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  1. Ha! Yeah, I took this picture very quickly when I saw the garbage characters popping up - I thought the game was about to crash! 😅
  2. Star League Baseball: Jays (me) won! 5-3 (Both teams set to Curves - Liners) Preppie: 6,350 Topper: 15,765 Star League Baseball is an all-time favorite of mine. Good memories of playing this one with my dad when I was young. This updated version is very cool. Also, if anyone wants a SERIOUS challenge, set the computer team to "Heat - Sluggers" and yourself to "Curves - Liners" and try to win a game. 😈
  3. Final Legacy (level 1): 178,300 Final Legacy (level 2): 107,600 I like this one - never played it much, so I'm still learning the strategy. Does the trak-ball help much with the sea to air stage? Might have to dig that out...
  4. @therealbountybob If late scores are acceptable, here are my entries. Thanks!! Twerps: 1,102 Shadow World: 59,700 (Level 7)
  5. Bandits: 2,380 @therealbountybob Are you taking late scores? I've been out for a few rounds due to the total collapse of the laptop I was using to load .atr images for SIO2PC. But I'm back up and running now! Just wanted to get on the board if I can.
  6. First time I've had a chance to play this round! Serpentine: 19,200 (Level 5) Mr. Robot III: 28,440 (Level E) I tried to play Mr. Robot+ and could not beat a single level. 🤣 All fun games, though! I just need more practice. Serpentine reminds me of an APX (I think?) game called Caterpiggle. Anyone played that before?
  7. Tail of Beta Lyrae: 187,279 FINALLY! I somehow survived sector 5 of loop #2 and made it almost halfway into loop #3. Not sure I can push it any further than this... I'm pretty much at the limit of my skills here. By the way, when I was a kid, I had nicknames for each sector. I called them: Sector 1: Gravity-land Sector 2: Ice cavern (due to the color) Sector 3: The City Sector 4: The Planet of Trash (it looks like a landfill to me) Sector 5: Purple Cave Sector 6: The Power Core Sector 7: Alien Attack Sector 8: Asteroid Field
  8. Uh oh, some of you guys are about to catch up! 👀 Tail of Beta Lyrae: 114,472 This really isn't much of an improvement from my previous score. On the second run, the second cavern sector is an ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE that I can't seem to pass, no matter what. Those "backbiter missiles" in a confined space are the bane of my existence.
  9. They're sort of like a pulsating circle with a dot in the middle... kinda? You'd probably know if you saw one - they start dragging your ship toward themselves as soon as they appear onscreen.
  10. Has anyone noticed that if you play intently for a long time and then look at something stationary, that object (carpet, table, etc.) seems to be moving in the opposite direction of the scrolling screen? Hopefully it's just some optical illusion. It goes away after 30 seconds or so, but I'm sort of worried that this game is giving me brain damage. 😅
  11. Tail of Beta Lyrae: 110,092 (Cadet Mission) If I could just get through the purple cavern on the second go-round I could really run up my score, but that level is a KILLER. I get there with 5 or 6 lives in reserve and lose them all.
  12. Philip Price was here?! That's awesome - I'll have to see if I can find the old links from when this game was played last.
  13. Tail of Beta Lyrae: 10,111 (Ace Mission) Ace Mission difficulty is just pure insanity. 😅 I consider myself somewhat skilled at this game, and I had a hard time even surviving the first level! If you're playing the Ace Mission, all my tips above go out the window. Just blast as much as you can until a gravity ball drags you through a mountain while you're simultaneously lasered and shot in the back with an arrow. 😋 There is even a higher difficulty setting than this one (Champion Mission). Anyone want to give that a go??
  14. Tail of Beta Lyrae: 89,557 (Cadet Mission) One of my favorites - played it a lot as a kid! In fact, the main theme music from this game pops into my head randomly at least 3-4 times a year. Some tips: I love this game, but yeah, the collision detection is wonky as hell. Be prepared to move your ship out of the way quickly if your shots pass right through an enemy that you clearly hit, or are absorbed by enemies with no effect. You can, however, use this to your advantage. It's often possible to shoot right through narrow bits of terrain to hit an enemy on the other side. The way the laser works is also odd for this type of game, in that you LOSE points for every shot. My best strategy is to NOT fire as much as possible in the first several levels. Only shoot to destroy something that is in your way, or at wide, easy targets that are worth a lot of points (the purple mining machines, the power stations, the command centers). The one pixel wide aerial antennas definitely aren't worth it in terms of points, and your shots will often pass right through. They're only worth shooting if they're blocking your way forward. In the early stages, focus on dodging to stay alive until the later levels. The 3rd-to-last level with no offensive enemies and tons of power generators, and especially the second-to-last level with the huge aliens taking off from the surface is where you will get most of your points, if you survive that long. Blast away in these levels and shoot as much stuff as possible. I typically score ~5000 points in the early levels, and then around 40,000-50,000 on those two levels alone. The final level (asteroid field in space) is another level where you should focus on dodging and not shooting, unless something is in your way. The big asteroids are mostly indestructible, and the small ones aren't worth it in terms of points. You'll find that, since the levels are randomly generated each time, there will be times when you JUST CAN'T FIT through a space. I find this to be the case often when I'm in the caves and there is an enemy in the way, or in the outdoor levels when I'm forced to the top of the screen and there is an indestructible floating dumbbell in my way. Sometimes you just have to take the hit. Luckily, the game is generous with extra lives - you get one after each level completed. Keep your ship away from the left side of the screen. Sometimes you will need to maneuver quickly, and being at the left side limits your options. I tend to stay about 1/3 of the way from the left side. The gravity balls can be destroyed which also releases their gravitational pull. Any explosion is deadly - don't try to fly through them. Sometimes it's better to dodge an enemy than shoot it if it's too close to your ship. If you make a full circuit of all the levels (ie. if you get through the asteroid field), you loop around to the beginning, but at the next higher difficulty level. This means that you'll start seeing new enemies like the 45 degree angle arrows.
  15. Pooooooooyan: 86,450 E.T. Phone Home: 125,990 (4 pieces) - Level 1 Just a suggestion - might want advanced players to go to level 9 on E.T. and then play for score as there are more phone pieces to gather. The early levels are pretty easy if you know what you're doing.
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