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  1. Bowser's Fury is fun but not worth the price of an A title game...if you already own SMW 3D on the Wii U, that is. I was hoping for a bit more polishing up of the Wii U game but that didn't seem to happen. Still a fantastic game and a must for a Mario fan as teaming up with Bowser Jr is fun for a short time. It fells like an extra level of SM Odyssey more than an extension to SMW 3D.
  2. Chuck Norris Superkicks ends. You're left alone in the final room after defeating all the enemies and have to turn off the game.
  3. So I should NOT update it, thanks. But adding roms should be fine? Some of the button mapping seemed odd, and it seems like they can be changed. Kinda odd that they wouldn't have made an update that fixes the NES button issuing. I guess 20 bux only gets ya so far, lol!
  4. So I picked one of these up at Bed Bath and Beyond over the holidays and inly got around to firing it up a couple days ago. For the 20 (CDN!) or so I paid for it, I am happy with it. Mine is the version that has 100 built in games. The only issues I seem to have is the controls when playing Coleco stuff. Eveything.else works quite well, especially once you set your TV to 'game mode' ...if required. It's got so many random, hilarous games. Is there an easy way to pop on extra roms, and by easy, I mean without having to read 19 pages here? Thanks!
  5. Man, I'd love a pair of those rotary sticks for MAME. Ikari Warriors would be near the bottom of the list for me, though. Time Soldiers, Calibre 50, Guerilla War...oh yeah!
  6. I only know of one other forum that had a similar thing happen, although it wasn't really the fault of anybody other than the crotchety old forum members who ran it like an old boy's club. Anyways, somebody bought it for all the traffic it generated and reviews, etc, it was a musical instrument forum. They 'updated' the forum, gave it a new look, etc. Then literally over a few weeks it turned into a wasteland, and as far as I know it still is. But once upon a time, it was easily the most popular forum of its kind.
  7. I'd take it easy on AVGN, that bit was hilarious from way back when. Considering it was parody, it wasn't far from the truth. I don't knowniw anybody who liked Simon's Quest back in the day, mainly because games were expensive and renting wasn't as big a thing as it would become. The game was slow paced, the translations were terrible and was just too much of a departure from Castlevania. Simply put, nobody was clamoring for that game back then...especially when so many better options were there. Konami had plenty of misses back then and this was one of them...more, if you consider Ultra games. It's not a truly terrible game and I don't think it was considered one, then or now. I'd surely give it another go, particularly with the updated translations.
  8. I have many questions. First: did your NES actually work to begin with? If so...the only thing that needed to be done, if anything, was to clean your games and the connector. Glad you boiled it, too...much better way, as long as your are careful. Cleaning carts and other metal residue, use the highest strength isopropyl alcohol you can buy. But really, if the board is dust free, which can be done with compressed air, leave it alone. Clipping the security chip...not a great idea, especially if you have no need to do so. I noticed a system of mine that started going screwy hy doing that. Probably because by clipping the leg without unsoldering the entire chip first, I put stress on the remaining legs, possibly cracking the solder. Reflow those legs, if you can. Personally, I just leave them alone now...any multicart will allow you to play import roms. And WD40...don't use it. It eventually will corrode metal, and if you get it on plastic, same thing. Just wipe any surface you put it on with isopropyl alcohol and you're good. Q tips, high power isopropyl alcohol and boiling the 72 pin connector are the only thing I ever do. From there, keep your carts clean and you'll be good. Always, always clean your used carts before putting them in your clean NES. Enjoy!
  9. I know that myself and a couple other (lovingly) annoying folks were asking for an NES sub grouo for quite some time. A shame I suppose that it was precipitated by the closure of NA forums, but I won't complain. And the moderation here is much, much better so I would think the same kind of fooslishNES from over there won't be much tolerated here. Thanks very much, Albert and company!
  10. NintendoAge is gone? Wow. I admit, I spend more time on FB groups these days, but mainly because it's easier to upload photos. And pe5olle generally behave a bit better...lol, a 'bit', anyway! If AA ever goes away, it would be devastating!...time to become a supporter.
  11. Wow, I need to get out more...never heard about this till today. It doesn't look like supports multiplayer with a 4Score or anything like that...does it? Pretty awesome though, now to track it down.
  12. Man...I have the absolute worst story about Karate Champ. So bad, I can't bring myself to tell it typing on my phone, lol. It will require a keyboard!
  13. So many great games, but my favorite must be Blaster Master. It's just great, with an incredible soundtrack. As far as hidden gems go, I love learning about new stuff I've never seen before...like just the other day, Konami's Lagrange Point. Up till then, the only Lagrange I knew about had a lotta pretty girls, lol!
  14. Super huge thank you to those who made this happen! I'm not sure when it happened but I'm glad...thanks!!!
  15. I'm still pissed it never came out on the NES.
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