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  1. Thanks for your comment man; really didn’t deserve all of this hate, where literally I feel like blowing $240 for a Jag today is simply ridiculous...to be “realistic.” Sure, was my original asking price bogus; yeah, pretty much should of said $150-180 in the thread. Just know that we all would want a Jag for cheap; still, only in the mid to late 90s. Anyhow, glad you made a pretty sizable Jag collection; you sir, are one of the lucky ones.
  2. I didn’t mean it that way bud...people are thinking I’m trying to heckle them into buying a Jag for cheap, and flipping it for a profit. I did nicely ask if anyone’s willing to help out, but like I said...I guess it is every man for himself. I know loads of people would agree with me that they’ll want a Jag for $90; no denying on that remark.
  3. Thanks man; I’ll try. The only reason I suggested Cybermorph because it was the cheapest one of the bunch. If I were to obtain a Jag system for those games listed above, then $150-170 would be more preferable. If anyone pays well over when it was retailed back in late 1993, then I kind of feel sorry for you; just saying.
  4. I go so totally agree with you man! 2600’s are now widely affordable these days; including most of the games. Kind of weird how despite its age, and the games so primitive, that you can obtain a decent sized collection for less than $70-80; give or take.
  5. Geez man, and how much did you pay for your Jag...$250-300! Fair or not, you would be asking for a Jag right now for $90 if you didn’t have one at all today. Sadly, Cybermorph is the only cheapest game out there for the Jag right now unlike all of the other games; plus, not trying to flip it for a profit...I’m only trying to own one for a fair price for crying out loud people! Quite surprised how none of you would help a retro gamer out...like always, I guess it is every man for himself to pay for ridiculous prices.
  6. Thanks man, those prices for the Jag aren’t worth it if they’re just going to be a retro gamer’s “collector” piece. I would love to play and enjoy the Jag experience!
  7. You better believe it man...they're so sought after these days. If anyone's got one of them they're willing to sell for 80 to 90 bucks, as shown above on this thread, I'll really appreciate it!
  8. Hey everyone, This message will be somewhat brief, but I was wondering if anyone is looking to sell their Atari Jaguar system to me for an affordable price; roughly for a price range of 80 to 90 bucks. All I'm asking for is the console, one controller (two would be ideal), ac adapter, and Cybermorph for starters. As for a video source, I'll just use my NES RF adapter...but if you've got some AV cables available for the Jag, that'll be sweet! Anyway, if anyone can help me out with obtaining myself a Jag than what eBay is offering these days, I'll most sincerely appreciate it! Thanks, and have a great day! -AndyM1985
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