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  1. Sorry about the necropost. He made several different versions. Not sure if that is the actual "All-in-one". The "All-in-one" brought trouble from copyright holders and he had to put a disclaimer on the cart that said "not for sale or trade etc" I will post a photo if I can find one but I might have to dig it out (a lot of my old cart photos are used all over the internet now...). There werent very many of them made. Atarimax is better for playing your games but the all-in-one is for serious collectors only, so much so that most have no idea. p.s. actually that's my photo of my actual cart on this page lol: http://www.colecovision.dk/kelly.htm Cant really read there but the disclaimer is the smaller text on the top of the label.
  2. Regarding completing the library, I am a purist in terms of getting the 129 complete if that is the current number. I need to do an inventory but I am probably around 110-ish, mostly loose, but a few goodies like CIB SuperSketch in there. Got a YurkieVision and an AtariMax cart to enjoy it on the modern tv in the living room without handling my collection too much. I also have a Colecovision homebrew collection which is kinda separate in my mind. I have a few gems from over the years (Ms. Space Fury, Steamroller, Dig-Dug, Joust, Pac-Man, Sean Kelly's all-in-one, etc) and mostly interested in the Pixelboy and Opcode releases in the more current era. One of the lucky ones that got in on SGM first run; waited 30 years for that and I dont care that there are only a few games - just as many as PS4! lol... I must say that the current homebrew scene is amazing and is hard to keep up with. Just picked up Lord of the Dungeon from CVZone but missed StarCom I guess.
  3. I presume that that link has been thoroughly vetted. I am not sure how much maintenance that list/site receives. On a related note, does the Colecovision FAQ need an update? v4.1 seems to be the latest revision and is pretty thorough, as is v4.0, but its gettin on 8 years old. That has been the only real good compilation of this information that seems to have survived over the years. Wouldnt want to update it willy-nilly though... Perhaps that can be converted into a wiki? If noone properly records stuff, it seems to get lost over time. Like people sorta forgetting or not knowing that eColeco made cartridge runs of stuff like Yolk's on You, FallGuy etc. while technically being the Official License Holder after the crash. We call them repros but really they were basically the only legit releases of those games, even if some (most?) were unfinished and released as they were. They had the right to copy the roms into new carts, put stickers on them (or make ad-hoc stickers) and release them for sale, which they did; they did not seem to bear any identifying markers to indicate that they were from eColeco though. They didnt "hack" the roms, they owned them and the rights. Fits into that esoteric category like Telegames. Not suggesting this is or isnt or should or shouldnt be in the FAQ but just sayin. I had a post from 2006 or something that I think had a copy/paste from an ecoleco employee email. As people come and go from the forums, sometimes the information they possess goes with them and memories fade.
  4. Well, its effectively a hobby but he is just so hardcore that he actually makes an SGM and then is gracious enough to go to a lot of trouble to build a bunch for us and now life issues like you describe are more pressing for him at the moment I presume. And afaik, yes Opcode games is just Eduardo. Hang in there is all I can offer.
  5. Hate that. Worst part is that a majority of those sellers would ship to Canada if you sent a PM, but you dont know about it if it doesnt come up. I did find a workaround for that somehow I think... I have some success with "Location Worldwide" which often produces results that dont come up on ebay Canada. And yes, Alcazar CIB is a tough one. I got one 6-8 years ago and might have got it that very way. Click my sig and Alcazar photo is right at the top. I need to update that site bad and I wish my hit counter was working because a lot of people have visited that site over the last 7 years lol. It comes up high on google when you search colecovision collection.
  6. Look, Eduardo is the real deal. As people have stated, he gets busy. Honestly I dont know how he even pulled this off for us. If it makes you feel better, I waited 30 years for my SGM. When there were some delays and him going out of contact etc, i just figured I waited this long, whats a couple more months. Be more concerned that things in his life are going ok than him scamming you. Seems to me that he gives too much of himself and maybe that is part of the problem. Cheers
  7. Ya agreed, I loved Pepper II. I dont remember having any anticipation for it, just getting the game and then playing the hell out of it.
  8. The reason I wanted a CV when I was a kid was for Lady Bug. It did NOT disappoint. Nothing else mattered.
  9. Received my SGM today. Thanks Eduardo! Been waiting 30 years for this.
  10. Was I supposed to get a shipping confirmation email? I preordered and am in Canada.
  11. Cant say it better, so ditto that. Besides there is often little quirky stories regarding stuff, particularly original SGM back in the day. Add this to Colecovision Lore.
  12. Personally I think the homebrew community on CV is more active than ever. The fact that someone is actually going to the trouble to make the SGM is proof of that.
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