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  1. Hi guys. I was wondering if anybody remembers the function on the forum before the upgrade where you'd click 'new discussions' or something and all the latest threads with activity came up. It's how I accessed the site for the most part and allowed me to access parts of the forum I wouldn't normally. What is the new equivalent to that on the new forum? The icon for new material is ok, but brings up individual posts, so tou might see somebody posted to a thread a few minutes ago, only to see the same thread a few entries below (without the newer post, I assume). It gets a bit bulky, especially for threads that have a lot of activity. Is there any one button I can click like I could on the older forum? Thanks.
  2. It was a great unit, hut I found the build quality lacking. I returned no less than three of them over the Christmas season. In retrospect, it was more likely to do with the 8 way stick being used on a 4 way game that caused input directional errors, though. Pole Position was awesome! The problem there was the programming. I would have to fire it up again but I think the issue was the timer, it wouldn't stop after you crossed the finish line so your high scores were always askew. Ither than that, the control was spot on. They fixed the program error in the next unit, the wireless version...but the twist top controller wasn't as dialed in as the Ms Pacman unit. Time to pull them out along with a ton of AA batts and get to work, lol.
  3. Interesting to see some fifteen years later that one of these units is such an enigma. How is the build quality compares to the other units? I remember the buttons on the Capcom one were a bit smaller in comparison. I find it interesting that Flashbacks are still being made to this day yet the Jakks stuff is long gone.
  4. Aw c'mon, was Mortal Kombat released that long ago? Lol, ok, so maybe it was. Feels like last week! And agreed on Scott Pilgrim, what an awesome movie. Totally taken by surprise and was not on my radar. The beginning of real modern-retro nostalgia among the masses. Both I thought were damn good movies. Gonna hold off on Sonic, though. My recent faves are the Wreck It Ralph series, both fantastic. Oh, and the original Street Fighter movie, of course. Which I actually did see in the theatre....MY EYES!! MY EYES!!!!
  5. Is there a way to get the extra sound channels without physically hacking the bottom of the NES?
  6. Wii U. The thing rocks, especially at the dirt cheap orphan prices I got the system and games for. Used it everyday for the better part of the last year, loving it!
  7. All I know is that I consider playing Centipede on the CV with the Roller Controller worth the price if admission. Still, a total shame that this controller wasn't better supported.
  8. For years I wondered why there wasn't a dedicated NES subforum, but to be honest, the High Score club is good enough. I don't visit Nintendo Age, and the classic section works just fine here.
  9. There appears to be two Vectrex fans unite groups in fb. Which one?
  10. Hmmmm. Mini TG16. Activision Robot Tank. NES Punisher. PS2 The Warriors SNES Multitap. Vectrex homebrews. I think that's about it? Oh, and that Numskullz Galaga 1/4 size machine. There, that's it.
  11. It sounds as if...gasp!...that this system would refer you play the games ON THE SYSTEM...rather than uploading roms. Mindboggling.
  12. I like Sony, but also JVC. And yet, I've even got some Walmart specials that work and look just great. Some nice RCAs, but they tend to fart out a bit faster. If you want a really nice CRT monitor, try the ones that were made for the C64. They are smaller but look just fantastic.
  13. I can't believe I'm about to post this, but...I was at Bed Bath Beyond the other day and they had the 2019 Legends plugged in. I played it. I ACTUALLY HAD SOME FUN, lol! It had a wide variety of games, from Coleco to arcade to SNES (Super Star Wars was on display), and I spent a good ten minutes tinkering. The screen looked fine, the controllers felt cheap but worked just fine, the game selection was fun. No noticeable audio or video lag. How could this be, ME, enjoying an AtGames product? Well, it happened, brother. I can't explain it either. Before I go back and pick one up, and save me the hassle of returning it later: the SD allows one to add games, but the caveat is to NOT upgrade the firmware? Any quick way I can tell what firmware is on it in the store? Adding roms is a huge draw for me. I figure the asking price is ok if it works the way it does and still allows me to add roms from all the systems it has. But I can wait for the eventual clearance if not. Thanks for any help in advance.
  14. Great news that a fix is in the works. Can somebody please state the exact problem, for new guys and me who isn't sure about the issue? Do the graphics get out of whack for all games, or only on certain ones? I don't think mine has a problem but I would like to troublesshoot it. From what I gather, only certain consoles are affected. Thanks in advance!
  15. Yes, it was absolutely available in Canada. Future Shop used to sell them. But I only saw it once, in one location. I've seen NTSC ones on ebay from time to time as well.
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