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  1. Any plans for action element? Like beatemup or shootemup?
  2. It's almost 50% more than to he neo geo...
  3. The game play physics was different between mk3 had run ability mk 2 had better controls and game play. They did umk 3 on Sega and snes. Shang tsung morphs makes cd versions inferior to the cartridge as far as gameplay.
  4. Some of PlayStations most iconic games where actually 2d. 2d games also age better In unaltered form. The original gta , Diablo, mk trilogy, street fighter alpha series, pocket fighter, puzzle fighter. Hell even 3d games like resident evil had 2d backgrounds
  5. Honestly I forgot Jag was a thing or didn't think it was still a thing. It was never meant to compete with Sony at all it was meant to compete agianst the 16 bit systems. My parents wouldn't of bought 500 dollar system. Sony held exclusive rights to the 32 bit version for a year. Sounds like video game industry was full of dirty dealings. Like Microsoft undermining dc. Sony releasing fake screen demo videos of ps2.
  6. I was thinking Bellow the dpad. But get what your saying. Just some games I prefer to play with dpad others with a stick.
  7. Have you thought about vacuum molding to . I wonder who owns proto case
  8. They need to do X-Men vs street fighter next.
  9. I say call it The siemese jag. Lol
  10. Pre-orders to distributors and Retailers. Missing getting mass inventory out it's first Xmas hurt it it's jump in intial msrp hurt it originally it was announced at $150 USD.
  11. Yes I guess, I thought it would be bundled.
  12. Where's the terminal or window to type in and edit code? Note pad or something?
  13. All those source leaks and not one for Jaguar version..... Perhaps it is more based on SNES, mega-drive versions that was done by sculpted software?
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