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  1. I think I guessed enough code to make it work. The additions do not quite match up with all the expected lines that have control characters and I modified some lines that were printed in the original magazine code, but the game now works in a way that seems logical and actually fun. This time the .zip contains the .BAS file, the ENTERable via H6:.TXT file, the readable .PDF file complete with ATASCII control characters, and a .PNG screenshot. Unless I get the mania to seamlessly merge my guessed code with the verbatim listing, I think this likely concludes my hacking on Pirates and Polyps. PIRATES.zip
  2. Here's the next iteration of guesswork. Most of the change is in line 3000. Appended at the end of the line is :IF G>19 THEN S=0:GOTO 1100 This prevents the wandering pirate from going below the screen out of bounds. With the increased game time, I found that holding the space bar down occasionally activates a tractor beam against a polyp, so I repositioned the scanner/projector in line 1000 to position 19,19. Still pirates seem to kidnap polyps without actually running into them and occasionally they crash into a misplaced object. PIRATES3.zip
  3. Without knowing the official corrections, I decided to do some extrapolating. My basis was mostly the additional lines of code in C&VG issue #29, page 141. CTRL -I, A-B-C, and D-E-F are have been customized into a satellite dish. Extrapolated Line 1000 prints a Scanner/Projector(satellite dish) near the bottom of the screen. Likewise, extrapolated line 1010 places 2 Laser Bases near the bottom. Undimensioned and undefined strings included M1$, M2$, M3$, and S$. Line 550 defines A$ as a 1024-byte string that seemed to contain player missile graphics data. Looking at line 1250, S$ seemed to be the eraser string and M1$ seemed to be a 4-byte moving object which acted like a pirate. So in line 1050, I dimensioned S$(4) and defined it as a string of four hearts. In line 1005, I dimensioned the M1-3$ to match the customized CTRL J-K-L in the corrected instructions. The game screen almost looks fathomable. The pirate player missile animates upward and downward with some side-to-side jiggle, but the boundary condition at the bottom of the screen has not been coded and the game eventually ends ERROR 141. Firing with space bar and trigger make noise, but no bullets or consequences to the pirates are evident. Sometimes pirates crash into something near the bottom of the screen - likely a clue as to the actual placement of the laser bases and projector/collector. Still missing are the interactions between pirates, polyps, and the player-controlled bases. PIRATES2.zip
  4. Unfortunately, there's some duplication now, but here is my contribution of type-ins. I excluded the games I found on AtariMania. I included a CSV file that lists authors, type of game, issue, pages, status within AtariMania, etc. Some games I hacked into a version 2 when they seemed to be misbehaving (POKEing under assumed memory allocations). CVG Type-Ins missing from AtariMania.zip
  5. Hello NuY, I know that this thread is now 9 years old, but I currently am under my own C&VG manic quest to collect 'em all. At this point, I think I have all type-ins except for the 4 in the 2 yearbooks. I have posted zip files of my .BAS type-ins to AtariMania under a fairly current thread in their 8-bit section. Did you ever archive your C&VG type-ins? I have not made much progress on Pirates & Polyps except that I think I have finished the instructions complete with control characters. That same issue of C&VG#29 Bug Hunter which said there were misprints also gave a few lines to add for instructions. Unfortunately, there are still major DIM statements and string initialization lines missing. PIRATES.BAS I got Interstellar Intrigue to a working state except one machine language routine near the display list (lines 800-952) don't seem to do much.
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