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  1. Just a follow-up to this issue. I received help from gp2000 (at the TRS-80 discord server). He sent me a dmk disk with the fixed version of MORLOC.BAS. You can download it here: https://gofile.io/?c=VProRD His modifications to the program: His reasoning for that: To get it running (in case you're using trs80gp as the emulator): trs80gp -m3 morlock2.dmk 01/01/80 BASIC <enter> 45000 RUN"MORLOC Thanks again, gp2000!
  2. Hi, I've been trying to run this game called Morloc's Tower (v2.0) that I downloaded from willus.com/trs80 (it's file # 125814). When I run the program, I get this message: "You can't run unless you protect memory." I tried changing memory when I boot in (using trs80gp emulator), and that makes the error go away, but it still throws some other error about breaking at certain line #. Any help with getting this game running, please? I can run the other versions of Morloc's Tower on that page just fine. Just v2.0 is being a pain. (obviously, as you can tell I'm completely new to the world of TRS-80) Thanks for any assistance. [just an fyi: I asked this question in another trs-80 forum, but haven't had a response yet. So I'm trying my luck here]
  3. Speedy Spides (1984) Developer: Ahead Designs Publisher: Reader's Digest Services The manual for it is on Apple's asimov.net. (link) If you have the DSK, NIB, or better yet, the newer formats WOZ / A2R, please do share. Thank you sincerely.
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