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  1. After a year I managed to crack the 140k on Mappy. Reached the fourth bonus round. Made some mistake there, so I think 150k is within reach!
  2. That is a solution which I had not thought about, and a very creative one at that!
  3. I have two 2600: one Vader, one Junior. I have only one original power supply. I also bought a replacement switching PSU from Amazon. It works but generates tons of artifacts / noise on the video output on both. So are there better options today? I also don't know how long my original PSU will last, since it has long passed 35 years of age...
  4. Interesting! Seems to be the case indeed. It doesn't happen on my 2600 Vader.
  5. On my Atari 2600 Jr (PAL) with the Circus Convoy Collector's Edition I experience a weird bug when encountering the bunnies: As soon as I touch the bunny, the guide QR code comes up. I can send it back by pressing "Select". Is this known? Or a glitch of my Junior? I have played a bunch of games on it (Scramble, Mappy, some stuff from the Harmony Cart) and so far no other programs produce problems.
  6. Yes, that might be it. Well, the case is currently closed. So if it happens again, I will open it up and reflow all joints in the signal path. Now that it's working I must say: the mod worked brilliantly! Extremely sharp and noise-free output! I am very happy. Much better than the mod I did for my Vader, using parts I had lying around. Edit: Also I reflowed the AV mod cables, so maybe that already did the trick.
  7. Well, all waveforms looked good. So I tried again… and it works! Why? What did I do?
  8. And the red and yellow cable show these waveforms:
  9. Probed Pin 9 of the TIA: it’s looking good.
  10. So I have this Jr, the version without the RF can, PAL. I followed these instructions and removed the 8 components (plus RCA jack) and installed the mod. Sound works, picture works and is SHARP. But it is only black and white, no matter which cartridge I try! Toggling the BW switch doesn‘t help either. What issue might I have? I have a scope and can probe around, but I am not sure what I should probe. I guess I start with Pin 9 of the TIA, which is Color?
  11. Count me in! You already have my email... And thanks for the quick fix!
  12. Same problem here with the Collector‘s Edition on a PAL Vader. I sent them a message via contact form, too.
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