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  1. Saw it running doom and tempest 2000 on a big screen when 9 or ten and I was amazed by it, I loved it made Sega and snes look like garbage. Also seen the 3do alone in the dark and was impressed I love the doom commercial. I got mine in late nineties. To play AVP. Don't know that happened to the system it might of been stolen. But I still have the cartridge.
  2. The Jag released in a transgenerational no man's land. It was an expensive budget system. The 3do cost 2.5x it price but after it's release Nintendo and Sega dropped their system prices. Had it had a wide release with good advertising and at it's original MSRP. Could of entrenched it's self and weathered new systems gimped through the early playstation Saturn days.
  3. The 32x was release to compete with the FX Chips and the 32 bit 3do and Jaguar
  4. I think it's contemporaries as the NES and Sega Genesis. 3do.
  5. Kalani


    Boss fight ?
  6. Wonder how it Would of been with a slightly lower res screen that was 21 color . With a 2nd faster co process/GPU and some ram. Ironically Nintendo out cheap it first wave competition.. colorizing the gamecom is a dream for me.
  7. It was on an obscure message board on a game.com fansite. It being a pda allowed me to play it in school. The Castlevania symphony of the night rom was also release neither was 100%. They play as well as any other gamecom game. I really like Duke nukem on gamecom it was the geat game out side of solitaire . It played like screen flip dungeon crawler.
  8. Is that the arcade music and voice samples or original st?
  9. It's because of its uncommon, neo geo aes new indie games cost like 250-500. People are collector, players some have limited budgets some have unlimited. Ecconomics of scale or lack there of.
  10. Jag never had the mass market penetration that Sega or Nintendo did in North America. It a niche collector piece. It's not neo Geo tier expensive but it's fairly expensive. Most owners where the die hard fan boys from when it first came out. I kinda on since I saw doom and tempest 2000 being played on big screen with it. Piko games in the wild at a retail location. Big selection for snes. None for other systems. The Jag is a niche system many have it for the sake of having it.
  11. That was a pent up demand for SD. Pretty much every one with a Jag that's actively in use wanted one. So that means at best 700 in sales. If you don't get pirated. Then there's the disconnected collects that pay scalpers bootleggers like the Laird on eBay that feeds on lack of supply and naity of the casual collector. He might make more since he sales his games for 120 a pop. Gatzee and piko sell for 50. Atari age song bird around 30- 80. But you might sell 20 at 50 that's just 1000 - pay and materials that's paltry even selling 200 at 50 is only 10k agian minus material shipping manufacturing the time out of some ones life. You should be greatful any games are released. The Jaguar is never going to live up to the what you think in your head maybe maybe quake prototype for Jag will be released maybe dactyl joust or zone Hunter. Then you can see what the Jag was cappable of.
  12. Contra is a run and gun shump. They are not mutually exclusive.
  13. Shootemup are any games where you shoot things up.
  14. Some one litterally requested the port...
  15. Yes the morph load times in particular. X-Men vs street fighter got around the loading issue for character swaps with four Meg ram cart.
  16. Jag can load from cartridge Rom. I think it's been mentioned but the Jag could run CD and cartridge in tandem. X-Men vs street fighter would be awesome on cartridge for the loads. Like how morphs suck on mk CD ports vs cart.
  17. They had a strong launch Wii and ps2 lots of hype and both had promise of killer apps. The gaming market has been in transition. First wave of grown gamers grew up bought more expensive warez.
  18. Any plans for action element? Like beatemup or shootemup?
  19. It's almost 50% more than to he neo geo...
  20. The game play physics was different between mk3 had run ability mk 2 had better controls and game play. They did umk 3 on Sega and snes. Shang tsung morphs makes cd versions inferior to the cartridge as far as gameplay.
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