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  1. OOps, this was supposed to go in the general Classic Computing section. How did I get in Apple? Moderator, can you move the post? If not, please delete it and I'll start over.
  2. I have some experience with Sinclair computers, and I'm still interested in them even though I don't currently have one. I was looking up some sinclair hardware and noticed something strange. Sinclair sold a 512k (strangely labeled "0.5 Megabyte") RAM expantion that plugged in to the expantion slot. They also sold a third party disk system with their name on it. It plugged in to the expantion slot. If I get a QL, Sinclair RAM expantion, and Sinclair brand disk system, how do I use both?
  3. Wow, they even have an Apple 1 manual!
  4. So the IIe can network. What does the e have that the c+ doesn't? They're compatible enough that it seems like if an e can network, a c+ should be able to.
  5. In the 1990's it would have sold for $1 at goodwill.
  6. So what Tandy 200 software supports the DVI and what doesn't?
  7. I know the Tandy 200 will work with the Disk Video Interface, but how much software is actually compatible? Some manuals, like MultiSolutions, say the the program is "not designed" for use with the DVI. Does that mean it won't work, will work but not corrrectly, or what?
  8. I had some Kaypro and other CP/M at one time. I'm hoping to get back into CP/M just for the fun of it on my Commodore 128. CP/M will not use most of that computers capabilities. Check eBay. You should be able to find disks, books, and almost any compatible hardware. I don't know if it's available for the II, but there is a Kaypro version of the FreHD, an SD drive originally for the TRS-80. I remember playing Space Invaders and Clones on the Kaypro II or 2 in my high school computer class. I'm sure it used character based graphics, but it was pretty good. There are rumors of high resolution graphics boards in old magazines, maybe or maybe not for the II, but you are more likely to find a needle in a haystack, Win the lottery without buying a ticket, and get on the internet with a Timex Sinclair 1000, than to find one of those boards on ebay. Finding software that uses it is even harder. The best way to add graphics to a Kaypro is to get one of those old terminals with vector based graphics. Some were even color. The resolution was shockingly high - somthing like 1024X768. CP/M can be made to use a serial port or the built in terminal. You could set it up like a mobile device with a dock. This might help: archive.org/details/kayproprofiles
  9. At least two desktops, three or more word processors, two spreadsheets, two or three databases, three graphics editors, a desktop publisher, communications, two Pascals and a basic. And that's just what I know of. No, not a lot going on with the Apple II mouse.
  10. Where can I order a replacement memory backup battery for my IIgs? I understand mine is a time bomb rushing for it's last tick. There is only one eBay seller who has them, and he's too stupid to understand that the Post Office delivers to P.O. boxes.
  11. No. XP can't be vintage because it's for PC's and PC's can't be vintage. "Vintage" or "classic"=8 bit. I guess maybe some 68000 and similar stuff could be considered sort of classic like. I just consider them old. XP is the best PC OS ever, and I will probably keep my Samsung Q1 series and Viliv UMPC's long after I dispose of my Windows 10 junk. But I will never consider them "classic" or "vintage."
  12. Here's the magazines: commodore.bombjack.org/generic/magazines/compute/compute.htm He has a link to some of the disks but it looks like they're all Commodore. I tried searching archive.org, but got an error message. Maybe by the time you read this it will be working again.
  13. It won't be used for that all the time. That's the idea. I have that. Sometimes a direct connection is more convinient. Or just more fun. There is no microphone jack. One way or another, I will connect the IIc Plus to the IIgs for file transfer. It seems to me that since the printer will also be on the network, using AppleTalk instead of xmodem will at least save a serial port.
  14. Is the problem in hardware or software? Is there a way to fix it?
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