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  1. That's a nasty looking cart. I haven't cleaned a cart this bad myself, but if alcohol isn't enough the 8-bit guy uses bicarb and a touch of water then scrubs with toothbrush.
  2. This game went horribly wrong. I actualy missed out on on a land plot then the pirates came in month 8 after I'd save my previous months crystite, and to my horror those damn pirates came back on month 11 - aaarrgghhh! score = 25477
  3. Preppie


  4. Ok, i'll do it like that - thx.
  5. Ok, this is gonna be a little more difficult than I first thought. They all fold out bigger than A4 (the I/O pamphlet is 42cmx59cm) so I'll have to scan in sections and stich them together, which is something I've never done before. Maybe I could scan them and someone with more knowledge of graphic software could stich them together. Or I'd be ok just posting them to someone who knows what they're doing.
  6. Going through my old collection I found some of these promotional pamphlets. They're probably fairly common but if anyone archives these and needs scans give me a shout. I also have a couple of VIC-20 pamphlets and a ZX Spectrum one too.
  7. Preppie

    Old stuff

    Pics of old stuff
  8. Thanks for the input guys, much appreciated. Yeah, the graphics are just functional atm - I haven't even used the 5th character color yet. I'll work on them, but not sure how far my artistic skills will stretch.
  9. Thanks for the link JAC! Looks like the English pages are broken, and google doesn't want to translate the Polish or Czech pages (probably due to not being secure). I'll take a better look at it tomorrow when my brain is functioning enough to figure things out. Thanks Wrathchild, I don't really want to impose on anyone for a test prog like this I'm sure if I look through some old progs I can borrow some effects, just thought there might be a library somewhere. If I write something a bit more substantial I might have to get someone to do the sound properly but not for this one.
  10. Thanks, I've downloaded that but given I have no musical talent I'm not sure it's worth learning how to use it. But who knows, I might find out I'm a closet Mozart. I was hoping for a library of spot effects, is there anything like that about?
  11. I may have read the patreon wrong but I don't think this is a program for the Atari XL, I think it's a PC game based on the old games with the XL denoting Xtra Large I guess. Anyway, good luck to you Mr Adams, your adventures were some of the first games I played back in the 80's.
  12. Made some nice peds trading smithore and making energy after an early fire but then it was crystite to the end and no pirates. score = 42272
  13. Fairly standard game this time score = 35574
  14. Things went well in this game score = 44481
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