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  1. Here's a touchscreen activity table Arcade1up is coming out with. Be cool to see a Amico integrated into a TV with the light bar and everything.
  2. I thought Missile Command stole the show. It had major improvements over what was shown in the co-op demo. Earthworm Jim is looking good. Dig the hand drawn style and the scale of him on screen is going to be very much like the retro games. I wanted to see more of the interactive lighting in action with an actual game. Astrosmash still looks a bit flat. I hope they will add more animations when moving the player ships around and shooting. Needs a bit more Metal Slug added to its art style. No J.Allard
  3. Amico!, Amico!, Amico! ✊ The Moon Patrol demo is great love all the new little details.
  4. That's 'stuttering' Craig from the original screwattack. Guy is a legend.
  5. An half-hour long Amico event. MY mind is blown. Very cool.
  6. Disc Attachments Overlays Physical media reveal More motion control stuff UI and Storefront preview Maybe a visit from J Allard
  7. I think the twitter images are hinting at a reveal of the controller overlays that were in the Koch Media press release.
  8. Will we be seeing anymore progress of the Bomberman-style in July? Wanted to give a shout out to this small game I found on STEAM. It's called Hellfront: Honeymoon. Very cool mini-RTS style gameplay with 4 player co-op and versus.
  9. First 2 minutes of this interview sounds like a Amico pitch. Xbox Live Arcade was great. A definite win for Intellvision if it turns out to be true.
  10. The trolls always put down the Amico controllers as Zunes or Ipods. I think J Allard is a good guess given the position hinted at is less about game development.
  11. Second guess would be another Blizzard founder Frank Pearce. I found a few articles with him referencing being a fan of Intellvision. Pretty sure it's someone from Blizzard because they would be close in that area and Tommy has brought them up before in interviews.
  12. I'm going to guess Mike Morhaime one of the original Blizzard Entertainment founders. Lost Vikings or a Trine game would be great on the Amico.
  13. In this interview the last pack-in was revealed to be the game that's using the microphone.
  14. Caught some new images in the European press release. Looks like a early Farkle build with inverted dice. There is a view of the land mine in Moon Patrol.
  15. I just checked the VIP pre-sales page, it got extended to Friday. Orders coming in must still be steady.
  16. Full disclosure on physical media is being saved for the summer/E3 live stream in June. The six pack-in games will be on internal storage.
  17. I think he likes Pizza Rolls more than the Switch. That was a awesome moment. He promotes the Switch but doesn't even own it or care about it.
  18. Heard that Amico wasn't going to have any 'Beat Em' Ups' on last night interview. Does that rule out Bad Dudes or Ninja type games?
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