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  1. Hi all, Because I'm a big fan of Highlander, and a hunter on similar games, I tried to make a list of Highlander similar games. Unfortunately there are not many such games from that era maybe just five (Ecstatica, AitD, Bioforge, Time Gate, Alien Odyssey) I expanded the list with all action/adventure games i found, with fixed camera and pre-rendered 3D graphics. I hope I missed some and would appreciate the help of digging up another one Ecstatica 1 & 2 Alone in the Dark 1,2,3 Bioforge Time Gate Knight Chase Alien Odyssey Urban Deacy (canceled beacuse of work on Ecstatica 2) Highlander 2 & 3 (it is possible that the demo exists ) Silver Dark Earth Odyssey - The Search for Ulysses Deep Fear Arthur’s Knights: Tales of Chivalry Arthur’s Knights II: The Secret Of Merlin City of the lost Children Martian Gothic Men in Black: The Game Soul of the Samurai Star Trek Hidden Evil Tunguska Legend Of Faith Dino Crisis 1 & 2 Evil Dead Fear Effect 1 & 2 In Cold Blood Alone in the Dark New Nightmare Resident Evil The New Adventures of the Time Machine Queen The Eye Countdown Vampires Team Innocent Doctor Hauzer Welcome House (N64) Scoby Doo (N64) Galerians Alisa - The Awakening More games with pre-rendered 3D graphics: Time Commando Perfect Weapon Jade Cocoon: Story of the Tamamayu Nocturne Cyberia Thorgal: Curse of Atlantis Koudelka Chronicles of the Sword Onimusha: Warlord Onimusha 2 Finall Fantasty VII Finall Fantasty VIII Finall Fantasty IX Blair Witch Volume I: Rustin Parr Blair Witch Volume II: Coffin Rock Blair Witch Volume III: The Elly Kedward Tale Syberia The Crow: City of Angels Phase Paradox Back in 1995 Escape from Monkey Island (PS2)
  2. Sounds cool! Where i can get this tool? @SainT Thank you again for PM and quick troubleshooting of shell replacement. Great support from your side, really
  3. Thank you SainT, i will wait seller answer, it's nothing urgent. Yes i see that plastic is very good quality, not some cheap 3d print, and the surfaces are very nice. The seller himself says it was the first break cart out of a few hundred he sold. It seems to me, in transport someone stepped on it with all their weight. By the way, is there a way to get out of the game without turning off the console? I think I've read somewhere before there is no reset option, but better ask.
  4. I received my GameDrive but unfortunately it arrived to me broken. It was very poorly packed with thin cardboard. I wrote to the distributor and he asked me if the electronics is not damaged he would send me a replacement plastic shield. Thanks God, the electronics survived and everything working properly. I informed seller that the electronics is ok and that he can only send me plastic shield on March 2 and I have not received an answer yet. I sent him a message again on March 14 but again I did not receive a reply. @SainT What to do in cases like this? If the seller does not respond by at the end of the month can you try push it a little? It's nothing urgent, GameDrive works and I don't take it out of the console, but I wouldn't want to stay on a broken cartridge. About GameDrive. He's great! In the beginning, I had problems reading CD games from the SD card, but a slightly fast card of at least 98 mb/s solved the problem. It seems that CD emulation doesn't accept slower cards, while cartridge games have worked on every card I've tried. I hope MemoryTrack feature will be added, it is impossible to play a Highlander without it 🙂
  5. Prior to this text, the only two unpublished games which I madly wanted to have is Urban Deacy and Shenmue Saturn version. But now everything has changed. I pray to God that someone releases the alpha version or demo of Highlander 2: The Quest for Knowledge and Highlander 3: The Time of Endings 🙂 All this time I thought there was only a concept in the form of a desing document and nothing else. Thank you Adrian for good job!
  6. I have one Jaguar CIB with Cybermorph, Alien VS Predator and the GameDrive is already on the way. I wish I had another one but no more, as someone said it only makes it harder for people who don't have one, to get their copy. Also, now when we have GameDrive with CD support, I see no reason to have more than one JagCD.
  7. I have european model GameGear with center negative and PSU model 3025 for Master System 1. Plug fit and console turn on. Btw that console needs a recap so I didn't get a real picture but just a bright screen. Can i use this PSU on GameGear, because it says it can only be used for a Master System and Genesis 1?
  8. I just ordered a console. What about recapp? Does it belong to the group of consoles that need to be recapped for prevention?
  9. Do anyone think there is a chance to see the sequel of Highlander, Highlander 2: The Quest for Knowledge and Highlander 3: The Time of Endings? The concept exists but the question is who has the license?
  10. Thanks! Good to know that japanese FZ10 console reads backups without problems. I already have some very old supplies of high quality JVC Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim Metal Azo CD-R, and my writer supports 4X speed. Then I will take the Japanese FZ10 beacuse it's cheaper than the others models.
  11. Since my unfortunate Goldstar doesn't read copies i planed to buy japanese version FZ10. From the visual side, it's the model I like the most. Can i play my backups with japanese version and whether there is any restriction for the regions? Is it a good choice?
  12. I don't see the shipping cost, which of the merchants sends across Europe?
  13. I just bought a NEC PC-FX and I wonder does PC-FX belong to the group of consoles that need to be recapped for prevention?
  14. Thank you very much, this is extremely useful information for me! By the way, there is a part on the transformer where it says protector. What can be the factory protection against the fuse you recommend? Is there any chance that my transformer already has that fuse in him, or is it better to take it to an electronics technician to install the fuse you recommended?
  15. Hi all, I bought FM Towns Marty, and beacuse this japanese console use 100V 25w and my region is 230V, i found one Sanyo 220/240 to 100V step down transformer 300VA MAX:3.0A. Did this 300VA is enough for power Marty?
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