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  1. If you have a spare upper plastic shell for a Colecovision and would like to sell, please PM me. Hopefully it's in good shape. Thanks.
  2. I bought the Tengen one years back, always oreferrimg it to the Nintendo version because it was two player and was like the arcade. That all changed after I watched the Tetris documentary with Thor Aackerlund and company. The Nintendo version is the superior playing version, and now I find the Tengen one sluggish. The Tengen is collectible and looks great, sounds great, but for sheer competition and high scores, it doesn't compare to the Nintendo version.
  3. We can all have opinions, but I stand 100% behind the fact that when I bought SMB 3D World brand new, opened the shrink and examined the disc thorougly for holes against a bright light source; there were zero holes. I made this post shortly after I discovered one near the rim. The fact that your 3D World has no holes and mine has one proves that it's not intentional, or at least not all of them are. The game still works but of course I'm keeping an eye on it. The intent for this thread was to highlight an issue I have read about more elsewhere, but not here. It's just something to keep in mind, particularly when buying used physical Wii U media.There may be some discs that have the holes closer to the spindle, and that's one thing, but scratches due to top damage are easier to spot...as long as you know what you are looking for. The sky isn't falling, but it's worthwhile IMO to know about. We have a local library that rents out Wii U discs. Some of them are in pretty rough shape, but not one of them has damages or scratches to the bottom of the disc. Thus, the damage had to come from the top. About ten games would not load. Put it this way: the same library has dozens of Wii games, PS3, PS4, XBone, etc...not ONE of those games we signed out has not loaded properly. That's over four years! Only Wii U games had loadong problems, and at least a half dozen I can think of. Some had holes even under the protective layer put on TOP of the disc, which is like a transparent plastic sticker they use as part of the security system in the library. So no damage from the top OR bottom in some cases, yet the holes are there. And some games work, some don't. I definitely think something is up with the way Wii U discs were manufactured. That's just me and I've seen enough to affect how I will buy future Wii U games: digital download, given the opportunity. I'm lucky I only lost a few bucks on a used game that would not load. Bottom line, check them first, don't buy with holes unless there is a store warranty (our local shop offers 90 days) so at least you can see if it will load when you bring it home, and handle the things extremely delicately.
  4. I don't believe it's bit rot...at least from my understanding of what that is. I think it's something about the manufacturing of the discs themselves. I would have chalked it up to user error (careless handling of disc) had it not been for the brand new disc that suddenly developed a pinhole. I treat all my stuff very carefully and always have. I'm 'that guy'. If the holes appear from mishandling discs, then these discs are comparably much lesser quality than any other CD gaming media I own because I have never, ever had a disc not load. Because there are people here with comlletely hole free discs, the copyright protection story doesn't hold up (wouldn't everybody's discs have the pinholes then?) I guess the only message from me is to be aware that I've had it happen, and hold up any disc you want to buy used to a strong light source to see if it has any holes. I've bought tons of used discs over the years, ones that the bottoms have been pretty beat up...and they still worked. I've run into this holes issue wth at least five Wii U discs, which was why I looked into it further. The bottom of the disc can be flawless, but don't let that fool you. I guess there could be another explanation, that somehow the machine could somehow scratch the disc during the loading process? I can't see that being the issue but who knows.
  5. I wasn't aware of any D-pad issues, good to know. I realize the limitations of emulation, which is one of the main reasons I'm not a huge fan. So far, only the SNES classic has managed to satisfy my expectations. All the rest have issues in one way or another.
  6. Did I ever speak too soon. I will 'absolutely' wait for one of these, not only due to the whole Covid thing, but because of the confirmed via multiple sources of the input lag for several games. I have no desire to pay top dollar shipping this in from Japan only to have less performance than my original setup. I will most definitely get one eventually, but more of a collectible.
  7. OEM Wii U batteries are crazy expensive now on the secondary market. But it will never be a useless system as you can always plug in the AC adaptor. Once the Gamepad conks out, well... We still play Mariokart 8 online, it's lots of fun even though it does tend to crash a lot. The Miiverse stuff would have been fun but I don't consider it necessary. Whenever I wonder why Nintendo would shut down servers I keep in mind Mr Profit and Mrs Buy The Latest System and it all becomes clear. At this rate though, by the time I get a Switch all their online stuff will probably be gone too, so it's also another way to keep people spending more on the new product. DLC is something we haven't bothered too much with other than Mariokart 8...that's a must buy. Just makes you appreciate how much value they used to cram into games like Marioparty 9 or Wii Party.
  8. I get what you're saying, but these Wii U discs must have the thinnest, suspect paint in top of the discs. Why is it that in my last 25 years of CD based gaming have I only experienced any of these issues on a regular basis with Wii U discs? Not a single solitary Wii disc in my collection has exhibited issues like my meager few Wii U discs have played. There has to be a better explanation why, but I doubt I'll get it as people have just moved on to Switch. I certainly won't be trying to amass any kind of collection for it, as even newly opened games.have these holes. Not reflective of Nintendo quality over the decades.
  9. Of all the games I own on discs, the Wii U is the only system that has this issue. I've done some reading about it. I will keep an eye on the new disc to see if and when it stops working. I just find it un-Nintendo to release discs that have this issue where the top if the disc, if scratched, can lead to the data being affected. Usually it's the other way around. It's not like disc media was a new thing in 2013. The bottoms are bulletproof but the tops, not so much. For those of you planning on buying used Wii U games, do a check for the holes. I wish I could show you my Mariokart 8 disc, it's riddled with them (yet the surface of the disc was clean!)and you can only really see them if you are aware of what you're looking for.
  10. But if this were the case, wouldn't all discs then have the holes near the spindle? I have a few Wii U games that were purchased new and none of them had holes. Now I noticed the SMW 3D. I have some library rentals, and while.some have holes and work, others don't. Most times the holes are not near the spindle, but it's interesting to hear about security. Just trying to see if there's anybody else here who has noticed this. Thanks guys.
  11. Just hold up the disk to a bright light source behind it. It's usually a little easier to see them from the data side. They are very, very small looking pinholes. If you see none, fantastic. If you do, and the game works, also fantastic. I have a few that have the holes but still work. take a look and see.
  12. Sorry for clickbaity title. So I bought a new, sealed SMW 3D months ago from Walmart that still had some Wii U stock. I have already experienced an issue with games that won't load due to tiny little pinholes that appear to start in the top, art portion of the disc. I just checked my SMW 3D today to see if I could spot any, and, sure enough, I can see one very close to the inner spindle area. Having been aware of this problem, I'm very careful with how I handle the games. But this was a new game, verified pinhole free on opening, and now about six months later, it's got a hole. What gives? Can anybody speak to this phenomena? I haven't spent a lot on Wii U physical media but if this great game someday goes kaput, that will be a shame. Could it be an across the board manufacturing flaw? It's really a shame. I've personally had it happen now to SMW 3D (still working though), Marioparty 10, Mariokart 8...only the first was new, the others used. But still. Maybe Nintendo warranty cover this one as it was purchased new, or is it the old 90 day warranty? It's really a shame as each game has had zero damage to the bottom of the disc, none.
  13. Time to join in! Oops, looks like I have MW3 only. Still, aren't all the Wii servers done? What are people playing it across? Too bad nobody out there is playing Wii U Runbow...
  14. Hi guys. I was wondering if anybody remembers the function on the forum before the upgrade where you'd click 'new discussions' or something and all the latest threads with activity came up. It's how I accessed the site for the most part and allowed me to access parts of the forum I wouldn't normally. What is the new equivalent to that on the new forum? The icon for new material is ok, but brings up individual posts, so tou might see somebody posted to a thread a few minutes ago, only to see the same thread a few entries below (without the newer post, I assume). It gets a bit bulky, especially for threads that have a lot of activity. Is there any one button I can click like I could on the older forum? Thanks.
  15. It was a great unit, hut I found the build quality lacking. I returned no less than three of them over the Christmas season. In retrospect, it was more likely to do with the 8 way stick being used on a 4 way game that caused input directional errors, though. Pole Position was awesome! The problem there was the programming. I would have to fire it up again but I think the issue was the timer, it wouldn't stop after you crossed the finish line so your high scores were always askew. Ither than that, the control was spot on. They fixed the program error in the next unit, the wireless version...but the twist top controller wasn't as dialed in as the Ms Pacman unit. Time to pull them out along with a ton of AA batts and get to work, lol.
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