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  1. I like to see at least a pic or even a gif, and don't mind seeing a video gameplay. But I prefer to wait till the end to play the game and see the source code. I like to try and figure out how it's been written before actualy seeing how it was done.
  2. I didn't start thinking about a game until the competition was announced, and there's over a month to go so there's no rush.
  3. Some nice ways of shortening there. I tested speed in FastBasic(cross compiler), to run them 10,000 times took: A=A+1:IF A>10 THEN A=1 (or a=a+1:if a>10:a=1:endif) 144 jiffies A=1+AAND(A<10) 245 jiffies A=A MOD 10+1 323 jiffies A=A*(A<10)+1 423 jiffies A=1-A*SGN(A-10) 565 jiffies
  4. I doubt anyone will take up the challenge when there's already a better version for the A8.
  5. Awesome, I thought this was just gonna stay a demo but I'm thrilled you actually competed a game with it.
  6. Nothing wrong with competing to win, but you'll have to beat my entry and it makes Patrol look like a game & watch
  7. I don't see it as a competition but a personal challenge, and I think many others do too. So many hobby programmers never actually finish anything, with just 10 lines you can finally make a complete game Anything is acceptable. Do your best, maybe learn some new technique, and have fun.
  8. I think we may as well hand you 1st place now
  9. I know this is about Ataris but in addition to my 800, 800xl, C64 C & zx81 I just got: BBC B Spectrum +2 (grey) Waiting on a PSU to see if the speccy works, and just brushing up on soldering before I attempt a psu recap on the BBC
  10. Thanks Jon, I'll try and smash the 10million when I get time lol
  11. You're a little ray of sunshine aren't you 😂
  12. Looks like there is a UK supplier. Not sure if it's official or if the guy just bought a bunch and is reselling them, probably the later as he only has 1 or 2 of each in stock. https://zxrenew.co.uk/ArcadeR-c58672270 incl postage it's £39.73 or from original supplier it's $35 incl postage (£25.58 after conversion according to google)
  13. In the eighties my hair looked like Morrisseys, now it's more like Homer Simpsons
  14. My only real issue is I don't want to pay $35 for a stick and find out it's faulty and throw it in the bin because I'm not gonna return it to China. If these were on amazon I'd have one ordered by now.
  15. Which adds to the confusion. Similar size/weight items I've bought from china have been less than $1 postage but this site is charging $10 to post that stick. I guess Chinese companies get gov subsidies (shipping is impossibly cheap) but outside buisnesses have to pay full. I'll take another guess and say the Chinese manufacturer wants to be paid in dollars so it's better for retroradionics to get paid in dollars so they don't need to convert £ to $ to pay their manufacturer, and instead pass on that cost to the customer. If I wait a while those sticks will probably make their way to ebay from a chinese seller for $10+50c postage
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