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  1. Love it, man! This is a really fun game!
  2. Here's the MAGE manual scan if anyone needs it. It's a pretty good product, hampered by the fact that when the yreleased ti they refused to let PD Developers use it. I'm pretty sure they don't care noe. Dave Munsie was involved and made some fo the games abd wrote a lot of the engine. MAGE.pdf
  3. @ParanoidLittleMan Just in case you or anyone want it, I have created a new version of you Uridium HD version with the C64 soundtrack. It's attached. URIDA64.zip
  4. PP, I got the new sound file in Uridium to work using your HD image. I need to defrag the sound file though as I hear the problems with it now😃 So no need for a new image (unless you made one, because I'll take it!!), i can use the 1000 game one. I'll test on a real machine later and see how it works. Great job on all the hard work!!!
  5. PP, I'd love to have a new 100MB image to use as a base for playing on Hatari! That would be awesome!
  6. @ParanoidLittleMan I have another question for you. I am trying to replace the aud file on Uridium with a raw no header file version of the C64 sound track. I think i have created the file properly based on your documentation. When I us Harari and copy the Uridium folder to a new ACSI 80MB image, I get the "Error in getting file location" error no matter which aud file I use. i tried mine and a I also tried the two you put in the files folder (aud and aud1). None of them work on this new image. I have been able to get the game to run once or twice off of the 1000 Game HD image you created, but I don't want to copy any files to that image. The MAC doesn't have defragging tools anymore as they are supposedly not needed. Do you think this is a fragmentation problem on the image or the souce sound file I am copying to the image? Note that Xenon2A also has a problem on this image, but I can run it from you 1000 Game image. Should I attempt to make a copy of your image and replace the aud files to see if that works? Any special tricks you can think of would be appreciated. Thanks, _Jeff
  7. Looks pretty cool and the Atari shirt is AMAZEBALLZ!
  8. Good stuff on this disk! Homesoft is an incredible resource!
  9. I've been playing al ot lately with GFA and STOS. The biggest benefit for GFA is incredible speed and a very robust language. STOS has a lit of additional extensions and tools that make it easy to create optimized games for both the ST and STE. It's easy to target the blitter and PCM stereo sounds, or just use plain old samples and fast sprites (not STOS sprites, but BOBs). Nit many people used these functional originally and they are mostly created by one or tow great extensions coding individuals and teams. I still think GFA can make better overall programs and even games, but the code examples and even documentation for the latest version (3.5) are sparse.
  10. Yes, Star Island is pretty good. It would make a nice 5200 conversion.
  11. The Kaybee near us didn't have those disks, but did have 3 or 4 Thorne EMI carts in the cool clamshell plastic boxes. I still have three of them : Kick Back, Sodder and River Rescue from my original purchases in 1984/ They were also $5.00 each.
  12. GFA 3.5 is Fantastic! I have trouble getting it to do some things (blitter, pre-rolled sprites, etc), but as a language, it is FAST and can pretty much do anything.
  13. If you check out the interviews and editorials in the Atari ST magazines on Archive.org, you can find out A LOT. There is no good book out about this yet, but a couple people are working on at least one.
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