if it affects games themselves. I hope not. For me, I really wish they included a better CRT filter, like the SNES Mini. That filter rocked. This one I'd peg a step less than the NES mini. And the pixel perfect is just...odd, to me. Really odd. Golden Axe just looked strange. Playable, of course, but strange. And it seemed to have these cheap deaths that I've never encountered on the actual hardware, where you get the enemy pinging you away with hit after hit, and you're basically trapped until you die. Happened like three times. At this stage, I'm a bit underwhelmed and am awaiting for it to be hacked. All those games I was psyched for in the build up kinda fizzled upon quick plays...some of the older ones in particular. Visually for the hardware, it's amazing. The pads are great, the plastic as mentioned a hair rougher but the DPad is improved from the original and in a good way. The system itself is gorgeous, although my volume slider has some play in the bottom position...could be normal, who knows. And yes, that menu sound for returning back screens was a bad choice. Cringey. I don't mind paying the retail price on this, however...hacking it should fix those issues. And since I have some Retrobit six button controllers enroute, I hope it does. I'm a bit worried for the TG16 now that this has brought me back to earth...the SNES Mini really spoiled me. I was thinking Sega would put out something to compete with that. This is still good, just not THAT good. Just my thoughts, from a picky dude. Picky, but not unreasonable. I hope they don't plan on rereleasing these every year ala AtGames, but if they do and fix some of the issues, I might be persuaded. For all the hoopla this M2 team was drawing on youtube, I honestly was expecting a better effort. Still worth price of admission and I like to support the concept.
  9. We've gots of them here in Canada. Walmarts, Best Buy, hell even in the Canex stores. TBH, I'm kinda hoping there isn't a big restock of these. Why? Sega has done very well with this Mini. It really covers a lot of ground and it shows that they cared about this project. And they seemed to have produced a lot of these. Too many to have anybody miss out, which was the case for the Nintendo minis (until the restocks). The strange thing is you have the AtGames Genesis products shelfwarming right next to this new Mini, and that could be confusing to those who aren't quite up to speed. The AtGames stuff should have been removed prior to this launch, IMO. If Sega doesn't move huge numbers, I hope they don't interpet that as a big negative. I'd like them keep moving in this direction. A Dreamcast mini, perhaps? Who knows. Anybody who enjoys the Genesis should like this mini as it's every bit the equal of the Nintendo hardware, and games-wise they are even better in terms of selection (man do I miss not having Desert Strike, though, loved it on the Genesis). And once it gets hacked, you're off to the races if you so choose.
  10. This Amazon bubble wrapper isn't making me feel good about the upcoming Turbografx 16 Mini...let's hope that we get some other options, or Amazon gets the message with enough returns of these Sega Minis and uses a proper box.
  11. Quick question, when using the original aspect kode, does it let you pick a black background for the borders? Or do they force you to have some graphics thing? Thanks!
  12. So I should be getting my hands on this in a few days. I just watched a youtube reviewer demo how it seems to have a slight audio lag, almost identical to the NES Mini (yes, I know some of you don't notice it on the NES, but)...I was really hoping for this Sega mini to not have those kind of issues but I'll still take it. That said I still want to try both my NES and Sega Minis on another HDMI tv just to see if maybe my tv is affecting it somehow. My SNES mini however has zero audio lag on the same tv so I'm not holding my breath. Anybody else excited?
  13. Mega Man on this stick would have become quite the collectible...more than even this is, as it's hard to come by.
  14. I've seen at least three versions of the Bandai Pac Man, latest being in TRU locally. I may have to bite, if those controls are good like you say.
  15. Saw two at a remote Walmart for 39 CDN again...it's been going up and down. These are the last of them in my local area.
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