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  1. Last 2 years I didn't start coding 'till the event was announced, getting in a few early jabs this time May not come to anything, but it's a fun little routine.
  2. Never played it but a quick search brought up Chopper Rescue by MicroProse???: http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-400-800-xl-xe-chopper-rescue_1049.html
  3. Made a little routine for moving enemies around, maybe the start of a 2022 10liner
  4. I've never seen The Glob, looks interesting I'll have to see if it's on MAME. Slimer has pretty much bitten the dust (as with most the things I start) but the character is one of the few nice gfx I've ever managed to draw, so I'm sure I'll use it somewhere.
  5. Tell him not to start with 'The Children' or it will just be 3 hours of one game
  6. You lucky guys, in '83 at college I had to do COBOL - my God! I hated that language.
  7. That's the crazy thing, people like projects so I think it sold for about the same price as a working model.
  8. It's amazing what a bit of vinigar does, but I think that thing would dry up the whole UK supply.
  9. There's also a little trick that's useful for writing ten liners. IF a=1 THEN b=2:c=1 In this line c will equal 1 regardless of what value a has because the colon acts as a completely new line, unlike Atari BASIC where it acts as an extansion to the current line. IFa=1t.b=2:c=1 IFa=1:b=2:e.:c=1 As you can see, it save 2 bytes over using IF..ENDIF
  10. THEN is used when there's only one possible outcome, otherwise you use IF...ENDIF (with optional ELIF and/or ELSE) which allows you to span multiple lines of code. Simple thing to do is never use THEN and you'll get to grips with it a lot faster.
  11. Hard to say, probably took me a couple of hours but it's the first time I've done anything like this so I was being extra careful. If I was to do it again I could do it in 30mins I guess.
  12. Shipping costs will be calculate indyvidually. should be Shipping costs will be calculated individually.
  13. Are they crazy? - yep https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/194248037231?hash=item2d3a15d36f:g:h4cAAOSwDRdgVcuB edit: didn't realise it was 2mb, still a bit pricey though
  14. If your using FastBasic you can use the DLI command to setup display list interupts instead of writing your own assembly routines. Also, there's a great DLI tutorial here https://playermissile.com/dli_tutorial/
  15. I got this badge for the princely sum of £1 And also a copy of 6502 assembly language subroutines for £10 incl postage https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/114890126364?hash=item1abffc341c:g:gvwAAOSwqglg7bso
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