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  1. Interested in a Boxed Normal version at the very least. Is there a waiting list?
  2. I really like How Druid does Gauntlet better than Gauntlet.
  3. Not much to add other than i will buy one from you if you want to sell them.
  4. I went to the 1989 one at Disneyland here in California. The only mention of it I've seen today is in an old ST-Log magazine. But yes, I'd love to see a video of it too. Piles and piles of 2600, 7800, ST and EXGS games and software, etc. It was great!
  5. I think there was one that wasn't available, like #7, but yeah, basically all of them!
  6. Ok, I did it. i got every issue you have in English!
  7. They did Millipede. It's pretty good. They also did Joust, Battlezone, Missile Command, Star Raiders, etc as Blue Box 1986 and 1987 USA releases. I don't think they were afraid of classic Atari games on the platform. I think they just put their budget were it was best used.
  8. There is no language selection for 2019 (#14) or 2021 (#15). Are they only available in German?
  9. jefffulton


    Thanks, this will work too!
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