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  1. Thanks for the reply. The contacts looks nice and clean, but I will try cleaning them again. I will try cleaning the contacts again on the cart and I will try the contacts on Atari. I thought it was strange that the cart is dead, but I will keep trying.
  2. Hi all I wonder if you can help me. I purchased from a local shop in the UK a, don't laugh, a E.T cartridge cheap with other games only as I have always wanted to see what the fuss was about. So I brought it home and tried it and it was either black screen or color bars and blocks or whatever. So I give it several cleans with alcohol and a q tip and I did manage to get it to flash colour blocks, bars and long beeps or crashed sound effect. I cleaned it about 10 times, and I tried to use a eraser on the contacts. and still the same. But I couldn't get to the side nearest the casing side as it was to tight. The contacts now look really clean but the game don't work. My system is fine as it loads everything else up so any advice, as I don't fancy taking the cart apart in case I mess the label up to get the screw out. thanks in advance. Anthony
  3. Hi all I am after some information. I totally forgot that from a local charity shop a few years ago I pick up a saturn with 2 controllers and 3 games for £10 in good condition. May not seem like nothing special, but on the saturn is a label as below (sorry about the quality, phone pics) sticker on saturn by acharris_77, on Flickr This does looked like it was owned by acclaim at some point, but I cant find out any information about saturns. I dont remember it being able to play "unofficial discs" as I tried, but also the controllers dont have the regular connectors either. The controllers have got 9 pin D connectors which has the end on a short lead which plugs into the saturn, so basicly a saturn to 9 pin connector. I am just trying to get some information and a little history as I assume it was registered to acclaim due to the serial number. Any help is appreciated Also I have posted over at a sega saturn forum to see if I can get any information. Thanks.
  4. Hi all I need some electronic advice. I picked myself up a old vintage computer battleship board game. I need to repair the battery connectors and the game uses 2 x PP3 9v batteries. Now I know that the game is suppose to have 2 x PP3 batteries connectors to put in the 2 batteries. My friends one has 2 connectors with 2 red leads and 2 black leads, but the one I bought had broken connector, but only 1 connector with 1 x red and 1 black lead. there was 2 batteries in the compartment taped together but I could not see how they could have run it with 1 connector, broken at that. I took it apart and had a look and only the wires of the 1 connector are soldered to the board, no broken wires or anything, just 1 pp3 connector. So I was wondering if anyone knew of a fix that I could do so that I could run 2 x PP3 connector clips and connect the 2 9v batteries so I can give it the 18 volts it needs to run. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Need advice. Following on from the above thread. I have managed to get the Famicom Disk System to work on the Super 8 on my SNES, but my only problem is I had to remove all the casing from the super 8, the FDS RAM cartridge and the SNES game used to work with the Super 8. Even then the FDS RAM cart was at a slight angle but I did get power to it. What I was wondering is could I use a adaptor to lift the FDS Ram cart up as I dont mind using one of my old common games without its casing but dont fancy running everything without casing. Please note I am in the UK so we never had the games like gyromite with the adaptors in so I would need something available in the UK. Otherwise my other option is to get a AV modded Famicom which I wont mind but would rather explore the super 8 idea further. Thanks for any advice.
  6. Thanks for the quick reply I think I might actually give that a try first before I go looking to buy a famicom at least it will give me a chance to see if the device is working though I did buy it on the thing that the belt might have gone on it as when they tried loading up a game it didnt load but he said he think that it was the disk was corrupt but I will see when I get it working. Thanks again. Anthony
  7. Hi all, I need some advice. I managed to pick up a Famicom Disk system the other day for £20 gbp. I want to test it and I was looking at ways I can with what I got. I know it needs a famicom ideally but all I got in PAL nes toaster. I have seen on the net people have got one running on a toaster using a adaptor and game genie. I was wondering if this would work on a UK NES or would I have to disable the region lock out and also over here we didnt have the games with the adaptors built in like gyromite so that is not a cheap option. My second idea of running it was seeing as I have a PAL SNES and I also own a Tristar/super 8 adaptor can I use this setup over her to run a FDS on a PAL system or does the Tristar have the same region lock protection as a regular NES? Also would I be right in assuming that a Sega Mega Drive 1 DC power supply 10v would be able to power the FDS without causing damage to the FDS?? Thanks in advance for any help that is offered. Anthony
  8. The Simpsons The episode where Mario is on a tour bus and they stop at the Simpsons house and then they have Homer throwing barrels and mario jumping just like the game.
  9. Thanks for that, I cleaned the cart slot and now I get sound and if I turn the brightness way up and tilt it at an angle, I can see a faint screen and some garbled display. Nevermind, it is OK for spares and I got one working out of the 2 for the £7 GBP, so I am happy. Just curious thats all to learn about the consoles. Anthony
  10. Hi all I need some information on an Lynx problem. I bought 2 x Mk2 lynx's from ebay here in the UK for £7. Both were sold as faulty so I knew they were going to be projects to make the best of the 2. The 1 which the guy said wont load any games worked with rampage I bought from ebay to try on it, but the pad and buttons were really unresponsive, so I took it all apart and cleaned the contacts and stuff on the plastic and now it works fine and I am really happy as I think it was a good price for it. The 2nd lynx had the fault of it will power up, and the backlight works as I can switch it on and off with the switch, but the game wont load or the error message of "insert game" dont show either. I took it apart briefly and tried to clean the ribbons and re-assemble, but still no luck. Anyone give me some information as to what some of the causes of this is, as I am curious if could repair it, as I feel happy that I got the one working with the buttons, considering that the pad and the 4 buttons were really in a bad way, as you could not move or anything without pressing the buttons abouts dozen times or more to move one step. Thanks in advance for any advice with the screen problem. I tried the brightness, as while it adjusts the screen, no picture is displayed. Thanks again. Anthony
  11. I mainly only sell off my duplicates games and consoles, as I go around various charity shops/boot sales, I get stuff like SNES, NES, MS etc for around £5 - £8 GBP with games, but most of these I already own as usually I keep the games I want from the bundles, then I sell on the consoles and remaining games in order to fund my next lot of purchases so I can keep expanding my collection. I would never sell my main pieces off, as a lot I have had, esp my C64 stuff for at least 20 years, so to replace now would be hard.
  12. Thanks for the link, but by the looks they no longer do the dome contacts, just replacement parts. Thanks again though, and will keep it in mind if I need to replace one of the sticks or PCBs to get a stick working.
  13. Hi all, I need to know where I can get hold of some Atari Joystick contact domes to fix the controllers in the UK, as I have over the last few years picked up controllers really cheap, but some need the domes replaced on them. I bought some a few years ago on Ebay, but I seemed to have run out as I didn't buy that many at the time due to thinking I could get them when I needed them, and now I got some time on my hands to actually restore some, I got none left. Any help is appreciated. Thanks. Anthony
  14. Hi all, I remember buying Last Ninja 2 on the C64 disk and it came with the a ninja mask, star and a map (which I took the blank side): I also remember Murder on the Atlantic on the Amstrad CPC came with a pile of stuff like bullets and various stuff like letters to play the game. Anthony
  15. Hi all, I live in the UK and was wondering what is the equivalent to Goo Gone in the UK to help clean labels and old sticky residue from cartridges. I use Isopropyl Alcohol from an Chemist to clean contacts and some external casing of games and consoles. What other stuff in the UK is good for cleaning cases and consoles after I take them apart to clean them, aside from Isopropyl Alcohol and also what is this Classiclean like to use which I see on ebay. Thanks in advance.
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