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  1. I don't think it looks horrible. The thing that is lost on most people is no one knew how to make good 3d games Persay. and graphical that game looks pretty good for time period. Games that only were impressive for 3d graphics don't stand the test of time.
  2. Thus I said pci-e or raid, as in use as a cartridge slot.
  3. I was referring to its own slot to play Atari box only new games. For dah collectors and when the store front fails. Also physical media is easier to deal with to hen menu navigation. Plug and play or auto play.
  4. I mean a new propriety slot or use a raid or pci express as a cartridge slot. It would allow games physical media. You could potentially have system up grades like more ram new gpu. Like SNES fx chip type but like you could run a 2nd Radeon chip in cross-fire / sli .
  5. Atari should consider a raid or pci or a cartridge slot
  6. If you have the have power Daisy chained you only need one. Some 32x had special splitter for it's ac/dc Adapter. Looks like you are using it.
  7. Metal slug source was reversed engineered. It one of the later games had a source leak. https://github.com/neogeodev/mslug-disasm?files=1
  8. Sorry I think when I ask that question about modding four player mode in to TMNT arcade deleted your comment that I qouted. I believe I was just trying to tag you in the post. Agian sorry. Also do you think it would be possible to add in a four player mode like the arcade? none of the home releases had it 😭
  9. Have you seen mk plus ,? It's a bad ass rom mod?
  10. Sorry I spam . Just showing where people located the assets.
  11. ..Anonymous 11/17/18(Sat)05:34:47 No.5166856 >>5166878 # ...Anonymous 11/17/18(Sat)06:06:54 No.5166878 >>5170931 # ...Anonymous 11/17/18(Sat)07:34:57 No.5166946 ...Anonymous 11/17/18(Sat)16:27:39 No.5167639 >>5167643 #
  12. >>5163585 # ...Anonymous 11/15/18(Thu)08:20:38 No.5163585
  13. https://yuki.la/vr/5161753
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