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  1. You also can find "Chicken" in secret cave in Canyon next screen after passing two guards with guns. This is hidden cave with cheats and teleports.
  2. Ask him did he still have open soruce files from Higlander 1 and is there any files of Higlander 2 and 3, or work on those sequels were never started. I am big fan of Highlander and i planed to make sequel beased on Highlander 2 desing documentation, but... Make code and models for Higlander is very easy task, but make nice prerendered 2d backgrounds is a lot of work. If there some finished backgrounds for Highlander 2, I would be willing to do some demo for PC (Win and DOS). Unfortunately, I have no any experience with Jag developement.
  3. When I was making a modified wireless CDi gamepad (i use sega 3 button gamepad case for this), i see that Philips CDi console has only two action button. Action button A and B, and buton C just means A+B. There is one with 4 buttons, but not with 4 "action buttons" i think button 4 is for autofire or something. So, like Sega Master gamepad, I would also put CDi controlers in category 2 button gamepad.
  4. Well, I play game only about five hours beacuse it takes me a while to run game on an old moded Xbox Classic. I never play original Jaguar version but now when i can map buttons on my xbox controler i suppose the controls is much better. Simply the right triger i use for run and analog stick for rotate player, it is a pain ass rotate and move in same time with d-pad or analog. The quality of cutscens is terrible in this version. If someone have opensoruce code (I know it exists somewhere) i can try replace that original cutscens with bad quality, with video from cartoon animated series (with good quality). I like the graphic, player movement should be faster, combat...hmm this can be much better, player rotation is very slow, maybe missing some dodging, we have two kinds of sword block but this is really hard to use effectively in combat. The fight is based on standing in place and waiting for the enemy to come on some distance to be struck by the sword before he strikes us. Anything else i try, it ends really bad for player. I just found gun i'll see how this works. On the other hand, I have been involved in game programming for a long time and realistically, fighting in games like this can never be perfect. Ecstatica, Bioforge, Alone in the Dark,... they are no better. Puzzles is simply for now, but it is very cool because the solving of the puzzles is followed by the short cutscene. Inventory is simple and hard to scroll beasuse same kind of items like pontion appears repeatedly instead of putting everything in one slot and the number of this item next to it. The post-apocalyptic world is interesting and well done, character and enemy animations is also good. Do not forget i talking this from 90s perspective All in all i like the game and i enjoy for now (maybe beacuse i wait over 20 years to play it). It's a shame that Atari didn't throw out more games like this.
  5. I can not believe 🙂 Finally after 20 years of waiting, thank you Mitch very, very much!!! I feel like is my birthday today, i'm going to open the present :-)...
  6. I just read that PC version of Highlander: The Last of the MacLeods really exists. I still have a gaming magazine from the 90's, in which I read the announcement for the PC version and it is planned that the game will have two more sequels. PC port latter is canceled and it's a game I've been waiting for 20 years to play because I never managed to get one Jaguar CD addon. Did someone try this Alpha version for PC and what is this, complete game or just demo? Unfortunately jaguarsector page is down. If anyone has to sell Jaguar Extremist Pack #3 or just digital version of Highlander PC alpha, please send me PM.
  7. Thanks for the info, more than pleased with the response 🙂 I'll wait for sure!
  8. SainT any news about progress for CD support. I see you start some new projects and there is not to much news about JagGD developement in last month, and i just afraid did CD support is on hold on, or it is abandoned? Now i'm in a big dilemma, should i still hope and wait or buy a Jaguar CD addon.
  9. + 1 for this. I also do not care if some CD games do not have music or have some graphic errors, i just want play with CD support. For example i am ready to pay 200$ for JagSD who will play only Highlander and nothing more, even without music/sounds, and i waiting for news about this game to purchase JagSD.
  10. I will give example for the European countries who is not in European Union like the only two candidates for EU accession - Serbia and Montenegro. People there have to pay taxes 20% and customs 10% if value of package is over 50 EUR. This means you must pay 165 EUR for sd card and shipping + 5% PayPal fees, then taxes 20% and customs10%. This is about 227 EUR or 208 GBP. I do not belive in hard Brexit but everything is possible. But there is always option to declare lower value of price on package
  11. WOW Day One 500+ orders. I think you'll have to open your own production line I believe there are still a bunch of people who waiting for full CD support like me, beacuse i already have all cartridges that interest me. Great work SainT!
  12. Yes I know that JagSD coming without CD support, I am just happy that more and more CD games runs. I did not belive that current state of CD support is that good, simply WOW. From what I've read so far i am sure you will relase firmware with CD support someday I only worried about whether I'll be able to buy jagSD in the first tour for 4 weeks, because peoples have already started to check mail every hour
  13. WOW Blue Lighting works, one of best CD games! This is amazing news, thanks for info! Now we have 6 CD games working ( Baldies, Battlemorph, Soul Star, Blue Lightning, Primal Rage and Cybernoid). CyranoJ what about Highlander i see you have them on sd? 🙂
  14. That's what I wanted to hear Thanks for info!
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