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  1. The markings may well be under the chip. However there are numerous anonymous Chinese 8 pin chips. Some are microcontrollers, but since it gets hot it might as well be a voltage regulator. edit: your supplier's website tells it all. It's a video driver chip: https://media.digikey.com/pdf/Data%20Sheets/Fairchild%20PDFs/FMS6400.pdf Source: http://electronicsentimentalities.com/BA2600Assembly.html
  2. All games first try: Skydiver 26 Spitfire 21810 bermuda 2850 thunderground 43130 (9) I think I like Thunderground the best. Spitfire is pretty immersive though.
  3. Which are those easy variants? I also want to introduce my 4 year olds to some Atari goodness. Original games or homebrew... either are good.
  4. First try: 13412 nice game. Haven’t understood all the game mechanics yet, but it’s fun!
  5. Harmony cartridge with WiFi SD card? Although this almost only makes sense for developers, as you can fit the whole Atari 2600 library including homebrew on one SD card multiple times over…
  6. I died at the end of the maze! Dangit! 15400
  7. Awesome news. May I ask how you proceed to talk to the IP holders in such cases? Do you have to pay license fees? Are they interested at all? Because I would guess that a 2600 homebrew game will sell ... maybe a few hundred copies? Looking forward to the release!
  8. First try: 3200 This is actually a very nice game. Will have to practice a lot more, though. The fast fighter air craft at the end of each side-view level is a bit tough. And the maze to level 3 had me with only one life left -- so I was surprised by those snowflakes...
  9. Good idea. Any hints for the cartridge port on how to best clean it? Contact cleaner spray? Isopropyl on something? It’s probably hard to get to the contacts.
  10. Update: now it’s working again. Maybe I should double check those switches. Might be they are a bit corroded? Will get some contact cleaner spray from a friend…
  11. Mappy is my favorite game on the 2600. Today I noticed that the left difficulty switch doesn't work anymore. It should toggle the placement of the loot. The loot is now always randomized, no matter what. The switch still works — for example in Scramble I can toggle the burst mode. I mostly just swap between Mappy and Scramble these days, sometimes with the occasional Harmony or original game (Missile Command) thrown in. I unplug the Atari after every session on the wall socket. Any ideas what might be wrong with the cart?
  12. Second try with Franke stein: 910 i actually quite like this game.
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