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  1. I tried a PS/2 numeric keypad.... The only keys that are active are 2=down, 4=left, 6=right, 8=up so you cannot use it to select numbers or enter to fire... The Num Lock button does nothing to change the functionality. Seeya Joe
  2. The Race is ON... CollectorVision is looking for an AutoCAD Engineer to design their new Phoenix console controller.... Collectorvision AutoCAD posting
  3. Now that CollectorVision has released their Phoenix console, there is definitely a market for a new controller....the original CV controller is a dog. I have 6 original CV controllers... only one works 100% and I don't feel like repairing the others right now. 😁 Since the Phoenix has an SNES controller port, I ordered one of the Super Famicom NTT controllers in the meantime... (lots of extra buttons but no overlays) Seeya Joe
  4. Hi Matthew, I would prefer the second link for the "Short Flat Slim Thin HDMI FFC FPV HDMI Cable Standard HDMI Female Plug to Standard HDMI Male 90 Degree Compatible with RED blackmagic BMCC Sony FS7 Canon C300 Black 10cm" I already bought one a few weeks ago seeya Joe
  5. Hi Matthew, Thanks for the guidance... I saw the micro HDMI on your prototype and got excited.. This is my new plan still using the panel mount extension cable in conjunction with an FFC cable with a female micro HDMI connector... (I photo-shopped an FFC on your PCB) Please let me know if I am still in error in my assumptions Seeya Joe
  6. I ordered one of these "Micro HDMI Male to HDMI Female Extension Cables" to install in my ColecoVision with the new MK2 board https://www.amazon.com/ShineBear-Plated-Speed-Female-Extension/dp/B07NPGXQY9/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=Micro+HDMI+Male+to+HDMI+Female+Extension+Cable+Screw+Panel+Mount&qid=1560987149&s=gateway&sr=8-4 I hope this helps Seeya Joe
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