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  1. Yes I know that JagSD coming without CD support, I am just happy that more and more CD games runs. I did not belive that current state of CD support is that good, simply WOW. From what I've read so far i am sure you will relase firmware with CD support someday I only worried about whether I'll be able to buy jagSD in the first tour for 4 weeks, because peoples have already started to check mail every hour
  2. WOW Blue Lighting works, one of best CD games! This is amazing news, thanks for info! Now we have 6 CD games working ( Baldies, Battlemorph, Soul Star, Blue Lightning, Primal Rage and Cybernoid). CyranoJ what about Highlander i see you have them on sd? 🙂
  3. That's what I wanted to hear Thanks for info!
  4. Yes. Did this also mean that CD emulation features can be implement in current board with firmware updates or you still not sure about this? If i understand good, you will first relase JagSD only with cartiage games support and latter you will improve CD emulation. We understand that cd emulation will not be guaranteed, but from your expirience what you mean, did there is a good chance that you make that all cd games runs in future? Btw, great news that all official Jag roms working now 🙂
  5. Times of Lore is my best game i ever play on C64. Really great game. Atari ST version has improved graphics and this is one of ST games I would most like to have on the Jaguar.
  6. I more like controls with analog controller. Good example is Sega Saturn game Deep Fear who have same "tank" controls but only if you use standard controller. I was very surprised when I bought Saturn 3D analog controller, comands is much better, we have options to swich on analog and then we do not have tank rotation, you go where you push analog and it is much better in my option. I do not know did RE have this option. Highlander reminds me very much on Ecstatica, Bioforge, Alone in the Dark, Dark Earth, Time Gate...
  7. I agre, puting games on any sd cart take about 5-6 seconds of job. Cool feature but wasting of time in this moment. I have feel that this is voting for "Game of the year" or some Metacritics shit. We trolling this thred about did Highlander is good or bad game but this is not point. Highlander is one of 5 games where we have to invest about 1,000 $ to play them (console + JagCD), and SainT opens the opportunity to experience this for a lot less money. He already make Battlemorph to run and i cross fingers for Blue Lighting, Hover Strike, Iron Solider and Hightlander.
  8. SainT, sorry for asking again but can you please tell us more about status of CD emulation and what games runs now. I found that Baldies, Cybernoid and Batlemorph runs and this is really fantastic. Once you said now when bios is fully under your control, it should be possible to get all CD games working. Have you get time to test some other CD games? I'm most interested in Highlander. Sorry if you already answered that, i pass trought all 85 pages maybe i miss something :-)
  9. I think yes. I not personaly tested all games but for example Phoenix (or Feniks) emulator play over 95% Jaguar games: Here is the compability list: http://www.arts-union.ru/node/66 Then we have Project Tempest 0.95 who can play some games which Phoenix can't (like 3 CD game, Baldies, Primal rage and World Tour Racing). http://atariage.com/forums/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=506710 Ok, for CD games like Dragons Lair, Space Ace, Brain Dead 13, Myst,... we already can play on many other platforms. From this side, this make Highlander and other five unemulated games very mystic and valuable (the same thing as with some Philips CDi games) and there are not many people in the world who are able to play these games.
  10. Hahaa, yes I expected somebody will say it Of course i not buy Jaguar only beacuse of Highlander, I'm a big collector of retro computers and consoles, but it's the only game I would like to play now and I can't. Highlander is not an great game but this is one of five which can be played only on the original hardware, and like peoples say, when you can't have something, then you want it even more :-) I think only this five games we can't play in emulator: Battlemorph, Blue Lighting, Hover Strike, Iron Solider and Hightlander, i think all other Jaguar games are playable on PC or Xbox emulators. Beacuse of this, first of all, I am interested did this games will work with SD cartiage, and then for everything else.
  11. This is amazing project, I did not believe this would ever happen - play CD games without Jag CD addon. Immediately after I read the topic I bought an Jaguar on eBay. SainT, can you please confirm that Highlander will work from sd cartiage? I bought Jaguar only beacuse of this game :-)
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