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  1. Please give a trigger warning when posting images like that, I almost cried. 😥
  2. Check out the rich dude! I dream of shopping in Asda, my shopping is done in Aldi
  3. I'd have to agree with this I think.
  4. Thanks for the tutorial, it's always good to see these to help people learn. The only way to deal with a lack of developers is to teach those who want to create games.
  5. I haven't read it yet but a quick google search brought up this:
  6. In earlier post he said he wrote it with cc65
  7. I had the answer to my question right in front of me I use this for quick assemble/dissassemble of short routines https://www.masswerk.at/6502/disassembler.html There's a full explanation of the instruction set and number of cycles used in the link from that page (https://www.masswerk.at/6502/6502_instruction_set.html), so if I'd opened my eyes I wouldn't have asked.
  8. Both of these are 4 bytes when assembled, how do you figure out that one is 11 cycles and the other 6 cycles?
  9. I just read the article and it is, without doubt, the best piece on DLIs I've seen. I knew the basics already, and I've firgured out some stuff over the past week with trial and error (but it's great to have it confirmed, and to have a good reference for the future), and I've learned some new stuff too. I'm looking forward to you completing those last few points. Some more details on mid screen changes would be nice. Maybe I should do some 2600 coding, that would probably teach me what I need to know. I can't thank you enough for the time and effort you've put into this.
  10. No need to close thread, lets just forget about the turban and let the coders make their version. Back on topic...
  11. A quick scan shows I'll probably need to find a couple of hours to read and digest that article, so might be a couple of days before I post any comments other than tyvm
  12. What's the big problem people are having with the turban? Sikhs wear them into battle and while riding motorbikes, so I don't think there's an issue with a video game character running around a bit.
  13. I have't done a lot with strings in FastBasic but if you read the manual you'll see that you don't need to DIM a string unless you want it to have elements eg. DIM a$(9) a$(1)="hello" a$(2)="atari" a$(3)="world" ?a$(2) display = atari To break up strings you need square brackets eg. a$="hello atari world" b$=a$[7,5] ?b$ display = atari I'm sure DMSC will pop by and help, but reading the manual is always the best starting point.
  14. After a few false starts I'm finally working on a game to completion. This is an early look, nothing is set in stone yet (especially those horrible monsters, they're getting changed)
  15. I'm passing on tape 7 to get archived, although I have no idea if it loads or not. I need a new PSU for my 800xl, so i'll check issue 4 when I get one.
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