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  1. Apologies if this has been discussed before, but I couldn't find anything with a search. Why did Atari start out 3-hole punching their 8-bit computer manuals? I mean, it seems obvious that they wanted people to store them in a 3-ring binder, but why? I'm just curious as to what the thinking was behind this. Was this common to computer manuals of the time? They gave up on this after a few years, but most, if not all of the early manuals (DOS, BASIC, even games) are three-hole punched along one side, and they're sometimes not even bound - just a collection of loose pages.
  2. Awesome! It must feel like opening King Tut's tomb - you've gotten into a room that probably no one has seen in decades... 👍
  3. Maybe I'm the only one, but I just love finding this type of ephemera. I bought a lot of Atari 8-bit docs/books/magazines on Ebay that came from an estate sale. Stuffed into one of the books was this mailer for an open house gathering of the Pittsburgh Atari Computer Enthusiasts (P.A.C.E.) to be held December 14, 1987. I would have liked to go, but I've never lived anywhere near Pittsburgh. Also, I was 9 years old at the time. 😁 Did anyone here happen to attend?
  4. Do the lines on the edge of the track stop working for anyone else after a play or two? Instead of bending left or right with the track's curvature, they stay straight and don't move at all. It doesn't affect the gameplay in any way, I just thought it was odd. I'm playing on an NTSC 130XE.
  5. 3 laps, rookie: Monaco: 2:00 Les-Mans: 1:19 Kyalami: 1:25 Albi: 1:13 Jarama: 1:46 St. Jovite: 1:32 6 laps, semi-pro: Monaco: 4:39
  6. I guess I had a LITTLE more time to play. 🙂 Major Blink (got a replacement for my missing score) 256510 Timeslip: 599950 (beaten on Expert difficulty this time)
  7. Hello all! I'm going camping so not much time to play this week. Here are my first (and probably only) scores. All very fun games! Rocket Rescue - 1840 (a space rookie!) Timeslip - 471320 (beaten on Standard difficulty) Major Blink - Oof, the score was blinking when I took the picture and I don't remember what it was! Baby Berks - 12350 (standard difficulty)
  8. Sorry, I'm just now seeing this - thanks for the feedback! I'll see what I can do. I think the suggestion of having a line makes a lot of sense. It might be more of a line at the top of the shoe/boot rather than a belt - if I remember right, it's only the very bottom pixel of the player that is vulnerable to stepping on the tiles.
  9. How do the levels in Tapper work? Does a level end once all patrons are pushed back out the door? Or is there a set number of customers that you have to serve? I remember playing one of the "punk bar" levels for what seemed like ages... thinking "will this ever end?" and customers just kept on coming. Maybe I need to focus on getting everyone out the door instead? Is that why we're playing for level reached instead of score? Because it would be too easy to stay on the first level and rack up points? It's all beginning to make sense now.
  10. No worries. If you (or anyone else) happen to see something like this again, let me know. It's definitely possible that there is some sort of infrequent bug that I haven't seen yet.
  11. Thanks! I appreciate that. I haven't heard of or played a room myself with the "electrified floors" that was unsolvable. It is procedurally generated. The way the algorithm works is that it lays out electrified blocks in a more-or-less random pattern (the number of blocks being based on the difficulty level). Once that is complete, a path is generated from the starting position to the ending position and all of those electrified blocks on the path are deleted. I intended for there to be possibly several, but at least one, complete path from the start to the finish. That said, it certainly doesn't mean that I got everything right. So this is interesting. Did you happen to take a screenshot of the unsolvable room? Also, keep in mind that it is only your character's FEET that are vulnerable to the electrified blocks. So your torso and head could overlap a block and you can still pass as long as your feet don't touch it.
  12. I just had a thought... maybe this cartridge is not broken at all. I've only tested this on an 800XL. Is it possible that it requires a 400/800 OS to run? I'm going to kick myself if that's the case. 😭
  13. Yes, there is only one version of the song in the A8 version, though it sounds very good on the old POKEY. I don't recognize the song that plays in the other levels - not sure if it's from the movie, or something invented just for this game.
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