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  1. So, thought you guys might find this interesting. I ordered Worms and Breakout 2000 from Telegames. In the comments I asked "If at all possible, if you have non-Limited edition copies can I get one?". They replied with "Breakout cartridge to follow in few weeks, Worms enclosed, sorry for delay. No ‘un’ limited box for Worms, Breakout ok, Regards Telegames". So me, hoping for the best, waited for them both to arrive from the UK. They arrived, Breakout 2000 missing the cartridge as they said it would be. That's fine, as I don't actually plan to play the game soon anyway. So I open the two boxes and inspect them, and Worms is a Limited Edition and complete, new and overall fine. Breakout 2000 on the other hand, I got a *non* Limited Edition box (yaay!).. But a Limited Edition manual, and I assume a Limited Edition cartridge en route. So, I now.. sorta own a kinda complete Breakout 2000, now I have to decide if this is in fact "complete" or if I own 2 halves of 2 variants. 🤣 Bonus pic: I also got my hands on that PAL variant of Power Drive Rally in excellent condition! Thanks to NeoGeoNinja for letting me know about it.
  2. Oh wow, I've never seen that variant before anywhere. I'm guessing it must be pretty rare? That or I just somehow skipped over it because I honestly wasn't giving Power Drive much attention. Now I need to check my cartridge, because my CIB Power Drive was pieced together from a loose cart I got a while back, and an empty box I picked up more recently. So hopefully the cart is the right one for the box I stuck it in.
  3. 1. I actually don't yet! Aside from the pack-in games anyway. My Jag CD is New In Box, and all the contents inside are still sealed (and likely the Jag CD is broken because that's just how it goes 🤣). But I plan to start in on Jag CD after I finish the cartridges. 2. Ohh, I didn't know there was a variant, I'll have to look for it. What makes it different? I know there's a few other variants, like the 1mb and 2mb Cybermorph, and a "black" and "gray" cart Raidens. Also if they count, all the "Limited Edition" versions of most Telegames releases. I may start picking some up on the side just for fun, after I have at least one version of each release game. 3) Yeah, that's the cart edition of Iron Soldier 2. I don't consider it part of the set, but I picked it up anyways. That's awesome info, thanks! I've been trying to figure out if Towers II and Zero 5 were *ever* actually on the shelf or not, but I keep getting conflicting information. Nice to know at least one verifiable instance of someone who actually physically bought them in store. With Zero 5, I know it's a long shot, but do you remember what holo sticker it had on it? (Round one, or little square one). Mine has the round sticker MyAtari puts on their new print runs. So I assume mine is a "newer" copy, but I'm not sure if those holo stickers were ever used in the past or if thats a thing only those guys do.
  4. Oh yeah, I've known of both those sites to order them. But I was hoping to find the older print runs. I may just settle for these for now though, and maybe if I get lucky in the future I'll go for the (original?) print runs that don't say "Limited Edition" anywhere on them.
  5. Thanks for all the help everyone. It looks like a "complete set" by my own personal idea of it would be basically anything on the wiki list, less AirCars and possibly anything released after 96. I'm still going to try to get my hands on Worms and AirCars someday. But it's nice to know I probably just need Breakout 2000 to consider the "set" complete, and everything else after is sugar on top. Only problem is getting the non-"Limited Edition" of both Worms and Breakout 2000. But hey, at least I'm in the home stretch. I'd love to get into some of the higher quality homebrews too, but I'll probably get into that after I finish my Jaguar CD stuff. Does anyone know if Zero 5 ever had a proper "official" release when the Jaguar was still strong? My copy has the round holosticker the MyAtari/B & C ComputerVisions guy puts on his, so I'm assuming it's a "reprint" run.
  6. That's a fair point, and I also would only consider the original release of AirCars in all its ugly glory as well, if it counts at all anyway. I might grab a repro box just to make it less-ugly though. Assuming I buy it at all, assuming I ever can even find it. I actually have to double check all my games to make sure I have original print runs of everything, I know a few of them had more runs long after the Jag was canceled. But, *most all* of those are called "Limited Editions" or something similar. All of mine (except Iron Soldier 2) as far as I know are original prints. ohh fun, sounds like some interesting drama. Let me guess, it's a case of "Arrogant and ignorant contributor who knows everything, actually doesn't. But doesn't care and presses on spreading blatant misinformation based on invalid opinions"? I'll have to look up the drama sometime.
  7. Huh, I never realized that. Is there any info how or why KGRAMR is just making things up? Also, what are some examples of games only released in the single digits? Were any of them released while Jaguar was still in production that aren't homebrews/hacks? 🤔 That's sort of my personal idea of what a complete set is as well, but I've always been a bit unsure if that was the right way to look at it. Thus why I went ahead and started using the wiki list I linked above, it was the closest thing I could find to any sort of official list. But to me, it makes sense anything released after Atari officially canceled the console (1996) should not count. Alternatively, maybe anything released after Hasbro released the rights. (1998? 99?) But it gets a little fuzzy with some games, like AirCars and Zero 5 (1997), and Worms (1998) that at least a few people consider the "Last release". If Worms counts, then AirCars and Zero 5 must too. https://atariage.com/forums/topic/168576-last-jaguar-game/?do=findComment&comment=2084882 https://www.oldschoolgamermagazine.com/the-last-official-release-atari-jaguar-worms-1998/ I suppose I could simply just collect Worms and AirCars anyway, so I have a complete set under both definitions. 🤣
  8. Hey all, I've been collecting Jaguar for quite a while now.. and I think I'm nearly at a complete set. But I'm not entirely sure what a "complete set" is. Where do we draw the line between the titles when the Jaguar was released, and the titles that came out after the Jaguar is canceled? There's a lot of games that were released in the late 90s I'm not sure exactly where or how they fit in, and if they're considered part of the complete set, like AirCars, Worms, Battlesphere, Zero 5, and possibly Towers II. For now, I've just been running off this list: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Atari_Jaguar_games Now I'm down to AirCars, Breakout 2000 and Worms on that list and trying to figure out exactly what I am missing. Anyone out there able to give me some direction on what the community generally considers an official release, homebrew, etc, and what constitutes a "complete set"? I attached a pic of my Jag stuff if you guys are interested. Thanks!
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