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  1. What about the PC-4 and 8?
  2. What does this have to do with Pocket Computers sold in the 1980's?
  3. There's a TON of software for the TRS-80 Pocket Computer 1/3 and 2. Is there any software at all for the Pocket Computer 5,6, or 7? I haven't seen any on eBay or in any Radio Shack catalog. The PC-2 has graphics and a color printer. Do the PC-5,6, or 7 have any features the PC-1/2/3 don't have? Most of my collection is CoCo 3/ Model 200 and contemporary hardware. In this case, it actually looks like the Pocket Computer line went downhill after the 3A and I'm better off going back a generation. (No offence intended if you happen to be a PC-5/6/7 fan.)
  4. Thanks Bluejay! I didn't think so, but I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing out on anything.
  5. Someone had some Model 100 software for sale. Not Basic programs, but the tapes you would have bought at Radio Shack in the good old days. I assumed they were not compatible with the 200. Am I wrong?
  6. No, that link is to the manual, not the ROM. Do you have a link to the ROM?
  7. Where can I get a Tandy Multisolutions ROM for the Tandy 200?
  8. Is there software available to use this with the IIgs? If so, I want one.
  9. I agree 100%. It is NOT a useless game console, it's a computer. Yes, it can play Pac-Man. Ther's also Atariwriter, Syncalc, and the Print Shop.
  10. Thank you! Their on the way!
  11. Where can I get power supplies for my 200 and PDD?
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