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  1. To me, it is negativity to cast shade on someone's project, like this. Sarcasm and realism would be to say, "You're really going to pay $400 for this used console, that most people thought sucked when it came out?". People do these things because they have a passion, not because of "realism". So, for some, they are excited by the latest ST conversions, others by the SD reader, and some even would love to see a piece of Atari history brought to life. No reason in interject realism, logic, or practicality into this matter.
  2. It's really amazing when you see negativity in these threads, lol. Honestly, who wouldn't want to see a new piece of Jaguar hardware? Especially one that didn't see the light of day...back in the day. Sure, the CD is part of it...but it doesn't mean it has to be as "unreliable" as the original, right? I've not had any problems with my Jag CD's, but I bought them all new, and treated them kindly.
  3. I bought a beautiful Falcon last year. But, The casing has some small mods (holes, and a notch). Are these cases, aside from color, the same as any other Atari model? If so, what model?
  4. I've always struggled with selling things at anything beyond what I thought was "reasonable". On the other hand, I would often pay more than market, for something I really wanted. But, a salesman gave me some good advice...he said, simply, "When the buyer and seller both walk away happy, that is a good deal for both".
  5. Seems a shame to "take it apart". It could be quite collectible. I'd wait, and do some more research before extracting the console....
  6. Thinking about this some more....the one game I would purchase, for sure? Rocket Ranger. I loved that game on the ST. I'd like to see it with better graphics and sound...maybe graphic and sound elements from the better versions. But there aren't a ton of graphic and sound elements, compared to some games...so definitely seems very possible. And, I think we could also do away with the "code wheel".
  7. I'd like to see a polygonal racer with 20+ fps. It seems that the Jag could at least do as well as the Genesis version of Virtua Racing (I know Genesis had a special chip in the cart)? Also, how about Virtua Fighter? Not texture-mapped, seems very possible for the Jag, considering Fight For Life. This one is out there, but how about Duke Nukem 3D?
  8. "Meanwhile, back in Steem's Boiler Room, we have set breakpoints on every single hardware mapped address we can think of and have run the game. Every time the emulator stops at a hardware access we have to patch the code to do the Jaguar equivalent (or ignore it - NOP is your friend!). Repeat ad nauseum until the game no longer breakpoints in the emulator. Congratulations! You have now fixed up all the hardware accesses. Once this is done, we might start getting things on the screen. But even at this point it is unlikely to be running correctly and most probably will have no audio or joystick/keyboard input. This is yet more patching of a similar nature. As you can see, this is not emulation where it wouldn't matter what code we passed to it - everything is done hands on, one step at a time." If I would have gotten this link early on, it would have certainly helped. I am bowing out, too. Boy, that was hard.
  9. Why would I need to lurk, in order to get that? "Lukewarm" to Basic is hilarious. It's like saying, "You can scale Everest as long as you are lukewarm to walking up hills". I never coded 68k asm. I did code 6502, back in the day. As far as Basic, well...a tool is as good as the person wielding it.
  10. I would say, if everyone would just simply take my first post, read it again, at face value....there would be no need for this drama. I get it, we have some people here who are highly respected in the forum...but I was just asking very straightforward questions. I have no intent to troll, but I can match sarcasm and smart-assery, if the need suits. And that is not needed, in this thread.
  11. Well, I was referring to say, overscan, palette swapping, parallax scrolling....the typical stuff. Again, back to my first post...I was looking at what would be the max possibilities, with the current conversion technique. What I am taking from this, and the information that I read in the link someone posted...is that this is not really a straightforward process, and that a lot of tweaking is required on an individual level.
  12. Ummm, but you are the one who gave me the link, lol...and as I say, I had only found dead links before. Thanks again.
  13. Again, "start coding" does not answer my questions. But, thank you for the link, it is more than I could find before, and gives me something to digest.
  14. I really don't get where this "trolling" idea is coming from. I have two complete Jag CD systems (one is still sealed). I have many ST's, STE's, a Falcon, and a TT. I bought my first ST new in the late 80's (a Mega 2 color system). I bought my first Jag when they were launched. I love Atari's and I am just asking some basic questions. Lighten up, people.
  15. I guess I took your answer along these lines: Q: "Can man go to Mars?" A: "Start building rockets, and find out" I Hope you see the humor in this. I am not trolling anyone.
  16. Okay, I get what you are saying there. But, I am sure that these conversions aren't coded from scratch for the Jag hardware...so, that is kind of where I am digging. Like, how much custom code is being used? Any ideas? If it were straight coding on the Jag, would anyone stick to old-school ST games, as opposed to something that pushed the hardware more? Like, I said, there were some links to the basics, but they are dead, from what I can see.
  17. I ask a straightforward question, and someone answers with a smart-ass "start coding and find out"....and I am trolling? Give me a break. Seriously.
  18. Well there is no doubt that the Jaguar is more than capable of doing STE effects. But it would also depend on how the conversion is typically done. For example, is a portion of it through emulation? If so, that would obviously introduced compatibility and speed concerns. Also, what would be the range of CPU speed, that could be handled? The idea would be, as I said, using a ST emulator for development. That would allow for say, STE features, and even increased base cpu speed of the source material, as compared to an old, stock ST(e).
  19. I think it is possible to quantify the answer, from a current developer.....right? It would encompass a lot of information, since it would also clarify the way that these ST games are converted for the Jaguar. I saw some dead links on the basics, but no definitive explanation. "Start coding and find out" is a rather ridiculous answer, tbh. I am just asking what the hardware is capable of, within the realm of the current conversions. Of course, with everyone getting rich from Jaguar development, probably need to keep it all a secret, right?
  20. I am just curious, can the Jaguar handle a game with full STE specs? What about CPU speed limits? DMA sound? How about advanced demo effects? I am curious because I wonder what could be done with using an ST series emulator as a development platform. If this has been answered before, sorry. I am just getting back into the Jaguar.
  21. "Eat a Dick" = Take far under market value for their equipment. See also, "Be bent over a barrel".
  22. If anyone wants to pay market price +25%, I have a sealed Jag with a sealed CD unit. Good luck to this prospective buyer...just wait until you have the money. A Jag console is what, the price of a run-of-the-mill Xbox One? EDIT: You have to keep in mind, the price is not based on performance...it is based on the supply and demand * collectible nature/intangibles. For example, a new Stingray could fetch, say $65k....a perfectly restored SS 454 Chevelle, maybe even $150k. Of course, the Stingray is a much better machine in every quantifiable, technical way...but that's not the point.
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