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  1. Thanks for the heads up! Will put you on my watchlist.
  2. I have the same problem on my Philips CRT. I can't see it when using my composite to HDMI converter. I also only see it when contrast is turned to pretty high levels on the CRT. It disappears for some time when I fiddle with the A/V cables. I think improper shielding is at play here. I might get a couple of ferrite rings, maybe they will help. During the day it is usually not noticeable, only in low light with contrast turned up, so the black doesn't look to grey-ish. I think this amplifies this low-level noise, which is probably not in the video signal itself, otherwise it should be visible always.
  3. I have only played this game for two days, and never played the arcade version, so my experience is limited. But maybe I can already give a bit of feedback. First of all: I think the game is great. Technological marvel, the gameplay is also solid. It seems very fast paced. The easy mode seems a tad bit simpler than standard, with one more life, but not much easier. It is really fast paced and this shows as I lost even the first level in the first couple of tries. Right now my skill is at beating round 5 on easy and round 3 on standard. The menu feels a bit janky, i.e. is reacts too quickly to joystick movements? Not sure about that, but it felt more relaxed in Mappy. The latter being much more slowly paced overall. But I guess the arcade version of Zookeeper is similar to this. A whole game definitely takes much less time for me. But maybe that will change in the future when I get better. One minor gripe: Can we use AAA as the default letters for the highscore? PL1 is subjectively so far away from useful letters for the highscore table... I already disliked that in Galagon. The whole gameplay is interesting, much like a reverse breakout. Never seen it before, but alas, we didn't have arcades in Germany when I was a kid. Arcade games were strictly for 18+ grown ups, so were not popular here.
  4. Wow, Frogger is great! Sadly there seems to be only a NTSC version which looks weird on my PAL machine. Did anyone ever make a PAL hack or something like that? It definitely looks soooo much better than the earlier Frogger.
  5. Sounds good. I will use mine on a Philips CM8833 or Commodore 1084S. Not sure which one I will pick. Probably the latter, since it also has the Amiga attached and the Philips already has my Vader attached.
  6. I just got a Jr so I am also looking into this. Seems Tynemouth has some blog articles about modding the Jr: http://blog.tynemouthsoftware.co.uk/2015/02/atari-2600-jr-composite-video-mod.html http://blog.tynemouthsoftware.co.uk/2018/05/easy-atari-2600-vcs-composite-video-mods.html
  7. Paddle based games could be simple enough. Pong, video olympics, breakout...
  8. root42


    Found another bug in Mappy. Get caught by a cat the same moment Hurry comes up. I was stuck and invincible. Until this weird green thing arrived???
  9. I put together a small review of Galagon for those people still on the fence: https://youtu.be/isN4l5Y-C3k
  10. Are you kidding? If not, please storytime!
  11. Yes! The octagonal restrictor. TIL a new word. Your stick is still my main Atari stick. It is really great!
  12. I don’t know either. I have to check them out.
  13. And of course it’s by nanochess. Who else... Thanks for the info!
  14. Thanks for all the great hints! I will test them all out. After all this is no HUGE deal, since the console is almost 40 years old and uses analog video. So I don’t expect a noise free picture. But of course I want to have a decent picture quality anyway...
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