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  1. Hello, I am Matsuda123. I've recently begun a mission to find the AKIRA prototype for the Sega Genesis, and possibly the SNES. I've had some progress so far, and I feel I am inching closer to finding, or perhaps, getting closure at least. AKIRA is my favorite movie, and it's really sad that the games never came out in the 16-Bit era. :/ I'm desperate to find the game. I have been contacting as many developers from Hand Made Software, THQ, and Black Pearl as I can, but it is unfortunately tremendously difficult to find them online these days. I was wondering, has anyone here come into contact with the following people: Rob Nicholson Matthew Harmon Ed Ouano Shanti Traskowski Seemingly anyone who worked on Kasumi Ninja If so, do you still have the contact information, and would you be willing to PM me the contact info? I'm really desperate to find this game, and hopefully, share it with the world. These four names in particular seem to be the most closely linked to AKIRA from what I have gathered thus far.
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