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  1. That's awesome. No rush though. Be it would be really nice to able to make some A8 games in C for sure!
  2. Being a C programmer, I'd love to buy a tutorial in e-book form (or shit, I'd pay for a notepad txt file) on how you make a game and use the Atari capabilities using CC65.
  3. I liked the beginning of this thread when the OP asked about the hidden capabilities of the Atari machines, before it devolved into C64 v Atari 8bit platform. That is always a fun discussion, but ultimately splits the community and takes people angry and go to their corners (not saying that has happened here, butit might get that far). What are the best tricks that haven't been discovered in the last 20 years tha twere not known or used much (if at all) from 1979 to 1991? How does a multi-colored sprite multiplexer work? I do see awesome demos out there, but Atari Blast is a demo as a game is kicks ass over almost every other Atari 8bit (and many C64 games I would guess) games. How was that done? Can the 16 colors 1 luminance Antic modes really be used for a game? Is there any way to easily swap the missile colors to not be the same at the player colors?
  4. Atari Blast and X:8 are my favorites.
  5. I need to open up my STE and see how many chips the rom set is (I guess 2 because I don't think there were 6 chip STEs) I'll send you a PM when I figure out what I'll need. How much $$ are you charging for a set?
  6. Nice work PP! I'm going to have to pull these out and play them. Did you put your new TOS on roms chips that we can purchase yet?
  7. works great in Stella 6.01 Windoes Now i need to update the Retron77 to Stella 6.01 to test it!
  8. Retrogamer Magazine is NOT Atari friendly. They pay lip service, and have over the years changed their tune slightly fron "The Amiga version was just a toss ST port" to "There is little separating the ST and Amiga ports". They sometimes cover Atari, but not in every issue. Their "books" are a kind of a joke (although I own most of them).
  9. Cool tech demo! I'd love to see a Contra style game implemented well on the 8bits.
  10. I interested in getting some of these for the Jag (although I have a huge library of ST software and an STE right next to my Jag). Have the Jag ports been updated in anyway (music, sound, speed to run faster than 8mhz), or do they run the same as on the ST? I don't need to pay $70 for a game I can boot up and play already on the STE, but I'd love to have some of them for the Jag.
  11. Hey Darren, We Backed of course (Steve and I both). 8bitrocket.com and the Into The Vertical Blank: Generation Atari Podcast is fully behind any great Atari books that come out. I have heard of some of the squabbles over content, and while I don't like some things I have heard, this book is too important NOT to come out. One thing though, I have a programming book for the Atari 800 that is almost EXACTLY the same cover of your book. I know that book is out of print. Did you choose this cover because of that book? Atari Color Graphics by Joseph W. Collins? I just want to make sure you won't have nay legal troubles getting the book out. That being said, the publishing company is out of business. (Arrays, Inc), and I can't Find Joseph W Collins on linkedin, in, etc. The book was published in 1984, and it takes 70 years for any part of it to fall into the public domain. I would just be careful and ensure that your cover is different enough to satisfy any right holders to the old Arrays, Inc copy rights. Peace and good luck. I can't wait for my copy to arrive!
  12. Completely amazing. $$ --->Champ Games. Boxed Game ---> Jeff
  13. Saw this the other day, it was an incredible video. Champ games has outdone themselves again! Here's money please send game!
  14. GFA Basic wasn't a bad little game development platform. The 8bit version of Mr Robot certainly could have been ported identically on an STE with GFA. This is pretty good. The sounds sound like a few samples from the Atari 800 version.
  15. On an STE this would work, it would be a little slow on an ST, but there are some good examples of 3d racing (Vroom), that use 3d math rather than sprite scaling.
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