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  1. I really like the ST version. It was a "Blue Box" game that came with my Federated Group Purchased 1040STF. It compares (to me) very favorably tot he 8bit game. That just my opinion.
  2. It looks like Sun Shu Shi is back with the original developer and he is preparing a full release for the ST.
  3. Wow, great work, thanks for supporting the community!
  4. It's available digitally too I'm pretty sure. Take a look here for more: https://archive.org/search.php?query=compute atari st
  5. Look for the"Making the Most of you ST" sections in early ST User Magazines. Issues 1 and 2 have some cool small stuff and starting in issue three they have an ST Basic series on Animation. In vole 2 issue 2, when it starts to become a full magazine, not just a section on Atari User, you'll find that they have moved on to C, BUT there should be "5 liners" that can be used in various versions of basic. I loved ther ST basic interface, and if the yhad just ironed out some of the bugs and supplied a compiler early on, it could hace been a nice way for A LOT of Gem programs and games to have been created in PD.
  6. The Early ST User, ST Log and Start magazines had a lot of type-ins.
  7. I'm sure I have some. Try the Compute ST books. They were usually based around the Logo and Basic that came with early STs.
  8. All of your games have been great so far and this one is possibly my favorite. It really is the ultimate version of Frogger if you think about it, but ti's so mucvh more. Nice job.
  9. I do like Druid, I also think the first person style games like Wayout did a great job of this. ... I have a list I made of a few I tested last week: International Karate The Brundles Mercenary - Escape from Targ XEGS Commando Encounter Infiltrator Gremlins Jet Boot Jack Lord of the Orb Operation Blood Rally Speedway Pryamid Rally Speedway Rainbow Walker Timeslip Twilight World Humanoid Blaster Bristles ... there are more. These are games that look good and remind me of great console games
  10. Interested in a Boxed Normal version at the very least. Is there a waiting list?
  11. I really like How Druid does Gauntlet better than Gauntlet.
  12. Not much to add other than i will buy one from you if you want to sell them.
  13. I went to the 1989 one at Disneyland here in California. The only mention of it I've seen today is in an old ST-Log magazine. But yes, I'd love to see a video of it too. Piles and piles of 2600, 7800, ST and EXGS games and software, etc. It was great!
  14. I think there was one that wasn't available, like #7, but yeah, basically all of them!
  15. Ok, I did it. i got every issue you have in English!
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