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  1. Interesting isn't it. I *think* this was a Jeffery Stanton creation. He showed it off at one of our User Group meetings in about 1985. It wowed the crowd at its brilliance. He went on to write the Graphics and Arcade game design book that, along with Atari Roots and De-Re (and the Tom Hudson Analog) Tutorials can turn any decent basic programmer into a full fledged hardcore 8bit game developer for the Atari computers
  2. Wow, that is hard to find. Moby Games only has it listed for the Apple Ii and IIGS. The Amiga Boards and even C64 boards seem to not have it listed, and of course neither does Atari Mania. Odd. Looks like it might be fun if we ever find it.
  3. I like Stardust A LOT too. The STE version of Wolf#d isn't too shabby either.
  4. Always check Atari Crypt and AtariLegend for the latest STE games and ports. Check out Obsession Pinball first. It is actually the best STE game.
  5. There is a hack in the TOSEC library (Attached). This probably won't help, but it was the only other version I could fibd. Billy Boy (1997)(Stosser)(SW).zip
  6. For titles released in the 80's, Food Fight an Galaga are pretty damn good using the TIA
  7. I think we wrote a program just like this and called it "catalog.bas", mimicking the Apple IIe CATALOG command. We would copy it to every basic disk we had. Good times.
  8. Here is a compilation of 8 and 16K games that I have on my ultimate cart. 16k-8K Games.zip
  9. Cool Novelties usually has them if you find that they are out of stock elsewhere. https://coolnovelties.co.uk/coolnovelties/atari-st-video-cables/43-atari-ste-rgb-scart-video-cable-with-stereo-audio-0705693505428.html
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