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  1. 25 in front of me i hope i have a chance to get one here in canada.....
  2. hi SainT thx for your work for the comunity i was wondering if the run of 100 u will do for the US if that Include Canada to im sitting on number 70 thx
  3. 70in front of me im from Canada have my finger crossed
  4. Hi sainT i understands everyone need a break in life at some point especially if i dont enjoy what i are doing..... im glad to read that the project is not dead i been waiting for years for this devise.... i just have 1 question i was 90 on the waiting list, will i have to re-order when the project restart or we keep our spot. NANUK
  5. ok now i want one ill wait next month as i just bought a couple of old system for colection
  6. cant wait for the JAGSD just bought a JAGUAR for this
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