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  1. That's great info & thanks for the links. I love how much of these boards are socketed. I have a collection of old arcade games & pinball machines and just assume I'll need to vacuum solder every time I look at electronics from this era! Fingers crossed for a simple fix here.
  2. Thanks slx, the 800 does indeed boot to Memo Pad or Basic depending on the position of the switch on the far right. It must boot to Omni OS as well depending on the switches in the middle as one configuration seems to boot without any text or cursor. I haven't had much time yet to mess with either system much but it seems the only issue with the 800 is the esc through numerical 6 keys on the top row are unresponsive, thus rendering Basic pretty useless. I'll try to tear into them some more when I get home from the office and see what else I can figure out. One this is obvious at this point, neeeeeeed some software!
  3. Thanks JR! Good info to study/learn about.
  4. Ok all... please be gentle as I'm way out over my skis here! Lol. I've been an avid late 80's/Early 90's 286-486 PC collector for some time and have been interested in getting into Atari's 8-bit machines for a while but haven't taken the plunge. Well, I stumbled across this lot in a box at Savers today and couldn't leave it there as I never see stuff like this in the wild. Problem is, I have no idea what I'm getting into! From what I can tell both the 800 and 130XE have been modified. The 130XE has an Omnimon board by David Young but it won't boot... I tried both the 'Monitor' out and RF and both screens look the same. The 800 boots but keys "esc through 6" on the top row are unresponsive, could be something simple but I haven't cracked it open to see what's going on. I started to open it and found what looks like additional RAM/ROM and figured it was time to post pictures and get some more information from the experts. Excited to learn but a little overwhelmed with them already being modded. I'd love to sort the 130XE and fire up some games. And sorry about the PCjr looming in the background!
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