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  1. Here's a video captured from a real machine -> RGB mod ->HDMI -> Splitter -> TV/HDMI Capture Video isn't as good as the real machine on a TV though. The whole demo is contained in a 16K cart and runs on a 4k machine (pref with mini/micro expander for the sound) 2021-09-27_15-13-23.mkv
  2. Sorry -- been busy on lots of other things - think I tried it one "How many Scotch can I drink this evening" evening, and well forgot! Is there a link to the romset, as what I have fro S1/S2 doesn't work !!
  3. Not been able to get the aquarius to run since you started making changes tbh - so gave up
  4. Here's a clip taken from my 65XE using a home made Composite ->Scart cable connected to a HDMI upscaler, and then a splitter to the PC & TV, which I recorded on OBS, whilst I was playing on the TV 2021-05-13 21-39-00.mkv I've actually got some of the hoglet boards, and use them for other machines (Such as the Aquarius)
  5. Lol - having been a professional developer for over 30yrs now, you can guarantee the one thing I hate and am unlikely to (ever) do is documentation (if you can't understand the code you shouldn't be touching it mentality!) Code for the site is already in github, as one thing 30yrs does teach you is "Use Source Control" Although just for the shits and giggles I've done this one in .Net Core 5.0 hosted on Ubuntu under Apache with a Mysql DB <- Why? because I can! Anyway, it's not finished yet, as those little things like real life get in the way/ Thanks for the tip on the wayback machine - it's one of those gems I tend to forget about. Although it never was very good with dynamic content. Cheers Mack
  6. The +12 is used solely in the Video circuitry, specifically for the TEA 1002 and Modulator, the -12V for the Serial. The entire board will run on +5V as long as you don't need the TEA (Using for example my RGB out) - however, the TEA is needed for the NTSC version, as the system clock is derived from there, the PAL version doesn't, as it comes from a seperate 7404 oscillator. FYI, the 6116 SRAM chips are already 5v only, there is no DRAM (4116's) that uses silly voltages in this system
  7. There is Ram contention sadly, - the Z80 Wait line is on a 1/4 CPU clock, so randomly (pretty much) some instructions will be one T state longer, I believe you lose on average 8 Tstates per scan line
  8. Well - Ram contention is interesting , as the Z80's Wait line is fed the CLK/4, so some instructions will wait, some won't - depend on the point of the M1 /access cycle of the CPU at that point However, it's a CPU wide thing - not ram location. - so it's consistent
  9. I'm going to get the logic analyser on the RA0->RA2 and Vblank lines on the PAL (all I have) version - just to see if RA0->RA2 are reset to zero on VBLANK end (which I suspect is the case) but logic says the following 625 lines in 1/25s (2 interlaced frames) - Dot clock would produce 458. ((1/25)/(1/CLK))/625 = 458 so 456 is off by 2 a line, or 50 a full frame note - VBLANK is only low from bottom of the displayed area round to top of the displayed area - it is not low during the side borders, only the top (above active screen area) and below (under active screen area)
  10. More than welcome to try this one - The video linked above is it playing on a real machine captured via HDMI CLoad XMAS_B.caq and then Xmas.Caq (needs a 16k expansion and mini-expander - AY enabled) Xmas_B.CAQ Xmas.CAQ
  11. Check my recorded video from a real machine with some border effects in play. Border colour is changed end of Vblank and again at start of vblank
  12. Screeen shot from Aqualite (https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!AA8RREv5_6BaEqw&cid=7372FF64AB9015BE&id=7372FF64AB9015BE!811&parId=root&action=locate)
  13. I had one that was the same, turns out it was a faulty Z80 - seems there was a problem with the A15 line Replacing the Z80 sorted it out.
  14. Here's a video taken from the real machine. (sadly OBS Studio was set to 30FPS not 50FPS - so it's not as smooth as the real machine showed) 2020-12-30 17-34-28.mkv
  15. Sadly the address lines (on the rom socket) don't give enough to include the 12k address space by default, so it would be "Hacks" & "Patches" to do that, but - could easily do a ROM with the S1/S2 and a jumper
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