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  1. Wow that looks impressive. However the 7800 is much more comparable to the NES, right? Would be nice to have a scaled down version for the 2600 though. Maybe without background graphics, but with the powerups.
  2. You raised my hopes and dashed them quite expertly, sir. Bravo! Well, that makes it rather disappointing indeed.
  3. Oh, Brik looks nice. Not as complex as Arkanoid, but better than Superbreakout I would say. Have to test it out.
  4. If it's really for n00bs I might watch it. I have no experience in 6502 or Atari coding, so I need to start at zero. Maybe even showing how to setup the toolset.
  5. root42


    Savekey support would be great. I want to buy one at some point anyway, for the games that support highscore saving. Or maybe an Atarivox, but those are currently sold out...
  6. I would say it depends on the TV in question. Are you talking about a modern LCD TV? Some support multiple norms, some don't. My TV at least does 60Hz, but I only have PAL devices. The NTSC cartridges work, but have weird color. Never tried a NTSC console. I also have an A/V mod, so I don't have any problem with RF modulation. Thta should make things easier for you as well, I guess.
  7. Mappy. Mappy, Mappy, Mappy. Love that game! Donkey Kong VCS is also great.
  8. Ok, will check them out. But their website is eyecancer!
  9. That looks exactly like it. Interesting. Well, as long as it works. That being said: are there more professional arcade style controllers available?
  10. Yeah, they look like that, but do work. That being said, I know that with the prober plug it would look much better.
  11. Well, I didn't cut anything up. As I said in the video, these controllers look like there were manufactured on a small scale rather than on an industrial scale. I think the seller is a small shop. The DB9 connector seems a bit "how you doing", but other than that I played a couple of hours already and they seem ok. Alternative to these are used paddle controllers from eBay and the like. Current auctions in Germany have them at 50-80 EUR... The price isn't dirt cheap for these controllers, but I will have quite some hours of fun with them. At some point I'd like to have arcade quality controllers (and I might built some using quality parts), but right now these are "good enough".
  12. See the video description. The shop is called 0711spiele.de. Not affiliated with them, I am merely looking for a way to play paddle games on the Atari.
  13. Since used paddle controllers are really expensive over here in Germany, I bought some new controllers, made by a small company it seems. Never heard of those before, but they seem quite nice. Finally the world of paddle based games has opened up to me! My review of the controllers, along with testplaying a bunch of the allegedly best paddle games:
  14. root42

    2600 with HDMI?

    The AV mod does not introduce lag. It simply removes the RF modulator from the signal path. The composite to HDMI converters in either your TV or the external box will introduce lag. At least a frame but sometimes more. Image processing in your TV might also introduce additional lag. Make sure to turn it into Gaming mode and/or disable all image processing.
  15. root42


    Well, then iOS simply doesn't like the forum software or vice versa. Will watch the videos once I get home to a desktop browser.
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