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  1. NEC made tons of errors in retrospect, but Bonk was fine for a mascot. Air Zonk, absolutely not, but by then NEC was basically dead anyway with the last-gasp Turbo Duo. China Warrior would have been a bad choice as the game stunk and large sprites were choppy. They should have packed in Legendary Axe, maybe Ninja Spirit after a while. Still, that wouldn't have changed much.
  2. It will be a pain in the ass to get at retail, nothing new for Nintendo there. Of course I want one! I just wish Nintendo would just start either pricing stuff appropriately or make more product. Simple as that. Stop the scalpers! Wait....are the preorders already done for this thing? I saw the ad for it on Nintendo store a few weeks ago, lol. Oh well, at least I scored the NES Lego for my Nintendo fix this Christmas.
  3. I need to make a denim heavy metal battlevest.... using ONLY THESE PATCHES, lol!
  4. I think home had a big part in it. The other was the sheer economics of trying to make money a few credits at a time. In that regard, I think it's why so many retro arcades are popping up these days that cater to our crowd. It's a lot cheaper with LCD screens today than it was with those super expensive cabinets back in the day. Charging around five bucks for an all play afternoon and sell some food/beer and you can do ok.
  5. This is such terrible news. I'm speechless. Sincerest condolences to his family. What a loss. May he rest in peace. We love you, Curt.
  6. This is tough. Here we go, in no order...it's tricky because I will only use games I actually played back then: 1. Turbo 2. Moon Patrol 3. Zaxxon 4. Galaxian 5. Kangaroo 6. Pac Man 7. Donkey Kong 8. Donkey Kong Jr 9. Time Pilot 84 10. Sinistar
  7. These ones come out 3 Oct. Three on my list...I love supporting this stuff! I've been collecting these since...Pac Man? 2005 I think. For a few years it looked like they weren't going to continue, but lately they picked em back up. I would love to see some Atari titles, Asteroids, etc.
  8. Yes, I already own physical copies of the games I want to play, I'm just looking to not have to track down doubles for use in linking PS2 systems. I heard it was a relatively simple orocess but that doesn't seem t5i be the case, lol! Perhaps any links for the videos you used? And can I do these methods using my Sony HDD, because it seems lots of folks are using 3rd party hard disks...probably for more memory, I assume?
  9. Hell hath frozen over, for I am in agreement with HV for once this decade😆! I think they must get the point of how rare it is, they just seem to think it will negatively impact them...somehow. i say somehow because unless you're in the business of buying old used games, nobody is going to do anything but perhaps annoy you at a post-Covid games expo with people trying to sell their SMB/Duck Hunt for too much money. If that's the least annoyance I experience at a games expo, I'll consider myself lucky, alright? Lol! If anything, this tide will raise all ships: I already have all the games I want. If I can't buy/afford certain ones now, well, I couldn't afford them a decade ago either so it's not like their market value just blew up overnight. I bet plenty of other collectors here also have their core collections too. So if my games go up in value because of the buzz around this, woohoo for me. I ain't selling, but everybody says "I ain't selling"...until they are. Finally: I'm pretty sure that nobody in the general public would be able to tell you how much a sealed test market SMB just sold for.
  10. Is there anybody here who remembers how the hard disk worked with the original PS2? I finally got around to picking one up for some Firewire-linked local play. Will I need one copy of each game per linked console to play via Firewire? If so... ...can I make a copy(ies) of it on one of the consoles with the HDD as a workaround? I have heard that the HDD was hackable. Will each console need a an HDD if I go that route? If anybody has any stories or advice and has done this before, feel like sharing?Thanks guys.
  11. If you couldn't pick up on the butthurt in this thread, then consider yourself lucky.
  12. Well I guess we'll have to disagree, lol. Your viewpoint is clearly as a gamer rather than a collector, regardless of your experience in the hobby. That's fine. But why try to qualify your opinion as a collector of twenty years only to make arguments that gamers have been making for just as long? There are different types of collectors. I completely understand why this particular piece is priced the way it is and why it's special. It will absolutely not result in people charging more for their carts at conventions any more than the recent ebbs of prices in the retro world. It won't affect you or I or anybody here I gather because we know what games are not collectible. And I don't know who sounds more elitist, either....people of the opinion that people who collect simply for the investment are somehow less respectable than others who are in it for the 'right' reasons, or those who have the means to do so. This is about a game that is, regardless of how anybody feels about it, extremely rare and clearly worth the money somebody spent to acquire it. In my opinion, as a collector.
  13. Why do people seem so upset that this game went for so much money? If you're not a collector, you'll never understand. If you're gamer, congrats: your hobby just gained a lot of prestige for a classic game. If you don't agree with the value of this, there's over 100k reasons that starkly disagree with your opinion.
  14. The fun is in figuring out what you want. If you don't have an nes, get an nes. If you have a famicom, het thise games like you said. You're eventually going to anyway, so start with the console first.
  15. Posts like this are why we need a Wow emoticon!
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