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  1. Online multiplayer was planned but got shelved because of time and cost. It may be something that gets added after launch. It will be through the friends list, no lobbies or public games as to stick with the social gaming persona. It will probably happen because I know the demand will be there.
  2. The UI elements look like placeholders especially on the two car games. The missile on Astromash has zero texture to it. Most developers put a *WIP* stamp as to not confuse people. I don't think these are completed games that's why we are only seeing 1 second snippets. Maybe this is the look they are going for, I donno, but really looks incomplete.
  3. Kind of curious, considering the games aren't humongous complex 3D worlds will the Amico be able to render at higher resolution for 4k televisions?
  4. Are we still going to get a list of the current developers? This was promised to be in the next teaser back in July.
  5. I don't think the Turtles being on there twice was a mistake. TMNT is the perfect couch co-op game.
  6. Hows the current input lag using the mobile app vs the controller? I would expect the controllers would give other players a bit of a advantage.
  7. I can appreciate them trying to distance themselves from the image of video games as only for the angry solitary crowd but the M heart is a little much.
  8. Yeah. They have the 5 different variations up on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/Intellivision/ Purple/Pink-Chrome Red-Carbon Fiber White-Silver Black-Black Woodgrain-Gold
  9. Is this only open to retailers and journalist? Has that changed? Godspeed to the Intellivision crew.
  10. The new Peter Pepper looks like a mix between Sonic The Hedgehog and Cuphead. That vivid color palette used looks great.
  11. Will developers be able to add game specific peripherals to the Amico? (Toys, dance mats, instruments etc..) I'm guessing if you guys did it would be exclusive to the system?
  12. Thanks for the clarification. I wish it was planned to have anonymous/chat disabled open play but that comes with a cost of servers and such. Totally understandable it being shelved to make the launch date.
  13. Amico has a strong local multiplayer focus. Is this machine going to be worth it for online play? Will it be invite only to join a game or will there be public matchmaking? Out of those 40 launch title are most them going to be able to go online or maybe only a handful? Thanks, really excited for the E3 gameplay in a few weeks!
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