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  1. Parker Brothers - Fast: 14,560 I played the John Harris version too and scored about the same on fast. The only difference I can see (besides changed graphics and music) is the little otter that shows up in the higher levels. Does it hurt you somehow? I don't remember getting hit by it at all.
  2. Parker Brothers - Slow: 31,295 Parker Brothers - Fast: 9,300
  3. Thanks!! Yes, feedback is great - I like the idea of changing the music when the obstacles become deadly. I've got to get back to finishing this game up. There isn't much more to do, but I've been feeling lazy lately. 😋
  4. Awesome pics - I loved scrolling through this entire thread!! I wish I had some pictures of my old Atari setup. I was never allowed to keep it in my bedroom because my dad used it to play games and later balance the checkbook (with Family Cash Flow from APX!) For a year or two it was upstairs in the second floor den, and then for 3-4 years after that it was in the first floor living room. Here's a picture of the Christmas that I received the 800XL, though. Back of the picture says "Christmas 1984". You can also see a 2600 woody on the fireplace bricks back there... we were definitely an Atari family in the 80s. I got three carts for the 8-bitter that year: Story Machine, Star Trek, and Video Easel. We didn't have a disk drive or cassette drive for about 6 months to a year, so I didn't take much notice of the 800XL at first. Once we got that 1050 and a bunch of pirate game disks from my mom's friend though, I was hooked. And when I started to learn BASIC, I never looked back. (Addendum: that GoBots Command Center was awesome.)
  5. Qix: 109,117 I like Qix, but I've never been very good at it. This version looks pretty great in comparison to the standard 400/800 version, though, and the "flood fill" algorithm seems much faster. Since they both came out in 1982, I wonder why Atari made a separate version for the 5200?
  6. I found this one at the Vjetnam Atari 8-bit Games archive. It's listed as "Qix 2" - it looks like the same version to me. Can someone confirm? Qix 2.atr
  7. From seeing all the amazing work by Polish people who are into Atari 8-bit and are master game/demo coders, I imagine Poland to be a really fun place where you can walk into any shop or restaurant and just start discussing all things Atari with anyone you happen to meet. I would like to go there someday. 😃
  8. Most of the time I just bomb the crap out of everything. I find strafing to be too dangerous with the gravity on. I've gotten pretty good at bombing the boats in the river for extra points and shooting down enemy planes for 100 pts. apiece. I'm thinking about checking the score for each item tonight against what's listed in Atari's manual. I'm not sure all the values are accurate. I think there may also be different values for things bombed vs. strafed (like the boats). Might take a look at that tonight. EDIT: Here's what I came up with for a scoring chart. The Atari manual is fairly accurate, but a few items have different values depending on whether you bomb them or strafe them, and a few items were left out.
  9. One more bit of trivia - I think there's a story behind the "Flying Tiger" rank. It seems you're awarded this rank if you bomb all three bases in the city, but are then destroyed before returning home for the final landing. As it turns out, there's a WWII-era John Wayne movie called "Flying Tigers". I haven't seen it myself, but here's Wikipedia's synopsis of the ending. (SPOILER ALERT!?) "...Jim receives notice that a vital bridge must be destroyed. The target is so heavily defended, however, that the only way there might be a chance of succeeding is to fly in very low with a single unescorted bomber; the mission appears likely to be a one-way suicide mission. Jim volunteers to fly the bomber, but Woody invites himself along at the last second, much to Jim's irritation. They proceed to attack the bridge too late to keep a crucial enemy supply train from crossing. Their aircraft is hit by flak and catches fire. Jim bails out with an unexpected push from Woody, expecting Woody to follow. Woody, however, has concealed the fact that he is bleeding, having been hit by shrapnel from a flak burst. He then takes the bomber's controls and crashes into the train, destroying it at the cost of his own life." So basically, if you save the day but die in the attempt, you're a Flying Tiger. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flying_Tigers_(film)
  10. RULE BRITANNIA!! Score: 7990 (Blue Max Class 4) I honestly have no idea what I did differently this time vs. the other times I've beaten the game in the past week. If I had to guess, I'd say receiving Blue Max is a function of time to beat the game. My score is only a tiny bit higher than the last one I submitted (that I ranked Squadron Leader for) but if I'm remembering correctly, I reached the city after 3 or 4 stages. Then I got lucky and bombed all the bases on my first flyover. Also, I'm slightly embarrassed to admit that I was screaming at my aging smartphone to "HURRY AND OPEN THE [email protected]*% CAMERA APP!!" so I could get a shot before the rank disappeared. 😁
  11. Same - it took me a long time to figure that out. It really isn't even necessary to land every single time, either. The plane has plenty of fuel to fly two stages before landing becomes necessary. (Unless you've taken damage to the fuel tank on the first stage.)
  12. I've only once received the "Flying Tiger" rank. I do remember that I got that rank after making it through the city, destroying the three bases, but then crashing before returning home. The way the ranks/classes are calculated in this game just feels super weird and somewhat random to me. I keep testing different theories, but nothing pans out. 😁 I'd say it's based more on what you *do* rather than your final score. Destroying some/all of the bases in the city seems to be a requirement for getting anything higher than "Air Cadet". And I *know* I've ranked "Blue Max" in this game before, but I played dozens of times this week, beating the game more than once, but haven't gotten anything higher than "Squadron Leader". 🤷‍♂️
  13. Blue Max: 7,850 (Squadron Leader - Class 1) Don't forget - if you've never played this game before, you should definitely try bombing your own (friendly) hangar at least one time, just to see what happens. But... don't do it during a good run. 😋 Also, a tip: if you're ever running out of fuel, climb as high as you can before it runs out. Once the fuel is at 0, you can descend, but not climb. I've coasted to a successful runway landing with dead engines at least once in my life...
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