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  1. I never played it - I guess you could say I myst it - but I always liked the artwork. That's probably why it was such a big hyt. I heard the Brytish Lybrary icon set was partly based on Myst.
  2. MarkO, are you there? Check your messages.
  3. I found one on the Color Computer Archive, but I was hoping for something bigger.
  4. How do I create a virtual *Hard* disk on a CoCo SDC? I don't care if it's a .dsk, .vhd, .big, or whatever, I just want the largest drive possible without any unnecessary complications. I understand that's about 2 gig. The SDC Explorer command to create a disk makes a floppy image. Can I resize it?
  5. I prefer the late 70's to late 80's (especially late 80's that are backward compatible to the 70's) tv, tape disk and cartridge systems like Tandy Color, Atari, Commodore, Specravideo/MSX, Acorn, Thomson, etc., first, and second, similar computers that don't have cartridge slots, like Apple and Oric. For practical reasons, (time, money, space) I have decided to limit the collection to Tandy CC3, Apple IIgs, Atari 130XE, and Commodore 128. The problem is, I don't collect just that computer, but also related and/or contemporary computers from the same company. So, some kind of Model 4, a 200, //c, SX64, and Plus 4. My Atari is lonely.
  6. Make offer. LOCAL PICK UP ONLY. I'm in southwestern Oregon. Over 25 years ago, a friend gave me this. Having done almost nothing with it in all that time, I think it's time to let it go. It's not that I don't like it, it's just not my syle, or my era, of 8-bit. Having spent so much time in storage, it will need some restoration.
  7. I like the story, except for the end. (Just what you wanted. The first reply from a CoCo fan. ) http://nickmarentes.com/ProjectArchive/crasher.html Maybe the CoCo 6, like the 16 in real life, would have been released with dual processors, and total Model IIg compatibility. On the other hand, if that ibm thing had failed like it should have, what would have taken the place of the 2000? In my opinion of your version of history, the Model IIc should have color in 1984. But then, would the CoCo have lasted?
  8. Sometime between Tuesday and Thursday. Tracking says it's still in Sacramental. I'd like to clarify my original question. I'm pretty happy with what the IIgs (or is it properly //gs?) has built in and I don't want to disable any of it. But there are 8 slots. One is for memory. One is for the hard drive. That leaves six empty slots. I *have* to put something in them. What's available, that I don't have to disable anything for? Aunty Entity, thanks for the info on networking stuff. I'm guessing I'll be asking you a few questions about that later. So far, I only want to connect the //gs to the CoCo 3 as an OS9 terminal, and the //c+ to the //gs. This will require the use of one serial port, and the misuse of the other. I'll just have to print from one of the other computers.
  9. Ok, forget the Apple Ethernet. Uthernet looks interesting. What about the Workstation Card? Of course I don't expect full internet access with the Apple, but anything it can do will be fun.
  10. Hey, wait a minue! According to the Pineapple ][ Hardware Database, APPLE MADE AN ETERNET CARD!!! What slot does that go in? Do I have to diable anything for it?
  11. My absolute favorite computer ever is - shocking as it may seem here - not an Apple but a Tandy Color Computer 3. It's about 90% backward compatible with the CoCo 1 & 2. What percentage of IIe software will the IIgs run? The CoCo 3 combines the support chips of the 1&2 into a single super chip called the GIME (Graphic Image & Memory Enhancer.) This chip is compatible with CoCo 1 & 2 bank swithcing but adds the ability to access up to 2MB RAM. It supports the old graphics modes (256X192 in 2 colors, 128X192 in 4 colors, 8 colors total) but adds 320X192 in 16 colors, 640X192 in 4 colors, out of 64 colors total. Software written for the CoCo 1 & 2 can't use any of these advanced features. Now some of you claim that the similarly upgraded Apple III and IIgs are not Apple II's because of the additional hardware. That is logically identical to saying the CoCo 3 isn't a CoCo, an amusing claim no one in the CoCo Community has ever made. BTW, software written for the Apple II+ can't access the additional features of the IIe or IIc. I guess those aren't Apple II's either. Ok, Now go ahead and flame me. I didn't come here to add to the mysterious hostility of this discussion, but if all you want to do is argue, I guess that's what you're going to do. Have a nice day.
  12. What about the Apple Video Overlay card?
  13. Thanks, this helps. I don't plan on disableing *anything* built in, but if it's absolutely necesary, I will keep slot 4 in mind. What are the VidHD and Phasor? What other cards don't use a slot? (That sounds silly, doesn't it? Of course I have to put it in a slot. I can't just lay it beside the computer and axpect it to work. But I think it's obvious I mean a slot in the memory map. Isn't it? I think it's also obvious my brain is tired. I'll see you in the morning.) (Isn't my //gs here yet? I ordered it a t about 3:00. Shouldn't it be here by now?)
  14. I got one! I got one! I got one! Oh. Excuse me. I'm a little exited. By the time you read this, my new Apple //gs may already be in the mail! I know the //gs uses "virtual slots", that is, the built in hardware is mapped like it's in IIe slots. Many optional cards require the internal hardware to be disabled because they use the same space. There are other cards that don't require anything to be disabled. Where can I get a complete list of those? What about the SCSI card? I assume I can use Hard and floppy drives at the same time. Where does it go?
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