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  1. Awesome, thank you guess for responses!
  2. I recently bought a 5200 only came console and a game..... Only cord off of it is the audio/video cord. Can someone point me in correct direction to get others. Doesn't HAVE to be original. Thanks
  3. Right, well hope to pick up some more games, and a few more systems. Always on the look out! Like i said the other "intellivison" family, and a Colecovision, are my next. Do have an Aqarius in my area for sale...... might take a peek
  4. Yeah there is/was one for $1200....on eBay. REALLY!? come on. Just the case.
  5. Got ya,like to find a super arcade. Just to have.
  6. Nice, yeah i paid $15. about 10 games with all manuals and controller slides, and case. again though it was a original intellivision.
  7. Yeah, I am going to keep it, and use it I suppose when I take one somewhere. Just interesting to know what things are worth in general. Also it's nice to know for what I paid for it, compared to what it's worth.
  8. Yeah I told the guy it wasn't the right intellivision, because I assumed it was supposed to be he super arcade. The condition of all the games and Intellivision lead me to believe that it's been in there since the late 80 and store inside. Has anyone checked on pricing, again I was told $250 plus. What did you guys pay for your, or when did you get. THANKS AGAIN
  9. i assumed so, but i read that they dont fit great either. i would love to get a hold on a Super Video Arcade. Someone said between $250-$300? that would be awesome because of what i paid for all of this.... Again though, im not a collector to be selling things. Only buy what i want to keep, and will sell copies.
  10. Would me redoing the guts of the case help, or hurt that. Obviously try to get as close to the actual foam i can, and make it look really nice.
  11. Yeah I just got done wiping it all down and making look nice. Is it supposed to be a intellivision 2 supposed to be in it? Was it just a case for anything? Because mine had a original intellivision in it. Didn't fit well.
  12. Also any idea on what this is worth. I see one on eBay for $1200 which I think is ridiculous, it's different so maybe it is. I only know what i paid for it, so just interested. Not selling anyways. I don't collect to make money, just interested. Thanks
  13. Hey all, have some things I would like to show you all. Probably nothing new on here but I always find it interesting to see other people's finds and get an idea on prices. Also love to see some of the rare and not so average things. These pictures are my latest pickups, interesting to me. Both consoles work fine. Please any reply or posts on pricing or information is much appreciated, thanks! P.s.-I Collect all types of games and systems, 30 in total. Lately (last two years) it's been more cartridge games.
  14. Thanks for the quick response! Well always something else to work on, lol. Don't know if interested but here is mine, hope I could track down info or anything to redo it to original. Mine says Sears on it, like yours, so I'm pretty sure it's for the "Super Video Arcade". My 2600 does fit in it, but not perfect. Thanks in advance.
  15. any updates on this? I have almost the same case, and want to redo it. Looking for where i can get the same type of foam.
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